May 29th, 2018

Sergio Balleseros

Supergirl 3x19 + King Lear (2018) + A Very English Scandal 1x02 + Will (2017) 1x06 Reviewed

The Fanatical
There is idiot comedy and Kara makes everything insurmountably difficult. Stop lying you dumb bitch. This isn’t blisteringly brutal, clever or hilarious. Kara is perpetually surprised that Lena is done with her crap. Chad Lowe and Carl Lumbly lumber around. Lena’s milk of human kindness has turned sour due to Kara greeting her with hostility. If Reign is a World Killer than why hasn’t she done any World Killing?

Kara calls Lena her best friend and nothing is ever her fault and she berates James. Kara, stop lying. Alex annoys and fawns over Ruby, you’re not her mother! Mon-El is fawned over by Kara, everyone forgets Imra’s existence. James keeps his Guadian suit in a Catco elevator? A cult bothers people. Mon-El is a pernicious influence on the show. Kara’s lies are a cause of difficulty but she won’t stop lying even in the face of Lena’s withering distain.

James’ helmet flies off as he is being Guardian and the cops show up. Lena is done with the forced ideology of self-elected moral arbiters. Alex makes J’onn’s problems all about her. Will Mon-El take off his dumbass pimp suit? Winn is useless. Lena speaks to Supergirl with magnificent candour.

Supergirl babytalks and thinks she has serious morals. There is bad acting. The cult threatens to dox James. Kara and smarmy bastard Mon-El are behaving like trailer trash. Kara tries to force camaraderie with Lena as Alex does the same to Ruby. Mon-El urges Kara to lie to Lena. Kara calls Mon-El smart and tactical. James and Ruby have to fawn over Kara and Alex. TPTB have no moral imagination.

Kara’s passive complicity in the end of Mon-El’s marriage is ignored. Reign does cold observing. Kara has an unshakable delusion that Mon-El is a good man and that she loves him. This is not emotionally charged. Reign does grim assessing. When will Mon-El meet his reckoning? There is no moral arc. J’onn fawns over Mon-El and there are shoehorned topical resonances. I found this dull.

Best Line:
“Crack this planet in half.”

King Lear (2018)
This BBC2 production is a trimmed down modern dress version. Antony Hopkins plays the king who sees insult and threat everywhere leading to dark and disturbing consequences. Lear divides his kingdom among his daughters and mumbles. One daughter is cast aside and various characters mumble to camera and you’ve no idea who they are. Andrew Scott is in this as is Christopher Eccleston. I did not like this.

Best Lines:
“No less loving son.”

“Nothing will come of nothing. Speak again.”

“Therefore be gone.”

“I’ll not endure it.”

“Insolent retinue.”

“By day and night he wrongs me.”

“Vicious mischief.”


“His countenance likes me not.”

A Very English Scandal 1x02
Thorpe rants about the USSR and plans to kill Norman and drop him down a tin mine. Eve Myles of ‘Torchwood’ is in this. Groan. Norman marries and faces a hostile wedding toast. Norman has a child, but his self-pitying ego and grievances pile up. Thorpe takes grim pleasure in his vindictiveness.

Norman rants about his National Insurance Card and his awful wife is awful. This was not sweetly melancholic. Thorpe has disinhibition about planning retaliatory action. One feels waning interest in this. Norman’s awful wife and child clear off. Norman gets over it soon enough. Thorpe does fierce delivery. Norman spirals into despair. Sordid deeds are planned. This ep was not immensely satisfying.

There are causal cruelties and this was done in obvious questionable taste. There are dubious morals and Thorpe is very unpleasant and has malevolent distain. Myles prances around behind a thick rind of makeup and woollen socks. There is no grim reality and there is not much joy as women are disposable and Thorpe claims to protect public morals.

Thorpe continues to deliberately plan Norman’s death even as he is wildly successful and Norman is disconsolate, harangued, alienated and demonised. Thorpe is inherently cruel and icily polite as he does moral posturing. Thorpe has absolute unwavering determination to see Norman, and his desperate fragility who is really unthreatening, dead.

Norman wants to be heard, understood and vindicated. Thorpe has murderous intent and lives in a poisonous atmosphere where people follow his whims. Thorpe’s MP nemesis was Ian Brady’s defence barrister? Thorpe’s terrifying cruelty leads to a cataclysmic response. Thorpe’s stubborn pride leads to looming disaster. Norman’s uncouth antics go on.

One can’t bestir oneself to care. The years long conspiracy to murder is morally indefensible. In the 1970s Thorpe has been widowed, has remarried and messes up a chance to be in coalition government. There are bad VFX. Various dumb scumbags are recruited in a low rent titty bar to murder Norman. The deliberate process of planning Norman’s murder comes to a climactic moment.

People are stupid. The perennially media ready Thorpe has such a strong sense of certainty in his all-consuming and groundless obsession with wanting rid of Norman. Thorpe’s messianic tendencies grow. Norman’s poor dog is shot but he is not.

