April 19th, 2019


Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'RSPCA' ad

What happens to your pet when you're dead? Waaahhh.

'Berlin Station' season 2 promo

Neo-nazis and brooding.

'Lunatics' trailer


Best Lines:

“Sexuality disorder.”


Lemon cordial – nice.

Milk 39% single origin roasted almonds & Irish sealsalt – yum.

I read horrible 'The Magicians' season 4 news.

I'll review 'Gotham' season 5.

Who saw 'Mac and Me', 'The Robe', 'Flushed Away' or 'Gallipoli'?

Missed 'Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping'.

Recall Balisto bars?

My ex discarded me like he was fly tipping. He bailed on us.

'Charmed' Quote:

“Backstabbing fratboy spawn.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Using threats and intimidation to instill fear.”

“Effectively disappeared on us.”

“A view disputed in the town.”

“Something untoward.”

“Deep reading.”

'Hollyoaks' Quote:

“What a piece of trash I am.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Worked against them,”

“Fringe platforms.”

“Contain angry content.”

'South Park' Quotes:

“Since time unremembered.”

“Did you see 'Prometheus'? I don't think the writers even knew what that was about.”

“Yeah, I care.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“No evidence of reawakening awareness or consciousness.”

“Cellularly active.”

“Finality of death.”

“Promote reconciliation.”

“Not liking anything.”

“As is their absolute right.”

“Furtive shame-filled shadows of our society.”

“Audience fatigue.”

“Sincere belief.”

“Smirk of condescension.”

“Shown respect and encouragement.”

“Don't have enough money to live a decent life in a state that does not care.”

“Somewhat dramatic.”

“Actively resistant to change.”

“Grim examples.”

“Elongated beyond all proportion and reason.”

“Expectations for the new film are absurd.”

“Annihilated in act of Malthusian adjustment.”


“Failed to generate the same acclaim.”

“Moral teachings.”

“All-purpose blowhard.”

“Entire urban neighbourboods and towns cannot be reclaimed and must be razed.”

“Interfering state.”

“Known for his high opinion of himself.”

“Legal obligation.”

“Seeking responses. None were forthcoming.”

“Should be places of welcome and sanctuary.”

“Last remaining natural habitat.”

“Profoundly distressed.”

“Trying to justify what he was doing by telling me he loved me.”

'RT' Quotes:

“Moral debt.”

“Verbal note.”

'Colony' Quotes:

“No respect for him or trust of his judgment at all.”

“Subject of local scorn.”

'Hell Or High Water' Quote:

“Gonna want a gunfight.”

'Dead Pixels' Quote:

“Moral courage.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Believing the lies of the enemy.”

“Shut up fat bitch.”

'Lunatics' Quotes:

“Eat seed bitches!”

“Little bit bothersome.”

“Smells like dick there.”

“Certain calibre of neighbour.”

“Let your negative thoughts be gone.”

“Telepathic messages coming from the pet.”

“Not entirely sensible.”

“Emotional clearing work.”

“You fat chav.”

“Chill bitch.”

“Hell mad.”

“Pissed in the battub.”

“Slipping the slug in.”

Mini farm.”

“I ripped my ballsack off in the hedge!”

Scary Books

Book Review: The Spirit Of The Place & Other Strange Tales, part 1

The Spirit Of The Place & Other Strange Tales: The Complete Short Stories of Elizabeth Walter edited and with an Introduction by Dave Brzeski, part 1

This collects long forgotten and out of print supernatural tales.


The editor says very kind things about the late Walter.


This is not harrowing reading. There is racism and the characters are idiots. WTF is a cold frame? Why was the stolen idol in the UK if the thief was still abroad? This wasn't substantial or soul-wrenching. This has no emotional weight or bleak conclusion.

Best Lines:

“He is the sacred god of the witch-doctors, whom I managed to steal away.”

“Good for you,”

“Looked at Brian with dislike.”

The New House

What is a box room? An idiot man doesn't tell anyone about the human bones he found in his garden. This leads to trouble. There is sexism and a pregnant woman is infantalised. The man learns the land his house is built on has a grisly history. What's a tied cottage? There is stupidity, wife beating, ignorance of CPR and this was diastrous.

Best Lines:

“Won herself an evil name.”

“Gentlemen of the road.”

“The local people seem to hold the hill in horror.”

“Who had an unsavoury reputation.”

The Tibetan Box

A magic box brings peril to idiots. Stupidity has a massive cost and does terrific damage.

Best Line:

“Presence was obviously neither anticipated nor desired.”

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Batman 2x23-2x25+Chimerica (2019) 1x01+Berlin Station 2x01+The Bay 1x02 Reviewed 😍😘😍😘🌹🌹

Marsha, Queen Of Diamonds

Is the baddie du jour a spoof of Liz Taylor? Are there no female police officers? A giant bat diamond powers the bat computer. Burt Ward has 2 obvious and nasty looking wounds on his arm. They look painful. Were they infected? In universe: did nobody wonder where they came from?

Carolyn Jones guest stars as a diamond thief named Marsha who keeps men in cages. She uses love darts. The love darts cause an overactive sense of devotion in the men they are fired at. Marsha has a witch sidekick/aunt. Robin is boringly reverential toward Batman. Marsha fires a love dart at Batman and he gets high but fights it off.

This was okay. Robin gets a love dart and yells woodenly. Marsha has Robin's unquestionable obedience. Marsha's hoe ass wants the bat-diamond and she orders Batman to marry her. Batman's moral heart thinks of Robin. Shouldn't Robin be in school? Marsha has a nice wedding tiara.

Best Lines:

“The bat extension.”

“Insufferable effrontery.”

“You mean you're not in love with me?”

“I'm not even mildly interested.”

