June 14th, 2019

Kylo Ren

Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

Black Spot' season 1 trailer

A small town with a lot of murders and obvious dubbing. This looks good.

Best Line:

“This isn't ordinary, even for a town like.”

'Santa Clarita Diet' season 3 trailer


'Black Spot' season 2 trailer


'The Handmaid's Tale' 5x05 promo

Oh dear.

'Doctor Sleep' trailer
Oh HELL no.

Orange & pineapple sparkling fresh water drink – mmm.

I plan to try gluten free Yorkshire puddings.

Another 'Black Christmas' remake?

There is ghost pepper choc?

I won't review 'Berlin Station' 2x09 'Winners Right The History Books'.

I want to try Amish butter.

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Cause him as much personal difficulty as possible.”

“Really disturbing direction.”

“Bring him down.”

“Had no importance.

'RT' Quotes:

“All the way from the other side of the planet.”

“Cascade of information leaks.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“He's burnt so many bridges, no one wants to help him.”

“No one at all wants to deal with him.”

“Ran out of real friends and family.”

“That's a false statement.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Exploring ancient dwarven ruins or fleeing from a grasping horde of the un-dead.”

“Offer a clear reception if it felt like it.”

“The TV is still very much the heart of the living room.”

“Communal experience.”

“Bold, showy futurism of the 1969s; the explosive pattern overkill of the 1970s.”

“Resisted every attempt to far to accept their obligations,”

“Only increases resentment against (or worsem contempt for) the system.”

“Toilet distrust.”

“Spats with fickle fans.”

“All you need, really, to restart civilisation when the lights eventually go out.”

“Their children go hungry, because the BBC are apparently allowed to do that with the Tories in power.”

“Their food just appears.”

“Heavily-tattooed fireman Michael is the nearest thing they ahve to a book,”


“Affected by the sweep of history.”

“Fame's bleaker edges.”

“No one in Harrods would watch Hollyoaks'.”

“Caused controversy for merely existing.”

'What We Do In The Shadows' Quote:

“Intelligent telephone machine.”

On 'Hollyoaks': Peri sees Ste's racist tattoo and sobs over Ste. She wants to prove that 'X Factor' reject Jonny is not Ste's brother. Mercedes keeps drugs in her flat clevage. Ste is perfunctory and has an unnecessary existence. Why is anyone going to The Teahouse? It's run by racists! Ste is impervious to public criticism. When did Maxine go back to her maiden name? Ste's continuing idiocies bore. Where is Mitizeee when her sister is having mental health issues? Laurie is an ass.

Best Lines:

“I don't want you there.”

“The more you push him out, the more he wants in.”


Movie Reviews: Cat's Eye + The Phantom Of The Opera + 12 Angry Men 🐱‍💻🐱‍👤🐱‍👓🐱‍🚀🐱‍💻🐱‍👤🐱‍

Cat's Eye (1985)
This is a dull anthology. James Woods tries to quit smoking in 'Quitters Inc', a man is made to walk a ledge in 'The Ledge' and Drew Barrymore is menaced in the final section by an evil troll and her bitch mother. The characters are just awful and contemptibly helpless and I only cared about the cat (which gets a happy ending). This was 80s and bad.

Best Lines:

“There's a rather disturbed individual we keep around here just for such distasteful jobs.”

“Aging tennis pros with drug records.”

The Phantom Of The Opera (1989)

Shockingly bad.

12 Angry Men (1957)
Terribly earnest.

Scary Books

Santa Clarita Diet 2x10+Black Spot (2017-?) 1x01-1x04+STDS9 5x16+The Handmaid's Tale 3x03 Reviewed


The duo complain about the consequences of their past actions. They stick relentlessly to their stupid strategy. Shelia and Joel can't restore security. Shelia has a sister? Joel is unrelentingly stupid. They inflict their own destruction.

Shelia and Joel have a lack of repentence. Anne's thick. Joel and Shelia chose the direction of their own life. Anne steals a whole bunch of Joel and Shelia's stuff. Courses of action are not astutely chosen. This was not appreciated and there is an inexorable step.

Best Lines:

“Cannibal curious.”

“They're not good at anything.”

“They're going to come for my mom.”

“The time you didn't take me to see One Direction!”

“Your lady weapon.”

Stranger Comes To Town

This dubbed French/Belgian drama seems like 'Twin Peaks'. There are ominious woods and crows and a disturbing find in the woods. The town has a saw mill. A new prosecutor arrives in town after nearly dying from an allergic reaction to a bee sting on the road.

The prosecutor is here to look into the town's 38 murder cases. There is a coma patient with mysterious gaps in his care record. People have odd tattoos and there is ominious staring. There is a riot when the sawmill is to be closed. The French sure love their rioting. The mayor is not liked. The top cop has an eco-loon daughter. The head cop is a troubled woman and she is the mayor's side piece.

There is maybe something supernatural going on in the town. There is reluctant acceptance of weirdness. There is also deceit, clandestine killings and weirdness that is impossible to resolve. This town is part of forgotten France. There is wrenching acrimony, the creepy forest has attendant hardships and no one is sincere and meaningul. The mayor can't demonstrate empathy, kindness or compassion. His daughter is missing. The coma patient's mother is creepy. People have sad melancholic bearing in this clearly disquieting town. This is a masterful vision of creepy forgotten rural France. Macron wouldn't even know this town existed.

People are in moral psychological and physical torment. The mayor is unconcerned with an alleged crime. The mayor and his cold wife scowl. There are dodgy sexual politics. Why does the cop's daughter, Cora, walk around with a bow and arrow? There is no church in town. This was good.