Best Lines:
“Men like him tend to be wrigglers.”

“Flagrant poofter.”

“Desolate affair.”

“I’m planning to vanish.”

“Arriving like a visitation.”

“Isn’t my chosen habitation.”

“People seem to hound me.”

“I’m sure he meant it in a jovial fashion.”
“Not particularly.”

“A gift for eliciting money out of people.”

“He’s getting married again.”
Oh good god.”

Something Wicked This Way Comes...
This TNT show has okay opening credits but not much else about this is good. This cancelled show tells of the life of a young Will Shakespeare. Olivia Dejonge of ‘Better Watch Out’ is in this as Will’s mistress Alice who wears a corset that looks like something off the reduced rack at Ann Summers.

Will has a son called Hamlet and his wife Anne Hathaway is staying with him in London with their children. Will is obviously annoyed by his unwanted wife and children. Colm Meany prances in orange bloomers as the owner of Will’s theatre. There is unsubtle religious hate. This was not endlessly inventive. Will’s wife and kids are morally obliged to annoy.

Tudor England has not yet built a society that functions for everyone. A riot breaks out. Will is not emotionally supported by his stupid wife. Will shags Alice. Women dress anachronistically. People are not interrogators of their own place in the world. The worst kind of things happen. This was not fateful. There is no social bonding. There is contemporary discourse and one is uncaring.

Who are all these people? A grim menacing type lurks as Will pants over Alice and ignores his burdensome bumpkin family. There are 2 song and dance routines to modern music. WTF is this crap? Will declares he loves Alice, as for Alice she is to be married until she messes that up. ‘Upstart Crow’ is better than this.

There is plotting. Urchins work in a brothel. Julian Sands plays an invalid bloke dying of the dying. Will shags his mistress and mocks his illiterate wife. Before he was Shakespeare, he was Will - indeed. Will is told to ditch Alice for her own good, which he does. The only good thing about this dreck was Marlowe (Jamie Campbell Bower of ‘The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones’).

Best Line:

“Sell your arse.”

“Player’s whore!”

“Beweep my outcast state.”
Scary Books

Movie Reviews: Paris When It Sizzles + 4 others

Paris When It Sizzles (1964)
Audrey Hepburn and William Holden shout mawkish sentimentality at each other and indulge in appalling behaviour. I regarded this with indifference. It’s full of quite nasty people and is all inadequacy.

Best Lines:
“Don’t editorialise.”

“Gazing at me in mute adoration.”

“Allowed to feed the giraffes.”

“Born too rich.”

House Of Flying Daggers (2004)

West Side Story (1961)

Pitch Black (2000)

Jeepers Creepers (2001)
Fallacious and ick.
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Book Review: Such Things May Be, part 3

Such Things May Be: Collected Writings by James Wade, part 3

Cotton Mather’s Vision
Dramatic events unfold in this short tale that causes stultifying boredom.

What They Said
This poem from 1975 reads like parody and there is no ingenious enthusiasm here.

This poem is unnecessary.

Night Shadows
One is completely repelled by this poem.

This poem is uninteresting.

At The Corner Of Walk And Don’t Walk: 12th Of Never
Space nonsense.

Sonnet 1948
This ‘poem’ is misogynistic, nasty, hostile, women-hating crap.

This 1970 poem is empty of meaning.

The Twilight Of Faustus
Editor Edward P. Berglund needs a lesson in editing. This is not worth caring about.

Sonnet 1949
This poem from 1975 proves Wade cannot write poems, this was not monumentally emotional.

Farewell In Limbo
One feels cold indifference for Wade’s dark fantasies.

Panels For A Nativity
From 1971, this poem is paltry strangeness.

Wotan Brooding Over The Ruins
This is bad ‘Lords Of The Rings’ fan-fiction.

Sauk City: Two Gentlemen Meet At Midnight
This 1977 poem is done with an annoying stylistic device that is hugely irritating.

In Memoriam: H.P. Lovecraft
This 1969 poem tries for chilly gloom but it is grindingly slow.

The Book In The Glade
From 1972, Wade’s wise-ass intonations are especially traumatising.

A Poem About Bone Cancer In Children
From 1974, this is transcendently terrible.

Shoggoth Victim
From 1976, this tries for gloomy and sombre but is just notoriously unpleasant.

Revisionist Sonnet
This dated pop culture joke is from 1976 and it shows.

The Sinister Sonnet
This mess from 1976 is of no cultural distinction.

H.P. Lovecraft, ESQ
This triviality and whimsical silliness is from 1976 and it is rather unpleasant.

There is no psychological complexity in this eejitry from 1976.

My Love
This corny and trite pap is from 1976.

Untitled Poem
This dreadfulness was from 1972.

This 1978 mess was not meaty or insightful.

This mess from 1976 was not marvellously bleak or grimly atmospheric and causes no horrific fascination.

