May 31st, 2018

Illya K

Book Reviews: Such Things May Be, part 4

Such Things May Be: Collected Writings by James Wade, part 4

The Scowler
This is an extremely racist tale told with a lamentable lapse of taste. It is also homophobic and written with sinister nonchalance. It is way way worse than it sounds.

Best Line:
Battalion commissioned officers who outside the military, would be lucky to get jobs as hotel lavatory attendants or bully-boys in public mental institutions.”

Among The Sand Dunes At Crane Rock Point
WTF is this?

Three Sonnets By H.P Lovecraft For Voice And Piano
Badly photocopied wannabe intellectualism.

Film Review: Spirits Of The Dead
From 1970 came this sexist review that is profoundly humdrum.

Review: Mulligan, Come Home
From 1970, comes this incoherent review of a short story set in the sci-fi year of 2002! It’s sexist and charmless.

Book Review: The Green Man
From 1970, an awfully stupid review of the Kingsley Amis’ novel (I saw some of the TV adaptation) about folk horror.

Film Flam
From 1971, another film review that shows how ill-suited Wade is to writing.

My Life With The Greatest Old One
From 1972, the author ego strokes himself and shows no understanding of the future of weird fiction.

The Mass Media Horror
From 1971, Wade writes a generally disapproving list of possible Lovecraft adaptations.

Lunch With Mr. Bloch
From 1972, a movie review. Wade never seems to have heard of the word anthology and always writes with reverence for himself.

Review: Lovecraft’s Follies
From 1972, a book review that shows how Wade is mystified by people who don’t write like him.

Book Review: Selected Letters III
From 1972, Lovecraft’s racism is shrugged off. You get the feeling Wade is furious he didn’t get to edit Lovecraft’s letters.

Book Review: The Collected Ghost Stories Of Oliver Onions
From 1973, a badly punctuated review that manages to be racist. This is an intensely frustrating review of an intriguing sounding book.

Film Review: Don’t Look Now
From 1974, Wade’s arrogance and stupidity while dialled down is still present.

Arkham House: Promise And Performance
From 1977, Wade reviews a far superior writer’s fascinatingly repellent book. Homophobia creeps in again as a smug thrill.

Book Review: The House Of The Worm
From 1976, Wade damns with faint praise another author.

A Sense Of Otherness
From 1975, Wade has no concept of othering. This was demoralising.

Book Review: Kecksies And Other Twilight Tales
From 1977, Wade’s horrible writing makes a review of a disturbingly compelling stories sound dull.

Book Review: Interview With The Vampire
From 1977, Wade has no concept of spoilers and he gives away the entire plot. This review is a direct affront to Rice. Wade must be afraid his position in the world could be usurped by Rice.
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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Supergirl’ 3x21 promo
Kara buggers off to the moon leaving Reign to rampage, selfish cow.

‘Westworld’ 2x07 promo
There is darkness, dust, mumbling, dramatic music, guns and sheets. Ford is alive?

Best Line:
“Bleed like you.”

‘Designated Survivor’ promo

‘A Very English Scandal’ promo
“Awful men.”

‘Blindpsot’ promo

Who saw ‘In The Line Of Duty: Ambush In Waco’ (1993)?

How is Darth Maul in ‘Solo’?

Who saw ‘Straightheads’?

Maggie and Rick are leaving ‘The Walking Dead’! Yay!

Cockroach milk is a thing?

They’ve made jewellery from the Mount St Helens eruption?

I don’t think I’ll read ‘Dracula: Prince Of Darkness’ or ‘The Conspiracy Files’.

I won’t review ‘The Americans’ 5x12 ‘The World Council Of Churches’ or ‘Doubt’ 1x12 ‘Running Out Of Time’.

I will review ‘Harvest Home’.

I want to read ‘Warrior Fantastic’.

‘Roseanne’ cancelled. FFS.

Is ‘Solo’ a flop?

WTF is parrot fever?

There is to be a ‘Young Ones’ documentary.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Whore face.”

“Verbal assault.”

“Do exotic dancing and provocative webcam videos from her bedroom.”

“Runs back to the chaos.”

“Smoke spice.”

“Emotional rages.”

“Felt very abandoned.”

“Dates these horrible men.”

‘TheWashingtonPost’ Quotes:
“Became shorthand for terrible.”

“Remember being funny? Maybe you could try that again.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:

“Strong social and linguistic community.”

“Alcohol-related presentations.”

“Urge incontinence.”

“Spuc off.”

“Food crises.”

“If only the adults in his life hadn’t been so inexplicably, unforgivably, incomprehensibly clueless and/or indifferent.”

“Sowing violence with words.”

“Freedom of conscience.”

“Ethically necessary.”

“Their voices were very loud initially but they’re not so loud now.”

‘Aertel’ Quote:
“Planning not to fail.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Continuing intimidation, threats and lies.”

“Prophet of dystopia.”

“Stand by your words.”

“No longer confident of that conclusion.”

