April 26th, 2019

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

'Bonding' promo


Best Line:

“Liberation from shame.”

'Swamp Thing' teaser promo

Isn't this already cancelled? Eeewww, Crystal Reed.

'The Mandalorian' teaser


'Long Shot' tv spot


'Mary Kills People' promo


'I Trapped The Devil' promo

It's christmas and a guy has satan locked up. Or does he? This looks good.

'Prospect' trailer
People look for stuff. No.

Gluten free orange blossom macaron – yum.

Gluten free Rose macaron – nice.

Gluten free vanilla macaron – nice.

Milk chocolate with hazelnuts & with sweetner – okay.

'Slasher' got a third season?!? HOW?

RIP Ken Kercheval.

I want a 16.88 carat fancy intense pink internally flawless diamond

Saw the 'Sliders' season 5 ep that featured Rob Youngblood's second guest apperance on the show. He was cute but a terrible actor and the ep 'The Great Work' sucked.

'Dead Pixels' Quote:

“Proper muck.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Being ungrateful is one of her greatest qualities.”

“Just a threat.”

“Wasn't listening while he was ranting.”

“Suspcious events occur.”

“Coy looks.”

“A location he deems questionable.”

“Live in constant fear of upsetting him.”

'Urban Myths' Quote:

“Badger ham.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Universal sadness.”


“Devastating impact.”

“Unprededented animosity.”

“Forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation.”

“On his first day at school he was cornered and asked if he knew the words to the Sash. He didn't so the kids beat him up.”

“Deluge of accusations and vitriol.”

“Notoriously unpopular.”

“Furiously accusatory.”

“Cranes able to work in 3,000 m of water.”

“The future ability of the planet to support life is in question.”

“Radically changing how we run society.”

“Wicked malingering patients.”

“Doesn't fit the bill of a tradtional ally.”

“Geological time, after all, is very long-”

“Entering the rock record.”

“Plastic is becoming an archaeological feature.”


“Desist from provocations.”

“Capacity for being appalled.”

“Alarmingly isolationist position.”

“Not even recognised as medical diagnoses in most countries.”

“Landfill indie.”

“Once broke up in the middle of an interview with the Guardian.”

“Battle to maintain a habitable biosphere.”

“Live in a world governed by reason.”

'The Thick Of It' Quote:

“Sounding like a hairy arsed docker after 8 pints.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Secret connivance.”

'The New York Times International Edition' Quotes:

“Incompatible with international society.”

“Never-ending con.”

“Hasn't had to face a calender change for a generation-”

“Revealed in the possibility of his destruction.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quote:

“What's a thought?”

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Movie Reviews: War Dogs + The New Guy + Rough Air: Danger On Flight 534 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

War Dogs (2016)

2 idiots become arms dealers. A guy sings 'Don't Fear The Reaper' to old people. The duo peaked in high school. They get guns from dubious sources. A fat dude waves a big gun. This was not alluring but it was okay. The idiots are woefully misguided and commit dubious acts.

There is a 'Scarface' poster and the idiots are heartless and stupid. One dude has a baby and lies. There are no women of note in this. The duo have intense chagrin. A guy feels personal and emotional attachment to arms dealing. People yell down and break old phones. Why does the hero have scars on his face?

Every day, these guys life choices look more and more like the wrong choices. They end up in Jordan and do gun running and they're full of confidence. I deeply dislike these people. This reminds me of 'Pain & Gain'. The fat dude has utter sneering contempt. There is a roomful of money and sand. The duo have licence plates that read Guns & Ammo. The dad gets a fancy apartment.

The duo expand the business and they're dumb and completely reckless. They get the chance to arm the Afghan army. They go to an army expo and Bradley Cooper shows up as an ominious arms dealer who never takes his sunglasses off. Someone gets beaten up in Albania. There is a warehouse full of weapons and they forge a fake money trail.

