February 6th, 2019


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'Star Trek Discovery' season 1 promo


'Star Trek Discovery' season 1 promo

I miss Lorca.

'Star Trek Discovery' season 1 promo


'Olay Killer Skin' ad


'Avengers: End Game' spot


'Captain Marvel' spot


'The Twilight Zone' first look


'Captain Marvel' tv spot

She looks bored and Coulson needs to get lost.

'Captain Marvel' tv spot

“Is this normal?”

'Captain Marvel' tv spot

A pager.

'Star Trek Discovery' 2x04 promo

More weirdness and Saru's dying.

'Us' trailer

Things line up.

'Star Trek Discovery' season 1 promo


'Star Trek Discovery' season 1 promo

Go away Saru.

'Star Trek Discovery' season 1 promo


'Star Trek Discovery' season 1 promo

They've boldly gone, too far.

'Star Trek Discovery' season 1 promo


'Star Trek Discovery' season 1 promo


'Skyman' trailer

A tale of alien abduction. Maybe.

'The Handmaid's Tale' season 3 promo


'Arrow' 7x13 promo


'Supergirl' 4x12 promo


Mojito choc – nice.

Squirrels nests are called dreys?

What are calcots?

I want a solitaire diamond and a round cut diamond and a yellow diamond.

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Catering-related punch-up.”

“The slightest sound at 4am is enough to have him reaching for his gun cabint, even if it is just a badger on patrol.”

“Imprisoning reality.”

“Grind size.”

“Dramatic colour.”

“It tastes like the 1980s.”

“Let's say her husband is not a political assett.”

“There is not a single shred of evidence in any direction for hundreds of miles that man has existed.”

“Whose cost they could not possibly comprehend.”

“Moral desert.”

“To really understand the cost.”

“No one asked what happened behind closed doors, and no one told.”

“Completely prescribed life plan.”

'Star Trek Discovery' deleted scenes Quotes:

“All things dubious.”

“Unmapped starless planet.”

'Standing In The Shadows Of Giants' Quotes:

“Make new what has been done.”

“Chord passage.”

“Hard structure.”

'Designing Discovery' Quote:

“Space navy.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Motorway status.”

“Undermine their ethos.”

“Indissoluble bond.”

“Eternal bliss.”

“Ethical vaccum.”

“Jesuitical rationale.”

“Diplomatic isolation.”

“Shame contaniment facilities.”

“Collective detestable group.”

“Impermissible sources.”

“A long history of invasion, assassination and occupation.”


“Societal positioning.”

“He did not say exactly what measures.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“No distant limit,”

“Trying to get people to listen to them.”

“Repositories of old things.”

'The Clinton Affair' Quote:

“They act like guilty people.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Choice point.”

'Return Of The Caped Crusaders' Quote:

“I know every move you'll make because I taught you every move you know.”

'Star Trek Discovery' Quote:

“An unconditional hatred and rejection of anything and everything other.”

'Contagion' Quote:

“I'm a trusted man.”

'Batman' (1966) Quote:

“Anti-lunatic squad.”

'Batman and Harley Quinn' Quote:

"I always kind of thought you and Batman didn't like girls.”


Movie Reviews: The Udara Legacy +The Case Of The Sinister Spirit +Murder By Numbers

Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy (1997)

The final tv movie sees Newcomer Paul Bearer run for political office. Matt's an idiot who wants a car. Lane Smith guest stars. Buck joins the LAPD. Susan acts out of character. The characters are all cretinous nincompoops in this consistenly boring mess. The terminally miserable no good punk joining the LAPD comes out of nowhere.

In the 1st tv movie Udara were described as warriors or resistance fighters agianst the Overseers. Now they're violent fanatical terrorists. There is no self-reflection by anyone. Susan reveals she was Udara. She's also a rabid hypocrite. Her acts couldn't realistically go un-challenged. Overseers had access to a mind control gas? Why did they never use it? Susan was part of an Udara plan to brainwash children into being Udara assassins. She did this to her own daughter.

George gets over that fast. Even though Emily is brainwashed to shoot someone. Susan is grim and unsocial. Susan gets away with all her acts including menacing somoene with a gun. The acting was bad and this was inept.

Best Lines;

“The cause is gone.”

“Ready to fight for generations.”

“Dark atrocity.”

“All 6 networks.”

Perry Mason: The Case Of The Sinister Spirit (1987)

There is certain doom and malicious intent in this ridiciously implausible tv movie that features Robert Stack. William Katt and his bad hair berates women. This was dumb.

Murder By Numbers (2002)


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Sliders 2x11+Charmed 1x05+Babylon 5 3x14+Orange Is The New Black (2013-2019) 1x04 Reviewed

The Young And The Relentless

The sliders run into a dead Quinn and his big haired wife Wade on yet another alternate world. In this world, if you're over 30 – you don't exist. You have a curfew and can be refused service. AU Wade accepts sliding and Quinn impersonates his double as a favour. The youth rebellion was led by POTUS Howard Stern. There is no resigned dignity and the eerie implications of the youth rebellion are ignored. Ugly clothes are worn.

This is an utterly implausible social life. AU Wade crushes Quinn's will like a used soda can. There is bad hair and this was not emotionally overwhelming. Quinn and Wade frame AU Wade for the crimes she actually committed. This was ridiciously bad and AU Wade is defiant and cold. This was utterly irritating and gets tremendoulsy worse.

Best Line:

“Your lawyer is a Debbie Gibson wannabe!”

Other Women

The sisters whine, there is green light and boredom. One sister decides to remove her girlfriend from her life by rewriting history. This was spectaculary incompetent.

Best Line:

“Dad left her for his crossfit instructor.”

Ship Of Tears

Franklin is an idiot. ISN is back online. Bester shows up. Ivanova shows off her anti-telepath racism. Black Omega is mentioned but never came up again. Bester's pregnant lover shows up, never to be seen or mentioned again. People are ungrateful to G'Kar and will not stop lying to him. Sheridan belives in locking people up without charge. Telepaths powers are amplified by hyperspace. They keep that a secret. Delenn babytalks to G'Kar as she confesses some of her lies. This was incredibly bland. Delenn justifies her lies. Bester has a wife and a child which he dismisses as a genetic pairing. There is bad ADR and Garibaldi can read the Narn holy book better than G'Kar. Shadows fear telepaths. This was simply terrible.

Best Line:

“I intend to make sure that future happens.”

Imaginary Enemies

This has no whiff of competence as Piper whines. People are magnificantly un-self aware. A screwdriver goes missing. 'Ulysses' is mocked. This was not good, it was spectaculary uninteresting.

Best Lines:

“Educate yourself. Not that it helped this one.”

“He's got breath like dead things.”

“Piss mess.”

“Hope is a dangerous thing.”

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