“Prevent a prime minister acting so recklessly again,”

“We are not going to tolerate unethical people.”

“Dead to all that makes life worth living.”

“Personal custodianship.”


“So damaging to city vitality. They are locked, gated and family-hostile.”

“Culturally invisible.”

“Failed liberal cities.”

“Hammers on the big bell of relevance.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Not wish to be contacted.”

‘Gotham’ Quotes:
“This is a low rent neighbourhood for you.”

“Thriving with your current life choices.”

‘Supernatural’ Quote:
“Don’t screw with me worm.”

Sky & Telescope’ Quotes:
“Try as we might to deliver them in clear, accessible prose, some feature articles even in S&T can feel arcane to those new in the field,”

“Neutron-star merger.”

“Triggered the extinction of the dinosaurs (and much else).”


“The last great age of pre-telescopic astronomy, the world wrestled with the heliocentric cosmology proposed by Copernicus. To challenge the Earth-centred views of Ptolemy was not only intellectually daring, but also mortally dangerous.”

“Intergalactic wanderer.”

“Astronomy was about to reach down to Earth and reset the course of evolution.”

“Coal swamps.”

“Millipedes 7 feet long.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Sami runs around James’ flat. Marnie has had some hideous interior decorating done. Ste is common. Myra dresses like a French maid. Dreadful decisions are made. Are the writers on tar?

Best Lines:
“Is that a working class expression?”

“Have you any self respect?”
Scary Books

Timeless 2x09 + Century City 1x07 + Quantico 2x16-2x20 Reviewed

The General
A civil war general (for the Confederacy) is a Rittenhouse plant. Emma bangs the boring big bad. Wyatt is dumb and whines about his pregnant wife who is obviously evil. Wyatt is the most selfish stupid tool. There are negative consequences to Jessica being around. Rittenhouse target Harriet Tubman.

Wyatt screams at Lucy. People keep things from Flynn. Wyatt is awful and uses the name Rhett Butler. The civil war rages, slaves escape and Jessica is an obvious lying liar who lies. Rufus learns someone else has visions. Jessica steals the lifeboat and proves she is evil. Like duh. This was dull.

Best Line:
“Cult loving sociopath traitor.”

“Forbidden colours.”

The Haunting
A woman (Megan Ward of ‘Dark Skies’) mumbles about her dead husband not being dead but living on in an AI. Of course the term AI is not used. People mumble about the AI being intellectual property without using that term either. Meanwhile the sexist annoys and an incel whines about not getting any vagina due to his mother (Adrienne Barbeau).

The widow has an ugly hair cut. People have PDAs. The lawyers claim the dead husband AI is sentient and has rights, like animals have rights. The incel’s mother is vile. Phonebooks and livestreaming are mentioned, though the phrase livestream doesn’t seem to exist in this form of 2030.

The Turing test isn’t mentioned. The incel’s mom has 90s hair. People use really dated tech talk. No tension is slowly ratcheted up. There is bad acting and this show has no dramatic foundation. It’s said the dead husband did a brutal creation of an AI so he didn’t have to deal with his wife. There is ageism and discussion of photofilters and this is not uncompromising and there is an impossibility of mercy. This shows the sexist extreme bleakness of US TV.

Why would somebody run into a bookstore to download a journal? The widow’s dead husband AI wants her to put her life on hold to stay with him. Is Nestor’s character called Tom? TPTB make the incel’s mother like Barbara Daly Brekeland. The widow changes her mind. This was rubbish.

Best Lines:
“A portal of disease.”

“Got a C+ in estate law.”

“Lacks independent violation.”

“Nano tubes.”

“Spoiled children fighting over whose going to inherit the summer house.”

“Call that thing human”


Lydia’s in jail? Where is Dayana? Ryan wears cargo shorts and lies. Shelby mentions her fake sister. Harry is sexist and has no learned maturity and refuses to accept sense. Clayton whines. There are fraught exchanges and hurtful situations. Things aren’t harmonious. Nothing is gloriously risky.

Harry makes ultimatums. The annoying reporter annoys. Clayton’s bimbo fiancée is not into wellbeing support. A socialite is a figure of terror but not really. Owen uses the term sinister force. This ep is ancillary. Sebastian resurfaces. A sniper attacks. There is odd coloured blood. Clayton’s fiancée sneers about him not meeting her needs. She’s a judgemental fanatic. Alex is self doubting.

Best Lines:
“You say that like I’m the one that keeps leaving.”

“Her taste, personal network and dinner parties are legendary.”

“Focus on what the lie gets you.”

“Harry’s a trained assassin. He is the danger.”

“You make the worst decisions.”

Has anyone noticed Leon is dead? What is up with Harry? A baddie is referred to as The Sith Lord. Where is Clayton’s Secret Service protection? His mother is the POTUS! There is no sincere compassion. The gorgeous Jon Kortajanena guest stars. There are untidy lives and potentially damaging incidents. There is twin trouble and moral ambiguities.