It is revealed via flashbacks that the female cop once got lost in the woods for 3 days and she had to cut off two fingers to escape chains. Who chained her up and why? The twist at the end of the ep is that it was the female cop we've seen chained up in the woods in flashbacks throughout the ep. She had to cut off 2 fingers with what looked like a bit of rock to escape.

Best Lines:

“Trees are bleeding.”

“An unwelcoming forest.”

“Investigating officer exam.”

“Did you flush it down the toilet again?”

“Wood has come and gone.”

“Afraid of every second of every minute.”

“You gotta stop with Dante.”

A Wolf's Dream

We see the female cop being taken to hospital by the future mayor 20 years ago. Nobody bound her bleeding mutilated hand? Compasses don't work in the woods. The female cop sees a wolf. A baby is left in the woods. Something lurks in the woods. The mayor has an imposing dad. This ep was only okay.

A guinea pig is seen as is a slut. The baby was kidnapped. The barmaid knows the mayor's dad. What was the dog growling at in the woods? There is reckless gun usage. When the female cop woke up in hospital 20 years ago – did she lie about not remembering? Or does she really have amesia? The baby is re-kidnapped. Why did the female cop's dad not want her to talk about what happened 20 years ago?

There are dark social messages and people have a limit of what is acceptable. There is a fake murder and the female cop, Laurene, rants crazily.

Best Lines:

“What the wolf was telling me!”

“Scheme away together.”

“He won't be any more trouble than the others.”

The Void

This show has a manic concept. A caver says his girlfriend is stuck in a cave. This was never bad, but it wasn't that good. The doctor has sardonic delivery that adds edge to interactions. The characters are entirely unlikeable.

Is the caver lying about the existence of his girlfriend? Why are the town's rich family indulged deities in this town? People have terrible doomed momentum. People are put in uncertain situations and subjected to the vagaries of fate. The voice acting of the dubbing can be bad. Tensions are stoked.

The prosecutor talks about the town's rich family, the Steiners, and their impunity. People have docile acquiescence to the Steiners. A bad situation is made irrevocably worse. Laurene and one of her coworkers go caving to look for the alleged girlfriend. There is cyber hacking and talk of a weird symbol.

There are malicious individuals and hallcinations and a twist and another twist. This ep was a catastrophic mis-step. The town is morally rotten and full of irrational behaviour. There is negative commentary and Cora's carried off because she is dumb.

Best Lines:

“Put him down. With a bottle.”

“Is something keeping you up at night?”

“Still dying down there.”

“It looks like the house from 'Psycho'!”

“What's his dumb ass doing there?”

“Throwing these insane accusations.”

No More Walks In The Woods

Local teens find bones strung from trees. The teens are in peril and their video is found. There are clandestine and gratuitously cruel people. Dumb sullen teens sulk. There is talk of an old town tradition called the vigil. During the vigil 18 year olds spend the night in the woods. The blonde cop necks pills and mutters at crows.

Laurene lost her fingers and was chained up during her vigil. Who did that to her? The town is full of negative and depressing people. There is an unforgiveable omission of sense. This ep was a tremendous mistake. Laurene saw strange lights in the forest 20 years ago. This was pallid material. Laurene goes swimming in the lake with no worry about surfer's ear.

The prosecutor looks into Laurene's medical records. There is no concept of privacy. Cora wonders if the gang of weirdos who forced her to join them abducted Marion. The Mayor forbids the vigil. A cougar sighs. The guinea pig gets swept into a drawer. Did it get taken out? There is a murder confession or two. A firey symbol burns. Who grabbed Laurene in the woods 20 years ago?

Best Lines:

“Work of a lunatic.”

“Keep your pity.”

“People just don't see us.”

“Something to piss off the mayor.”

“A pact between the forest and us.”

“A tree that moves?”

“When the telecoms came to remove it, ha, folks shot at them!”

“Those guys wanted to repossess our phone booth!”

Doctor Bashir, I Presume?

Rom wants to date Leeta. Dr Zimmerman (the foul Robert Picardo) shows up to model a new EMH after Bashir. Zimmerman and O'Brien violate Bashir's privacy in gross fashion. Bashir's vile abusive grifter parents show up. O'Brien is not sorry about what he did. Nor is Zimmerman. What a pair of vile fools. Bashir is genetically modified. The UK school system is unknown to TPTB. What was wrong with young Bashir? How did his parents afford to have him genetically upgraded? Why didn't Bashir refuse to be the new EMH model? This all could have been avoided. This was dull. Bashir's mother is played by an Arab academic who is not an actress.


Marthas have been executed and left on display from lamp-posts and trees. They smell and Janine is seen. Lawrence bullies his slaves. Captive women are shipped from Chicage. Fred visits Lawrence. Serena vists her mother. June is made to wait on Lawrence and the other commanders because Lawrence is a dick. This was ineffective. Lawrence talks of value to be mined from conquered areas namely fertile women and children. Darwin isn't banned in Gilead. Has June gone through the ceremony with Lawrence or not? Serena Joy has lost faith. June is called out on her selfishness and Luke stealing. Lawrence tells June to pick 5 women from the Chicago captives to be Marthas. The rest go to the colonies. Serena Joy's mother wants her to be a wife. Nick is a commander now. June berates Nick, he is being sent to Chicago. Nobody is morally sincere. Serena Joy visits June. This was DULL and BAD.

Best Lines:

“Tool of instruction.”

“Give her relief from her distress.”

“I'm not proud of myself for this.”

“Binders full of women.”

“Back when there were orphans.”