January 4th, 2019

Sergio Balleseros

Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Orville' 2x03 promo


'Gotham' 5x02 promo

Needs more Shane West.

Wheat, dairy & gluten free Berry Delicious cookies – no.

I won't read 'Such A Good Girl'.

Who saw 'Driven', 'War Of The Buttons' or 'A Knight's Tale'?

'The Main Event' Quotes:

“Some chicanery going on around here.”

“They were identical! Identical!”

“Referee paid off!”

“How much money did they spend on the plastic surgery?!?”

'Butterflies' Quote:

“I find that t-shirt distasteful.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“A purchaser who remains unknown.”

“Decayed, uncared for appearance.”

“Rock in the atlantic.”

“Persons of lesser experience.”

“Abandonment of allies.”

“Caused dismay.”

“Disappeared to faraway battlefields.”

“Negotiate forgiveness.”

“Erroneous facts and distorted truths.”

“So fraught.”

“Nobody was going to acept my word.”

“No such plot to impugn.”

“Public outrage was palpable.”

“Conspired to damge the reputation.”

“Highly contentious allegations.”

“Alleged a plot based on lies and perjury.”

“Range of judgment orders.”


“Ideal president of their imaginations.”

“Self-identifying intellectual.”

“Insists upon following women around with Jordan Petersen books.”

“Offer social-historical comment.”

“A purgatory of under-attended speaking tours.”

“Actively prefer the substitutes on offer.”

“Your first name betrays your generation.”

“Space-based assets.”

“Refrain from a public objection.”

“Offically I barely exist.”

“Behavioural agreement.”

“Social purgatory.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Space power.”

'Sherlock Holmes And The Sussex Sea-Devils' Quote:

“I did not kill him, if that is the implication behind your acrimonious tone.”

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Scary Books

Book Review: Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Reckoning

This trade paperback collects season 12 of the comic. I gave up on the comic long ago and didn't even notice when it finished with this story. This is also a sequel to 'Fray'. People act like Faith isn't the slayer and that Buffy is. Fray's useless vampire brother Harth bores and plots. Xander and Dawn have a baby. Didn't he die? Don't TPTB notice how ick their realtionship is? Xander coos over Dawn's milk filled breasts. Ew.

Oh come on. Why is Spike in Dawn and Xander's HOUSE? Giles is an adult again. Angel and Illyria show up. Buffy works with the police and is 30. Where's Gunn? Angel and Illyria are a couple?!? Oh ick. People babble about some movement/centre Willow set up. Wolfram & Hart plot. Faith shows up. The Mayor is back. People travel to the 23rd century and Fray is unwelcoming and Buffy is violent. Harmony shows up. Why doesn't Buffy stake her?

Harth has predatory glee. The future is a sleaze swamp. Harth is universally hated. Buffy assumes she has the moral high ground and likes to tetchily interrupt people. Buffy has a smug expression. The future is not fair and functioning. Where's Anya's ghost? Buffy is not virtuous. Where's Dracula? Harmony has slaves and nobody does anything. Harmony does exposition. Andrew shows up to annoy. He's to be a Watcher. Does everyone forget he murdered Jonathan?!?

Xander's still in touch with his awful family! Where is Robin Wood? Where is Kennedy? Faith says Buffy and the gang stuck by her – they never did! Why is the scythe Buffy's? It should be Faith's! If the future has changed, how does the fish dude exist? How can Faith join the police? There will be an SFPD supernatural division? Where's Drusilla? Things come to a happy ever after. People get along reasonably amicably and there is a compulsory 'family' gathering. TPTB give Buffy incredible resilience and strength of character. There is a ferocious final fight. There is no war weariness. This was very good wrap up, naturally TPTB are doing a reboot.

Best Lines:

“The last stand of the last slayer.”

“Vague and unreliable as legends are.”

“Exist forever in untold agony.”

“Fifth Element Barbie--”

“Phones keep changing. It's confusing.”

“It's a big bad team-up. Seen it before, sqaushed it before.”

“Your dystopian Y.A novel of a world!”

“Whatever it is, I've got it coming.”

“Let them come! And let them fall!”

“Probably went back to Boston and pahked cahs.”

“You went to hell and never came back.”

“The three of you should get real and just embrace polyamory.”