Marsha's Scheme Of Diamonds

Batman gets out of marrying Marsha. Bruce invented a bat printer? Robin's in a bird cage. The witch was a chemistry professor at Vassar but Bruce puts her to work as a domestic sceince teacher. FFS. Robin gives Marsha a moral lecture. There are toads and Bruce seems to have invented quantum computing. This was okay.

Best Line:

“Noble voice.”

Come Back, Shame

A lame baddie shows up. What's a bushwacker? Shame seems to be running a chop shop. Why is platinum not easy to get? Shame grinds an axe. There's reckless gun usage and an annoying kid. The batbike and the Alfcycle are seen. Bruce and Dick go lingerie shopping, no comment. There is a cow deathtrap. This was medicore.

Best Lines:

“Messy James.”

“Tonsil varnish.”

“Bait, Master Dick?”

“Caped crimebuster.”

Chimerica (2019) 1x01

This is a fictional story about true events. A photographer in 1989 takes a famous photo. There is Trump bashing. The photographer is disgraced in 2016 when it is revealed by a snotty hipster that he faked a photo. The photographer is a jerk and this has no emotional impact. This was medicore and left you unengaged.

Everything's Gonna Be Alt-Right

Some new bimbo lurks. Daniel goes undercover as a neo-nazi. Wasn't he shot? Who was the guy Daniel fake shot? An election is coming. A neo-nazi bad boy and his daughter plot. Ashley Judd is the new station chief. Daniel's deep cover mission is being kept from the bosses. People are viciously stupid. Past characters won't leave. This was horribly, horribly bad. Hector resurfaces.

The Bay 1x02

The cop is basically useless. This was wholly unnecessary and tiresome. The mother is a useless slut who screams and shouts; she's imbecilic and appalling. People do nothing that is sensible. The stepdad is angry and not liked. This was unusually stupid. The father is belittled. The cop's surly teenage daughter goes out hooking. The local perv is suspected. The stepfather is provoked by his harpy wife. The cop is told to mother her child and stop ditching her daughter who dresses like a whore. I HATED this.

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Movie Reviews: A Thouand Heroes+The Nest+The Happy Prince+Willow Creek 😁😒😁😒

A Thouand Heroes (1992)

A DC-10 has an emergency. This is based on a true story. Charlton Heston, Richard Thomas, James Coburn and Bruce McGill star in this tale of the plane that crashed into a cornfield. This sausage fest has a repellent insistence on Americana and it's broing. This was dated. People have sunk so far in their cirumstances this does not deliver enjoyment.

The Nest (1988)

Terri Treas features in this horror based on the recently reprinted Eli Cantor novel. This is nothing like the book. There is bad acting and rubbish dialogue. There is dumb comedy and this was super horrible.

Best Lines:

“Cockroach crap.”

“We'll never stop it.”

“This is Jung's basic theory!”

The Happy Prince (2018)

Colin Firth co-stars in this bio-pic of Wilde after his release from jail. Very well fed looking starving children beg. Wilde is a broken man and grubs money off friends and former fans. He's exiled and in murky circumstances and has desperate longing and has emotional discomfort.

Wilde gurns and puts on makeup. He had over 700 days of hard labour in jail. He overlooks his wife and sons. Why can't he stay away from the life ruining dreadful Bosie? Everyone hates Bosie except Wilde. Moral issues are ignored. Wilde has emotional isolation and faces ruthless exclusion and maligning of his character. French is spoken. This was not epochal.

Wilde is mocked by louts who turn into a mob. Wilde was once an idol, that time is long since gone. He does not find any allies. Wilde is incapable of sense. The scenery is nice. Wilde has a degree of volatility and knew the consequences of reuniting with Bosie. Wilde does not care about his wife's harsh reality and inestimable loss. Wilde lists the scale and gravity of the vitriol he faced due to his ill-judged acts.

Bosie is demonstrably false. There is no future enjoyment for Wilde who is no moral exemplar. This is an unflattering insight into Wilde and his unwholesome goings on. Bosie goes hysterical constantly and screams abuse at Wilde. He's an appalling egomaniac. Bosie and Wilde have no money. Wilde looks terrible. Is that all Rupert Everett or is it makeup?

This was written and directed by Everett. Wilde does no work and mooches off everyone. Bosie gets angry at being blamed for Wilde ruining his life. Anna Chancellor, Beatrice Dalle, Emily Watson and Colin Morgan also star. It is hinted that Wilde and his wife Constance died of syphillis. Wilde pukes on himself, Firth has a huge tache and a priest is called for when Wilde is dying. Wilde dies. Bosie is given a good slap at the burial, he has a very grim future ahead of him.

Best Lines:

“Growing and spellbound audience.”

“End of all peace.”

“My public had not forgotten me.”

“Likely to set fire to the hotel.”

“Nothing in me, not even fear.”

“The natural habitat of the hypocrite is England!”

“How kind of you to speak to me.”

“Welcome you into exile.”

“Dined on shame.”

“Result: lunacy.”

“Lepers dying under a full moon in a foreign hotel.”

“Written me a revolting letter.”

“Dependent upon Bosie's absence from your life.”

“What plans can I have?”

“Am a ruined man.”

“Been against me.”

“I forbid him to live with that infernal man!”

“Drunken groper.”

“Punitive silence.”

“You disgust me Bosie!”

“Scribble beautiful thoughts.”

“The hell in which i live.”

“Useful bore.”

“When history looks back it won't be at you! It'll be at him and me!”

“This little bird shall sing forevermore,”

Willow Creek (2014)

This found footage movie has a couple looking for Bigfoot. He's a tool and she's a harpy. They're in Bigfoot country and bad stuff happens, eventually. This bored.

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