One guy's babymama leaves. The duo continue being idiots and there is rain and uncivilsed and dangerous people make things a total shambles. They repack illegal ammo and there is an utter disregard for sense by the duo as their greed gets worse. The duo face a significant impact. This was based on a 'Rolling Stones' article and it's all true, more or less.

The guy (Miles Teller) had no reason to trust the fat boy. Kevin Pollack is in this. Unspeakable distress is caused. The fat guy bff sucks. They're arrested and there is an open ending.

Best Lines:

“She still hates me.”

“Either in on it or stupid.”

“Quit or got fired from 6 different jobs.”

“Massaging rich dudes in Miami Beach.”

“Nobody really cares about old people.”

“The one you got arrested with?”

“Keep killing the bad guys.”

“Think ebay but for war.”

“I live on crumbs.”

“I'm still confused.”

“Bottom feeders who make money off war.”

“At least what he thought was 25%.”

“Who someone wanted him to be.”

“I dropped out of high school before they covered international diplomacy.”

“Getting cancelled for cause was a death sentence.”

“Our entire business was riding on the word of an 11 year old translator.”

“Those pearly yellows.”

“Triangle of death.”

“Comic-con with grendades.”

“Spent decades preparing for a western invasion that never came.”

“I'm on a watch list.”

“10 cents a round.”

“Two day town.”

“Hadn't seen daylight since the cold war.”

“A good idea to get high in the parking lot.”

“I'm a trustworthy guy.”

“Fell off the planet.”

“Never paid the box guy.”

“What would a bad man do?”

The New Guy (2002)


Rough Air: Danger On Flight 534 (2001)

Eric Roberts and Alexandra Paul star in this film that is so dated it could be from 1973.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 4 + Angel Issue 0 Reviewed

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 4

The Boom reboot goes on. Angel shows up. Why can't Willow's girlfriend know about Buffy? Joyce has a live-in boyfriend? Robin Wood is Buffy's age. Xander is tempted by Drusilla and Spike. This was okay.

Best Line:

“Scary mob-boss-wife vampire.”

Angel Issue 0

So the old 'Buffy' and 'Angel & Faith' comics no longer count? Angel broods and who is Helen? Angel leaves in a glass house in LA and broods more. Who is Angel's guide? Who is Fee-Fee? There is death and Angel heads to Sunnydale. I enjoyed this.

Best Lines:

“And I deserve it. All of it. Forever.”

“The day came for retribution –because that day always comes--”

“The ones Los Angeles never misses.”

“When someone opens a gateway they didn't know how to close.”

“You're just determined to be unhappy, aren't you?”

“You wouldn't like me when I'm happy.”

“Please. Just run.”

“She didn't deserve to be lost.”

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Bonding (2019-?) 1x01+Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina 1x09&1x10+Charmed 1x11+The Flash 5x18+ 6 more

Old Friends, New Names

Why are the eps so short? A waiter meets his old friend Tiff and is hired to be Kevin Costner to her Whitney Houston. There is sexism and Tiff is supposed to be a grad student?!? Tiff wants to be a shrink. They kidnap a guy on the street for a sex game. Does Tiff never study? How does she get into her pleather outfits for her sex work? This was increasingly ridiculous. This was not an important cultural event. Tiff and her mate are frightful people who misuse others. This was appalling.

Best Lines:

“If he tries to attack me, just stab him.”

“More meat in a vegan kitchen.”

“You eat street meat.”

Chapter Nine: The Returned Man

Salem shows up and mews. Nick Scratch lurks. Agatha vomits dirt and this was not very exciting. Sabrina makes problems. Tommy's not right. Susie's haunted. Roz has dreams. Ambrose gets a familiar. Luke is in with Lord Blackwood. This leaves you indifferent and detached.

