March 15th, 2019


Book Review: Alien Pregnant By Elvis, part 4

Alien Pregnant By Elvis edited by Esther M. Friesner and Martin H. Greenberg, part 4

Magnetic Personality Triggers Nail-Biters Near Death Ordeal!

Told in 'rural' dialect, this isn't beautiful mediocrity – just mediocrity.

They'd Never

By Harry Turtledove. Tabloid journalists have a close encounter with evil aliens. This is a dated and sexist abject failure.

Loch Ness Monster Found – In The Bermuda Triangle!

Told in 'Scottish' dialect, this manages to be racist, dumb and wildly inaccurate.

Racehorse Predicts The Future

An oracle and prognosticator is not in this incoherent story.

Printer's Devils

This is a dated and incoherent tale of some dude mortified by softwate out to get him. Things get escalatory. This was not utterly conclusive or universally well-received.

Cannibal Plants From Heck

Evil plants attack. Some git refuses to talk about his grievance. This does not make you responsive or interested. This leaves you with blatant disinterest.

Psychic Bats 100 For Accuracy!

A series of WILDLY inaccurate predictions. This has no dramatic power.

Caveat Atlantis

This was not an improving exercise. Nor is it commendable.

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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

'Triple Frontier' trailer

Special Forces guys plan a robbery. Did they never hear of masks? They steal a HUGE pile of money. Things go wrong. There is money and chasing.

Best Lines:

“Shot 5 times for your country.”

“Go through em.”

'Riverdale' 3x16 promo

A cult, singing and desperate folks.

'Avengers Endgame' trailer

Hawkeye's kid, Hawkeye and Captain Marvel is caked in makeup. Mmm.

Best Lines:

“Everyone who's not in this room.”

“Whatever it takes.”

'The Disapperance Of Madeleine McCann' trailer

We all know who did it.

'American Gods' season 2 promo


'Await Further Instructions' trailer

This looks good.

Nutella – yum.

Who saw 'Sammy And Rosie Get Laid', 'What Women Want' or 'Lawrence After Arabia'?

What does cold camp mean?

Doing work on LJ.

Recall The Fashion Cafe?

Easi Morales is to play Deathstroke on 'Titans'!

David McCallum leaving 'NCIS'?

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Set the house on fire.”

“Home situation.”

“Go live on the coach.”

“She's not wanted.”

“Putting on the victim hat.”

“Throwing rocks at her head.”

“Her home is a warzone.”

“No more escalation.”

“Caught her having sex in my attic.”

“Remove her from the home.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Conviction of their superiority over all others,”

“Regime critic.”

“Without limit of time or cap on expernditure.”

“Potential there that was gone.”

“Salad dodger.”

“Social complexities.”

“Began living an alternate lifestyle.”

“Half a century of anger.”

“Charisma deficit.”

“Doesn't dare to believe the reassurances of those who love and advise her.”

“War for its existence.”

“Military force.”

“Corrupt personal finances.”

“Don't expect any sober assessment.”

“Loathsome morality police,”

“Don't qualigy as intellectual,”

“Pilgrimmage revenues,”

“There has been a romanticised view of [tradtional cottages] which didn't necessarily tally with the experience of people who lived it then.,”

'Escape To The Chateau: DIY' Quote:

“That's a bit of an issue.”

'Teen Titans Go!' Quotes:

“Love that patronising attiude!”

“Count to 10 without using her fingers!”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Come to reason.”

'The Irish R.M' Quotes:

“Words he said after me, I wouldn't throw at a tinker.”

“Put there by me enemies.”

“Deceitful lying animal.”

“Queer things on this island.”

“Keep him on here to amuse the tourists.”

“I knocked at the door. Loud.”

“You're a disgrace to the house!”

“Throw you out of doors!”

“Fighting like wasps.”

“Sober and good natured.”

“Thinks he murdered Jim Foley.”

“He probaby did.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Logic and calm.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Their own weird reasons.”

'MotherFatherSon' Quotes:

“No one ever phones you.”

“I was not respected.”

“But not read.”