“Never did anything interesting again, far as I know.”


“Nerd Dracula.”

“You will want to come for me. Do not.”

Kylo Ren

Movie Reviews: The Boss + The Football Factory + Mongolian Death Worm + Radius

The Boss (2016)

There are hoochies dancing, a stage entrance on an phoenix and a bad wig after an unwanted child grows up into a tastemaker. Kristen Bell runs around. Michelle the vile woman/tastemaker is arrested. The dude from 'Reaper', 'Invasion' and 'Tucker and Dale vs Evil' lurks. This was inordinately unfunny. Melissa McCarthy comedies are a declining trend. A PA (Bell) goes from dealing with Michelle's unmangeable demands to having her move in. Michelle faces condemnation and the 'Game Of Thrones' midget. There is a street brawl over brownies.

Best Lines:

“Families are for suckers.”

“That sounds false.”

“Not a cheese found in nature.”

“I can see your vagina.”

“I hope he's alseep.”

“Never be invited into my basement.”

“Aren't you charming for yelling that out on the street.”

“Nobody likes you.”

“Pity's all you've got.”

The Football Factory (2004)

Professional geezer Danny Dyer stars in this tale of a football hooligan. Dyer lives for violence and alchol and even being beaten half to death in a dark tunnel with a brick won't make him change. This was try-hard.

Best Lines:

“With parents like that he was never going to end up in Greenpeace.”

“Glue and hate.”

Mongolian Death Worm (2010)

Giant worms are man's avowed enemy. Sean Patrick Flanery and Victoria Pratt star and show why they are increasingly forgotten figures.

Radius (2017)

Diego Klattenhoff of 'The Blacklist' stars as a Typhoid Mary. I tried to care but couldn't.


SeaQuest DSV 1x21+The Invaders 2x21&2x23&2x24+Star Trek Enterprise 4x19+ 3 others

Such Great Patience

An earthquake reveals an an alien spacecraft, that must be a million years old. Roy Scheider, Stacy Haiduk, Don Franklin, John D'Aquino, Royce D. Applegate and Stephanie Beacham star. The captain is very tanned for a submarine captian. This ep seems like a ripoff of 'The Tommyknockers'. Darwin the talking dolphin can speak alien?

W. Morgan Sheppard and Dustin Nguyen guest star. Various crew members are off loaded. Krieg is cute, naturally TPTB ditched him when the show was retooled for season 2. Lucas and his 90s haircut lurks with impunity. He doesn't ooze gratitude for the privilege. People look orange and the aliens breathe weird air. An alien hologram shows up.

The aliens make a promise and the aliens communicate with Darwin as 'Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home' is ripped off. This was okay. The alien ship disintergrates. SeaQuest looks like a turd. There are clunky tech and dated VFX. There is a violation of regs and the aliens come from galaxy M-100 which is 40 million light years away which can apparently be reached by a blackberry Lucas built.

Best Lines:

“Spend millions developing an alien encounter programme.”

“His generation grew up expecting this.”

“Fire star.”

“We will come again.”

The Peacemaker

David Vincent attempts to enlist allies in high places and needs a fundamental culture shift to make people accept the aliens existence. What do the aliens call themselves? Will DV ever be seen as reputable? There is no potential chaos. A man wants peace. A doomsday weapon is threatened. A man would rather blow up Earth than share it with aliens. There are no politics of engagement as talks are discussed as is relationship building.

A not so friendly man lurks. There are vicious politics, an uncaring wife and there is no credible policy to bring down the alien. The aliens have a spirit of invincibility and are without the slightest qualm of conscience. Accusations are hurled and a stupid woman is stupid. There is self-serving waffle. There are no dramatic scenes or global scrutiny of the aliens. The stupid annoying woman is stupid and annoying.

Best Lines:

“Who they are and what they are.”

“About to be found dead in my own bed.”

“It's insane to want war these days!”

“Rigidly defned cirumstances.”

“Accident factor.”

“Fine, fine work for Mr Vincent.”

“I'm not a dramatic man.”

“You must without argument.”

“Beings who bear us great malice.”

“Is that a threat Mr Vincent?”