Hilda casually mentions a boy was abused, not that anyone does anything to about it. Agatha is doomed, Sabrina does not care. Prudence spills and this was hopeless. Zelda faces the lowest depth of misery. Tommy chewed on the dead. Harvey's dad is right for once that Tommy is wrong. Sabrina did an unjustifable thing. Tommy is clearly erroneous. Agatha suffers the body wrecking effects of Sabrina's brazen stupidity. Sabrina draws attention to herself. Tommy is an abberration. Zelda has aggressive fury. Sabrina proves unpopular. This was not super tense. People are wildly upset at her acts. Sabrina has legendary readiness to be irrevocably dumb and spread her errors.

Sabrina's ongoing lack of ethical reservations and moral neutrality is an aggravating factor. Nick does a catching spell. What about Sabrina's mortal family? There is limbo and Sabrina's mother is there. Roz and Susie realise Sabrina is a witch. Harvey's had enough of Sabrina and her concept of harm reduction. Harvey kills Tommy.

Best Lines:

“Good things are coming.”

“Tawdry little shop.”

“Saying things, secret things.”

Chapter Ten: The Witching Hour

Will Madam Satan piss off? Salem mews. 13 dead witches return and summon the Red Agnel Of Death. Harvery claimed Tommy shot himself. Is there a pet cemetary in the Spellman cemetary? There is bad acting and dull suprise acting. Sabrina lies and then spills the truth. Is Agatha okay and does Sabrina care?

The Spellmans plan to protect the mortals and summon a tornado. A witch wind pointer blows about. Harvey doesn't listen and people are stupid. There is an erosion of stability. Lady Blackwood labours. Luke shrieks and this was murky looking. Salem shows up. Madam Satan conspires to commit public nuisance.

Sabrina signs The Book Of The Beast. Lady Blackwood dies in childbirth. The 13 dead witches spread chaos and provoke strife. Madam satan has callous disregard. Sabrina calls forth fire from the pit and burns down an evil tree. This was not intensifying. Harvey's absurd. Lord Blackwood has his son. Roz's grandmother dies. Is Hilda's love interest dodgy? Zelda stole Lord Blackwood's girl twin.

Lord Blackwood names his son Judas. Sabrina's hair turns platinum. The principle is in peril. Madam satan is Lilith and she kills her familiar.

Best Lines:

“Protect us how?”

“Burned their poppets and buried their cauldrons.”

“Aware of what's coming.”

“Magical doomsday bunker.”

“Don't think such dark thoughts.”

“I smell virgins.”

“Gave you passage across the ocean.”

“This is no place for a man and that very much includes you!”

“My only begotten son and heir.”

“We are in the right!”

Witch Perfect

The sisters have paternity issues in-between being bimbos. Parker is absent and maligned. Their mother was a ho and a liar. The sisters need witch slapping. A familiar face returns. This was poorly thought out. There was bad acting and this was terrible and it insults the intelligence of whelks.


Iris whines and Joe whines. Piss off Joe, you are unneeded. Barry makes it all about him. Nora is from 2049 where google glass is a thing. BD Wong guest stars. An female guest star yaps. Nora never knew Barry. Whatever became of Hunter Zoloman?

Danielle Panabaker directed this. Why do all the women in the Arrow-verse have to talk like twits on speed? Nora acts like she's 9. There is a Flash museum. Reverse-Flash was defeated and locked up. Zoom is mentioned as is future Barry who went crazy and killed Iris.

Nora was lied to by her mother. Godspeed who looks like a stormstrooper in his stupid white onesie shows up to attack Nora and turn her into a speedster. Lady Gaga is still popular in 2049. Who cyber-locked Reverse-Flash's file and who else visited him besides Nora?

People are mean to Reverse-Flash. Nora learns she was always a speedster and Iris had her chipped to block her powers. Nora's BFF got killed by Godspeed. Iris is a liar and Barry is an ass. Velocity-9 is mentioned again. Godspeed is an artifical speedster.