'60 Days On The Streets' Quote:

“In Manchester, that's normal.”

'Gone Girl' Quote:

“Never, ever worthy of the effort.”


On 'Hollyoaks' Ste rants madly. Leah has hooker hair. Ste is decidely unpleasant. Ste creates chaos and turmoil. Ste's super awful behaviour goes on. Leah attacks Imran, she takes after her scumbag father. Ste threatens violence on school property and somehow does not get arrested. Ste has a smarmy demeanor. This was not emotionally resonant. Ste has impaired social interactions. Ste is undeniably contentious. Why is he in Leela's house? Throw the scrote out! Ste is laughably stupid. Ste's long long long feud bores.

Ste's new friends beat up people. Peri points out that Ste's new friends are racist. Ste agrees with them because he is an immature dysfunctional loser who's been 3 times married and has cheated and left each time. He has three kids and is an embarrassment to himself. He should be effectively ignored. He's a junkie who inflicts appalling indignities on people and gets away with incendiary remarks and hostile remarks and constant anger and violence. Ste is a moral failure.

Best Lines:

“Blame that lot!”

“Kids, big fat guys and tourists.”


Star Trek Deep Space Nine 3x02+Batman 1x21-1x24+Black Lightning 1x04+Babylon 5 4x19&4x20+ 1 more

The Search Part 2

This was T'Rul's last appearence. The studio wanted Bashir fired for the 1st 2 seasons. Odo meets his people. A Vorta lurks and there is an Eris mention. There is an obvious twist. There is foreshadowing. The Dominion cannot be trusted. The Dominion have an intimidating reaction to the UFP. Quark does a riff on MLK's “I Have A Dream” speech. Sisko tries to shout sense into people. The Dominion will be defeated neither soon nor easily. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:

“Enemies make dangerous friends.”

“Why would shapeshifters need a door?”

“Do I detect a note of bitterness?”

The Penguin Goes Straight

Batman has heroic majesty. Penguin is out of jail and up to strong arm robbery and criminal mischief. The Penguin claims to have gone straight. But it's all part of his malicious mischief. Robin and Batman have stony faced expressions. Penguin gets a groupie girlfriend. Bruce and Dick play golf. Dick wears a turquoise jumper. Penguin is morally empty.

Dick does his holy catchphrase and palm punch whilst he's not in his Robin guise. Bruce has opprobrium for Penguin. Dick is full of barely suppressed rage. Penguin has joyful exuberance in being a rapscallion. Penguin lays waste to Batman's best intentions. There are malign developments. Robin is permanently furious. Batman is dangerously hubristic. Batman acts like he's in a solemn melodrama and faces moral judgement whilst Penguin receives absolution and deep seated respect.

You can see the make up holding Penguin's fake nose on. Why is Penguin wearing flippers in a sauna? Penguin eats sardines out of an enormous jar to celebrate getting one over on Batman. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Accepted in the best circles.”

“Pompus taunting creature.”

“How ungrateful the public is.”

“Since he last left prison.”

“Quit lying you cheap hoodlum!”

“Miserable weakling.”

“No rough stuff!”

“A strange disquieting scene.”

“I swear to you old boy.”

Not Yet, He Ain't

What's a certified cheque? The soles of Batman and Robin's shoes are bulletproof? The batcycle shows up. Penguin's groupie is a bimbo. Penguin leaves his bride at the altar and runs off with the gifts. Robin has to ride in the batcycle sidecar. Penguin rewards the bimbo's steadfast devotion by demanding to go back to jail to get away from the bimbo. Robin is resolutely loyal to Batman. Penguin and his two thugs are tied to the batmobile hood. This was okay.

Best Line:

“Diamond studded can opener.”

The Ring Of Wax

Riddler prances around a wax museum. How is he out of jail? Bruce pronounces Peru weirdly. Frank Gorshin overacts madly as the Riddler. Robin sure loves doing his palm punch thing. Batman and Robin are strung up to be diped into a wax solution. This was okay with bad ADR. One of Riddler's goons is played by Joe E Tata aka Peach Pit guy.