Who came up with The Collaborators name? There is no moral force or self-reflection. Clayton has palpable vein popping fury. This ep was sanctimonious. Where is Dayana? The last bastion of sense collapses. Is Harry in the far from tender hands of the AIC? Oh who cares? Leon’s dead. Does anyone care? Where is Miranda? Is Felix (Kortajanena) trustworthy? Was there car product placement? The whiny reporter whines.

People are bitter and ungrateful. Writer tracts are spewed. A twin has barely contained rage. People and the plot are marinated in delusion. Shelby wears an ugly pink trouser suit. There is moral indignation. Ryan sneers and the reporter is a spy, like duh. There is another frame-job. Ryan is an ass. This was okay. The twins switch places. Sebastian lurks. Where is Will?

Best Lines:
“All I need is a 90 minute massage and 6 hours at the gun range.”

“What and who should we fear and why?”

“Cache ping.”

“Countries of concern.”

“Beneath my mistakes.”

“You right wing sellout!”

“What ‘Black Mirror’ episode did we wake up in?”

“I’m not sorry.”

Caleb’s back. Alex trains Owen. WTF? The annoying reporter annoys. Ryan is a burk. Marcia Cross guest stars. Clayton whines. Nothing breaktakingly shocking or pessimistic happens. The baddies elevate tensions and people make very poor decisions. There are dark warnings.

The very cute Felix gets close-ups. Miranda is in Cleveland. The suspected big bad makes his case in a very reasonable manner. The annoying reporter violates perceived moral boundaries. Owen and Sebastian brawl. Sebastian’s not a baddie - just driven exorably insane and revenge has consumed him body and soul. The reporter has tangible self-assurance. The baddie acts as a steadying influence.

A car bomb takes out the annoying reporter. The POTUS makes a dumb speech. Ryan can’t do an unthreatening demeanour. There is no moral courage. Clayton is secretly unconfident. There is no redemptive arc for Caleb. This was okay. Felix feels trepidation as the big bad Speaker purposefully menaces him. Ryan is thick as mince.

Best Lines:
“If you were a Navy SEAL, I’d be shooting rubber bullets at you.”

“Building to an endgame.”

“There are people who like guns. In a state with concealed carry laws.”

“Of course there’s a conspiracy. You’re here.”

“Nice monologue Michelle Williams.”

“I think I should go.”
“Good idea.”

“I never really liked you at all.”

The dead bimbo is the least lamented character ever on this show. Ryan’s creepy behaviour is sentimentalised. WTF is KeyViper? Caleb lurks, one wonders about the socialization process in their family. Shelby has slept with Clayton’s dead father and his brother Caleb. He reacts to her on that basis. Exposition is spewed. Caleb heads back to Berkeley.

Caleb perceptively makes a joke about Shelby banging his mom. TPTB wouldn’t go there would they? Fredric Lehen guest stars. There is no moral dimension. Owen plots to take down the baddies. Clayton’s fiancée works in an office with weird puffy wallpaper. Caleb does point out that letting a former speechwriter run a clandestine task force is dumb.

Where’s Dayana? People are unsubtle. The Speaker plans an oppressive doctrinaire future and baddies are beyond redemption. People mumble threats. There is no strong approval of this. Nobody is magnificent in their malice. No moral case is made. Ryan’s choices are powered by libido. Nobody cares that Leon is dead. Clayton and Felix sneer. This is not particularly compelling. The Speaker is played by the poor man’s Ron Silver. Ryan’s big plan goes awry. The taskforce is attacked. There are no backups. The POTUS is to be impeached. Alex goes undercover.

Best Lines:
“This isn’t an Agatha Christie novel.”

“Everyone loves a party even racist fascists trying to overthrow the government!”

“I’m failing.”
“Like Ben Affleck as Batman.”

“Go. No go.”

“I knew, I just didn’t care.”

“We’ve lost.”

Ryan and Shelby should be done after being publicly named in the media. Where is Dayana? Where is Sebastian? Where is Will? The CIA dude (Henry Czerny of ‘Mission Impossible’) quits. The POTUS (Marcia Cross) is in peril. This was good. Alex is giving reading material as she joins the AIC. This seems somewhat similar to ‘Designated Survivor’. Ryan is an arse.

Ryan and Clayton have forceful responses and this is a surreal manifestation of the libtard agenda. The cultural narrative is to change. Alex is sneered at. Her eyebrows and Kylie Jenner lips are immaculate. Felix is HOT. Clayton tries to be tough. Ryan screams. Clayton and Shelby plot, badly. This season has improved after sucking like a starving lamprey.

Ryan is a tool. Clayton loses Felix as a friend due to his lies. So much for his peerless reputation. I miss Ryan would go away. Things get grim. Mercy is less than forthcoming. Alex has to let a bad thing happen. The inevitable outcome happens as the Speaker becomes POTUS.

Best Lines:
“That man cannot take power. He cannot become our president.”

“His porn search history is vanilla.”

“Operating outside morality.”

“Post truth world.”