The Miracle

Where's 2x22? And 2x20? Barbara Hershey and Edward Asher guest star. A girl (Hershey) sees what she thinks is a miracle. There are fantastical lies, exasperated glazed over looks and David Vincent has a lingering grudge against the alines. DV manhandles the teen girl. This ep was objectively terrible. A priest yells at the teen girl. There is unnecessary drama. There is no stylized grit in this mind-numbing ep. Where did DV get a gun?

Best Lines:

“She was no good!”


The Life Seekers

Barry Morse and Diana Muldaur guest star as 2 aliens who want David Vincent's help. Aliens shoot a policeman and David Vincent is a famous crank. This was grim looking and full of joyless ugliness. DV kidnaps a cop. This was ridic.

In A Mirror Darkly Part 2

The crew put on some 'TOS' uniforms. MU Archer is horrified that 2 planets were named after Archer who was honoured and loved. FFS. MU Archer overacts. The Terran Empire heads toward a catastrophic future. A Gorn attacks. Poor MU Reed is blown up. MU Soval lurks. The Terran Empire has freedom from consequence, for now. There is wildly bad overacting in this terrible act. MU Hoshi and MU T'Pol have a bad knife fight. This ep was awful. Why did MU Reed have such complete devotion to MU Archer? MU Hoshi and MU Mayweather take over the Empire.

Best Lines:

“Empress Sato.”

“Humanity will pay for its arrogance.”

War Of The Worlds 1x14&1x15

He Feedth Among The Lilies

Richard Chaves is the sole highlight of this show. Harrison is infuritating as the aliens implement aggressive aggravating plans. This is not transgressive or provocative. There is no moral courage. People claim aliens experimented on them. This was stale and generic and miserable. Ironhorse makes logical suggestions that are ignored. This was not solemn or serious. A woman talks about being violated by aliens in a park. Were TPTB doing a tastefree homage to the Central Park case? The woman is sad and wan and miserbale. Harrison exploits her. This was unconvinving and wholly implausible and dismal and meaningless. The ep ends with the traumatised woman being carried off and no moral victory. The downer ending leaves Harrison sad.

Best Lines:

“I love pgymy music.”

“I put on my walkman.”

“Violation nightmares.”

“My walkman's gone.”

The Prodigal Son

John Colicos guest stars. Harrison gets smacked in the face by an alien artist. There is torment and anguish. The alien reveals his race's name and says 5 million more are coming and why they invaded. This was not good.

Best Line:

“A world you don't deserve!”

Z Nation 5x13

The End Of Everything

The final ever ep. Warren and her gang murder humans on behalf of talkers. Warren reunites with the ex she tried to murder. Altura has a battery. Warren and Addy want to save the talkers and doom humanity. Warren and George nearly let Pandora doom Altura. FFS. Pandora changes her outfit for a fight with George. Seriously what is TPTB's obsession with George? She's ruined the show. 10K does nothing. We see Pandora's face. Why doesn't Waren die after being shot? Oh she's dead and a talker and has been all season. What about 10k after all that happened to him in season 3? The SJW agenda ruined this show. Red gives Murphy Sun Mei's brain. FFS. This was rushed and why was Murphy cackling like a loon in the final scene? This was catastrophically wrong. Are Red and 10k still an item?

Best Lines:

“The dead will be all that's left!”

“Wander the earth doing random good deeds.”

The Stand (1994) Part 4

The Stand

Nadine and Harold head West to join Flagg. They apparently have no supplies and Nadine is on a pink Vespa. Flagg gets rid of Harold and sends him down a ravine to die. Nadine leaves Harold to die as she broods in her full makeup and 90s outfit. How are there phones? Dayna shags Lloyd for info. The judge is shot. Julie (and her 90s club kid attire) laughs like a mad harpy. Why do they follow tin god Flagg? Why is Dayna dressed like a showgirl? Dayna kills herself. Stu insults dead Harold. STFU Stu. Nadine changes outfit and has to walk to meet Flagg. Trash cracks up. Nadine is ruined and killed by Flagg after he has a full on Kylo Ren style tantrum. The final confrontation with Flagg has an actual hand of god. This was rubbish. Stu falls down a hill. Whhaaa.

Best Lines:

“God have mercy on his poor excuse for a soul.”


“We are dead and this is hell.”

"Your time will end."

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