Nora never knew the Flash was her father? Reverse-Flash is under sentence of death? Godspeed is locked up? The Flash museum didn't dismantle Reverse-Flash's old secret lair? And it was turned into a storage unit? Barry is such a damn drama queen and he dumps Nora back in 2049. Barry screams and tantrums. This was okay apart from Barry and Iris and Joe.

Best Line:

“Weird purple speedster.”

Star Trek Deep Space 9 4x06


Jadzia Dax meets Lenara Kahn, the former wife of a former host. Worf lurks. Reassociation is taboo on Trill. Yet when Dax became Ezri Dax, she worked on DS9 and had a relationship with Bashir. Lenara (Susanna Thompson) is wan. Kira has huge 'Dynasty' hair. There is exposition and Lenara and Jadzia kiss. This was okay but has some bad acting. Dax faces shaming and disapproval.

Batman 2x26-2x28

It's How You Play The Game

We get a close up of Robin's crotch. The guy who plays Shame would go on to win an Oscar. Shame has strategic malice. Batman acts as a bullfighter instead of rolling Robin out of the way of the stampede. This was unnecessary and had little value.

This was not emotionally wrenching. Batman neither complains not quits in the face of adversity. The scheming fraud Shame continues his disreputable attemts at being exceptionally deceitful and manipulative. Adam West does a committed performance. This was not horribly tense as Shame has no detached menace or threatening menace. An evil used car salesman lurks. Robin is shot and walks it off.

There is a cameo by a 'Hogan's Heroes' actor and is Colonel Hogan still in a POW camp in the 1960s?!?! Burt Ward stands with his legs wide apart and he and Adam West bump into each other again.

Best Lines:

“We have no place here.”

“Cowboy of crime.”

“Peculiar looking clothes.”

“May I shake your glove?”


“Aim to bleed.”

The Penguin's Heart

Penguin's out of jail and running a restarant where only rich people and their friends can eat. Dick drinks milk. Lurch cameos. What was that finger gesture Robin made to Penguin? This was okay.

Best Lines:

“He was merely baiting us. Don't swallow.”

“Red breasted roadrunner.”

The Bird's Last Jest

Penguin's over-complicated plan goes on. Why is there is a giant electric switch next to a swimming pool? Penguin has a moll. Things get French farce. This was okay. There are calculated decisions.

Best Line:

“As St Paddy said to the snakes in dear old Ireland: out!”

Chambers (2019) 1x01

Into The Void

A girl has sex in a shack with her bf and ends up in a hospital and gets a heart transplant. Tony Goldwyn and Uma Thurman play the parents of her donor Becky. There is T&A and ghastly events and exposition. People are highly opinionated and insulting. This was mediocrity.

I feel a bleak assessment of this show. The heroine is wilfully offensive. She gets a scholarship from Becky's parents to attend Becky's fancy old school. You want to slap everyone around the face. The heroine has social awkwardness and is self destructive and gratuitously unpleasant and damaged and weird and disgruntled and seems to actively want to be disliked.

Lies are told. How did Becky die? There are sex jokes and this was symptomatic of cultural malaise. This was purposely frivolous and people are contemplating terrible things. This was overly pompus and how did the heroine's poor family pay for the transplant and her meds? There is no functional dialogue. There are tattoos and phenomenal idicoy.

Best Line:

“Or god forbid: triggered.”

Berlin Station 2x02

Right Here, Right Now

Hector has a naked woman in his HUGE hideaway house. Where is Hector's boyfriend? How many assets has Hector boffed? Hector baits a neo-nazi. This was throughly unappealling. An undercover agent is busted. Daniel kills someone.

Best Line:

“Pissed off a lot of dangerous people.”

Chimerica 1x02

The 'hero' is a jerk and this bored and is a strained attempt at signifigence.

The Bay 1x03

The cop is the c word. The main suspect is missing and his moany cow mother moans. The dead kids mother screams and obstructs and causes issues. Will someone slap the bitch already? The stepdad stirs the pot. The mother wants money for her son's murder. She's a vile chav and so is everyone else, I'm done with this.