The Commuter
This was not sweetly melancholic; I’ve no idea what this was about.

Tonic Triad
A dull tale of sordid behaviour.

Foreign Policy
A racist tale that is not thought provoking just ill-intentioned.

Best Line:
“Forbidden the men for sanitary reasons.”
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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘A Simple Favor’ trailer
Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively are BFFs. There are cops, cocktails, a missing woman, a huge closet, clothes, a car crash and violence somehow involved. Am interested.

‘Our Girl’ promo
The ‘heroine’ has had a load of obvious cosmetic surgery.

‘Hidden’ promo

65% dark chocolate & orange - yum.
Raspberry icing - nice.
67% dark chocolate & mint crunch - yum.

Rupert Everett is in ‘The Name Of The Rose’ TV show?

Don’t Simon R Green’s books get released in paperback anymore?

WTF is eGullet?

Who saw ‘Good Night And Good Luck’ or ‘Frankenweenie’ (1984) or ‘The Road To Wellville’ (1994) or ‘The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain’ (1995) or ‘Eat Drink Man Woman’ or ‘Keeping The Faith’ or ‘The Believer’ or ‘Chasers’ or ‘Miracle Mile’ (1988) or ‘Dark Angel: The Ascent’ or ‘Angels In The Outfield’ or ‘Being John Malkovich’ or ‘Down To Earth’ or ‘True Identity’ or ‘American Dreamz’ or ‘Did You Hear About The Morgans?’ or ‘Black Hawk Down’ (2001) or ‘Mermaids’ (1990) or ‘Madeline’ (1998) or ‘Prime’ (2003)

WTF is raw-cream butter? Or roast beeswax ice cream?

I won’t review ‘Gotham’ 4x08 ‘Stop Hitting Yourself’.

Who recalls Kosheen?

Recall ‘Brimstone’ or ‘The Riches’?

Joe Manganiello was in the Sam Raimi ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy?

Am doing work on LJ.

The Peptini is a thing?

WTF is a double blow dry?

Foot masks are a thing?

‘Primal’ Quote:
“Thwarted their rescue.”

‘Marple’ Quotes:
“Writing down certain matters.”

“Look to the painting.”

“The cryptic, intelligent ones?”

“They didn’t marry properly.”

“Have you been drinking again mother?”

“Why is everyone lying to us?”

“Would you go away please?”

‘DenOfGeek’ Quotes:
“Both does and doesn’t have power.”

“Making it all about the code.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:

“Tits out is not my thing.”

“Is tiramisu paleo?”

“We’ve lost our camel.”

“That’s a diabolical lie.”

“Cooked bacon and eggs for her husband in a Schiaparelli fur coat.”

“Began to learn about educated taste and behaviour.”

“Hostile filtering.”

“All your friends are married or have disappeared to the countryside to start a craft-beer business.”

“Disgusted with my person.”

“Justice seekers.”

“I am the enemy.”

“Burden her conscience in life and her soul in death, but thrice guilty are those who drove her to desperation.”

“Reek of sweat and garlic and view passengers with either fury or distain. They roll their eyes at seatbelts, see red lights as roadside decorations and alleviate the tedium of driving at 90mph by playing games on their phones.”

“Trap house.”

“Creative destiny.”

“Total collapse of community.”

“Life-detection systems.”

“I didn’t like him then and I don’t like him now.”

“Smells of old frying.”

“Portfolio career.”


“Every quip must be retrieved, dusted off and incorporated into the canon, with concordance and footnotes.”

“Has an entire walk-in closet for his extensive collection of capes,”

“Time poverty.”

“Wouldn’t have qualified as a problem in any previous century.”

“Life was rarely as effortless as it looked.”

“Spiralled into madness as the adults in his life stood by and watched.”

“Their civilization was highly developed but was almost extinct by 1100 BC.”

‘Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“Not to be believed or trusted.”

“Looked after and clothed and fed and sent to lovely schools. I brought them a house and all that tack.”

“Not met the one in New York either.”

“Stupid ex-wife.”

“For wanting a different life than the one she was born into-”

“Challenge his masculinity and render him powerless in his family.”


“Kitchen floor tryst.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Here I am bitch!”

“My mafia man!”

“To help things how?”

“Shooting up the bedroom.”

“Arrested 12 times.”

“Relieved herself on a police car.”

“Restrained by 5 officers.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“Gaining a reputation as a unreliable buyer.”

‘3News’ Quote:
“Concluded without success.”

‘TVNow’ Quote:
“Blamed for visiting it on the community.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Damaging a cultural artefact.”


“Family life was not enough for him,”

“I love the husband I used to have and not the one he became.”

“Taken their votes with them.”

“Poignantly ruined magnificence.”

“Conciliation committee.”

“Estrange them from their own lives.”

“As a defence for when the chainsaw came.”

“We must have looked like lunatics.”
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