February 20th, 2019


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'The Dirt' teaser

A Motley Crue biopic? Sigh.

'The Dirt' trailer

Oh Iwan Rheon. There is drugs, fire, violence, a guy rampages in a thong and was that supposed to be Heather Locklear?!?

Best Lines:

“Those are my pants!”

“A cover band singer.”

“Never been through what Motely Crue put me through.”

'Speechless' promo


'Schooled' promo

Is that supposed to be the Goldberg daughter all grown up?

'Law & Order: SVU' clip

Bill Goldberg chucks Stabler through an interogation room window. Excellent.

Glenilen Farm choc mousse – grotesque.

Peanut butter M&Ms – nice.

Who saw 'Little Buddha'?

'Kitten Rescuers' was not good.

'Seaquest 2032' Quotes:

“Must have been state of the art 20 years ago.”

“Your ungody work.”

'TVNow' Quote:

“Don't think the performance resonated with the audience.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Mainipulate our choices.”

“A Tory voter in Liverpool.”

'Law & Order: SVU' Quotes:

“They love me.”

“I'm sure they believe that.”

“Don't make me hurt you lady.”

“Spelling words.”

'RT' Quotes;

“Good important content.”

“Criticise and discuss stuff.”

“Less decent.”

“Angry Twitter army.”

“Said the police cryptically.”

“Suggested us.”

“CIA penetrations.”

“Target countries.”

“Serious law violations.”

“It's the internet. Of course they did.”

“Single most hated person in America.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Long non-physical connection.”

“The possible mainipulation of a woman.”

“In receipt of suspicion and distrust.”

“Could only survive at a distance.”

“Conquest of her enemies.”

“Fever phobia.”

“What kind of bodies can gain employment.”

“Started pushing them out of frustration.”

“Not feeling very adequate.”

“Took it really badly.”

“My language matters just as much as yours.”

“Cultural impulses.”

“Emotional association.”

“Live out their days in subterranean isolation equipped with glorified first-aid kits and walk-in armouries, as the world burns.


“The demonisation of the Labour leader by the right-wing British press as a threat to the United Kingdom's security and welfare.”

“His lack of intellectual curiosity, his intolerance of dissent and his doctrinaire faith in ideas he formed in the 1970s.”

“Adverse contractual consequences.”

“Swivel-eyed loons you think must have just wandered into shot but who turn out to be long-serving Tory MPs,”

“Newly homogenised normality.”

“Barred from enforcement activity on British soil,”

“Cartel investigations.”

“Hostile to our country.”

“Car-based urban transport systems.”

“Re-making cities.”

“Altercation over domestic matters.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Her version of the truth.”

“Feel like I'm living with the Gestapo watching over me.”

“Reason everybody drinks.”

“Evil sinister individual.”

“Aggressed against her.”

“Living in chaos.”

'American Housewife' Quote:

“Cold withholding jerk.”

Dolph Lungren Quote:

“When he wasn't going nuts.”

'Great British Railway Journeys' Quote;

“Son and daughter of toil.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“That may well have been the intent.”

“Gushing obituary.”


“Epitome of a good upbringing.”

“Someone has sound issue with it.”

“Lifetime of disadvantage.”

“Countless boxes of treasures remained unopened.”

'Batman The Animated Series' Quote:

“Stuff your advice Batman!”

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Illya K

Movie Review: Terror (1978)

Luvvies v witches or something. This rubbish deserves every bit of vicious criticism it gets. This was all doom-mongering pretentiousness. This movie is something you do not forgive in life. There is no climactic confrontation. Exile this from your life.

Best Line:

“Leave that sword alone.”

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Scary Books

Book Reviews: Terminus + Bad BTVS Novel

Terminus by Tristan Palmgren

The sequel to 'Quietus' throws away everything that was good about that book and so this sequel decoheres. It is not staggering in its scale and there is irrational decision-making and overly emotional behaviour.

Best Lines:

“Apparently picked her alone to listen to.”

“It's disastrous first response to the false comet. Never preach apocalypse, Meloku thought, unless you were sure you or your successors weren't going to be around when it failed to happen.”

“Ethical interference.”

“Do you remember hating him?”


Bad Buffy The Vampire Slayer Novel

Doomsday Deck


Abused By My Girlfriend + Charmed 1x07 Reviewed

Abused By My Girlfriend (2019)

This BBCIII one-off takes on another true story about a man, Alex, who's girlfriend, Jordan, left him 10 days away from death. Alex seems slow and Jordan seems unemotional and psycho. Alex and Jordan have children! There are mind games. His family cries and police interviews are shown. Abuse is discussed. This was dull. Jordan gets about 8 years.

Best Line:

“Frightened to love him.”

Out Of Scythe

Lord I hate these bitches. A hellquake is mentioned. 2 sisters have phds. Oh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HA! The sisters are dumb useless c words. There I said it. This reboot's version of Cole shows up, I think.

Best Lines:

“Live in the shadow of a family legacy.”

“Wine swilling goat boy.”

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