Best Lines:

“Don't talk stupid.”

“We can ill afford such emotions as pity.”

Give 'Em The Axe

Riddler is coldy calculating and into banditry. Batman has opprobrium for Riddler. You can see sweat rings on the batsuit and the seam of Robin's shorts in this ep. Riddler has passionate energy. It is glaringly obvious that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are Batman and Robin. The ADR is obvious and bad. Batman pontificates. Riddler has a total absence of regret. His moll, Moth, is stupid. Riddler has directed malevolence. The social upheaval of the 60s does not affect Gotham City. This was okay. Batman flaps his cape at people. Dick wears a ring and cufflinks to a museum visit. This was not meaningful.

Best Lines:

“Give up your evil ways. When you've paid your debt to society and pay it you will. Start life anew as a respected citizen!”

“I'll get you for it.”

“Nasty looking things.”

Black Jesus

There is institutional resistance to sense. Don't people see the very bright hero coming? There is considerable protest and interfering parents. The mother nags as a drug worse than PCP and crack is on the streets. The city is in a worrying state. It's full of hostile entities. Baddies have callous indifference and their actions have significant and lasting impact. Baddies have brazenness.

People stare stoically. This was not plausible. A severe reckoning is coming. This was not auspicious. There is no decency or good manners. Baddies are unwaveringly committed to evil. A bad guy's sister shows up. Things that are unjustified and unjustifiable happen. This is so very serious. Things are very very concerning.

The paralysed kid becomes a pawn. This is not substantial or complex. The paralysed kid is profoundly affected physically and psychologically.

Best Lines:

“Snitches get what?”

“I'm no snitch.”

“Yes you are.”

“Take him out for you.”

“Olympic fast.”

“You know things are bad when drug dealers are Oding.”

“Was he dressed like Earth Wind And Fire?”

“Policing and marching and praying.”

“Beat your way up the food chain.”

“Ride or die.”

Between The Darkness And The Light

People have turned on Garibaldi and won't listen. How could Sheridan promise to free Mars? There is BAD acting. The Mars resistance leader is untalented. Ivanova rants about war crimes – they're the aggressors! Advanced destroyers made with shadowtech show up and are never seen again. People live at the whim of Sheridan and Ivanova's histrionics. This was tedious wheel spinning with ridicilous dialogue.

Ivanova is rude and thankless and nearly gets herself killed. This was lousy and people have helpless concern. Ivanova's earnestness leads to trouble. The dialogue is stupid and Sheridan walks off enhanced interrogation.

Best Lines:

“I don't watch tv. It's a cultural wasteland filled with inappopriate metaphors and an unrealistic portrayal of life created by the liberal media elite.”

“Instant lethal response.”


The telepaths in stasis are sacrificed. A female ranger is seen. People seem unaware that Mars does not have Earth like gravity. Garibaldi has to get over being disrespected. This is not sweatily tense. Marcus wants to save Ivanova. Mars resistance threatens to murder people. Franklin has no concept of Do No Harm. You couldn't tell Sheridan was interrogated because he has zero trauma or PTSD. I HATE Sheridan. He's a vile selfish tool. Sheridan claims he is at Earth leading a Minbari/various aliens invasion fleet to save Earth from darkness and tyranny. Yeah right sure. People finally show up to take out Clarke. Nobody wonders how a second alien fleet descending on Earth just a decade after the Minbari war would affect people. There are bad VFX. Clarke dies but not before turning the defence grid toward Earth. Delenn is useless. An ISN reporter goes on air just after getting out of jail, yeah right sure. There is no internet or moral responsibility. Marcus dies. Piss on this.

The Disapperance Of Madeline McCann (2019) 1x07&1x08

Truth And Lies

This was exhaustingly boring and serves no purpose.

Best Lines:

“Sympathy for only so long.”

“Lost the general population's support.”

Somebody Knows

Lawsuits, toxicity, lies and this was so biased.

Best Lines:

“Funny smell about him.”

“Lurking around.”

“The damage that the media can cause.”

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