February 25th, 2018

Kylo Ren

Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Electric Dreams’ promo

‘Black Creek’ trailer
Bad accents, bad acting and horrible people in the woods. This looks BAD with no existential terror.

Best Line:
“City kids looking for a highway to sex.”

‘Lost In Space’ promo
A modern new reworking of the family in space. They power walk very very very very slowly. We see J2 and Robinson ID tags. There is an annoying looking kid and crash noises.

Best Line:
“Danger Will Robinson.”

‘Birth Of The Dragon’ promo

‘American Crime Story’ promo

‘The Ice King’ trailer

‘Sweet Country’ trailer

Unpasteurised milk - okay.
Mint cup choc - nice.
Dark chocolate with mint leaves - good.

A 3rd ‘Jurassic World’?

Who saw ‘Crazy In Alabama’ or ‘Delicatessen’ (1991) or ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ (2002) or ‘Girl Fight’ (2000) or ‘She’s The Man’ (2006) or ‘Personal Best’ (1982) or ‘Stick It’ (2006) or ‘Ice Castles’ (1978) or ‘Ice Princess’ (2005)?

Recall ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ or ‘Three’s Company’ or ‘Smallpox 2002’?

Anyone else recall that 1996 ‘Third Rock From The Sun’ episode where Sally waits, waits, waits by the phone for Brad to call her and then kicks down his door, telling him she’s come to check his phone? Oh uncomfortable viewing and a reminder of the strong resentment caused by men who don’t call.

There will be a ‘Head Full Of Ghosts’ film?

I’d try pumpkin pasta.

I’ll review ‘Brave’ and ‘Happy Death Day’.

I won’t read ‘Rotherweird’.

Recall Fred Hanna’s or Greene’s bookshops?

‘Neighbours’ Quote:
“Provisional improvement notice.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Economic wasteland.”

“Hope and necessity.”

“On linear.”

“Pleasant-sounding aspirations.”

“Doctors are tools of socialism.”

“Aggressive managerialism.”

“Narrowly defined notion of self interest.”


“Irredentist ambition.”

“Regain the social influence they had once wielded, reversing a retreat from public life.”

“Truth decay.”

“Divisive cultural disputes.”

‘3News’ Quote:
“Bent on evil.”

Jonathan Swift Quote:
“When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”

‘American Housewife’ Quotes:
“Fallacy of the harm principle.”

“Sealed meat is good for 11 years.”

“Power swirl.”

“Throwing that frozen wash cloth at us.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Go ahead and admit you’re wrong now.”

“Asinine strategy of life.”

“Lying bitch.”

“Close her mouth once in a while.”

“Wrecking this family.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“His personality was not to have one.”

“Predated the arrival of modern humans by at least 20,000 years.”

“Cognitive superiority.”

“Homo stupidus.”

“Incapable of moral or theistic conceptions.”

“Not cognitively distinct.”

“A variant of human kind that as such exists no more.”

“Failed to live up to her potential.”

“Grim reading.”

“Aggressive control.”

“Troublesome journalists have a curious habit of ending up dead-”


“News fatigue.”

“Conform to public expectations of sweetness and femininity.”

“Sweat-inducing effort.”

“Believes in the motivational power of abuse.”

“Never shows the smallest concern or sympathy.”

“Non-trailer park attitudes.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Snow angels are not frozen hobos.”

“Can you describe your son’s skeleton?”

“Pretty close to riot mode.”

“Nothing good ever comes from trying.”

“Self proclaimed under-achiever.”

“Ponder a wasted life.”

“Tamper, teach, impart.”

‘While We’re Young’ Quotes:
“This is just like my record collection except mine are CDs.”

“When did ‘The Goonies’ become a good movie?”

“Their apartment is full of everything we once threw out.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“No place for piety.”

“Adulatory behaviour.”

“Profound respect.”

“Soviet vibe.”
Sergio Balleseros

Z Nation 4x06&4x07 Reviewed

Back From The Undead
Murphy is an unsolvable issue. There is a mention of Eerie, Indiana. Warren is crazed. How does Warren have false eyelashes? Murphy is no less odious as he lies dying. Lucy is shrill and contentious. Why isn’t Murphy socially reviled for all he’s done? 10k has murderous hatred of Murphy. Lucy ages. What kind of hospital did they end up in? Murphy is not truly tragic.

Lucy is not on a tragic trajectory. The gang encounter a Dr Caligari. 10k is not feeling the spirit of reconciliation and peace. This was not unhampered creativity. Doc goes hammer happy. Who are the latest lot of sociopaths playing deity? There is body horror and self induced trauma. This was not smartly observant and there is death.

Best Line:
“I’m getting fingered.”

Warren’s Wedding
The gang are in a grimmer predicament than usual when they encounter a gang of Insane Clown Posse wannabes. Warren shrugs and rap battles in her Elsa wig. The gang are bothered by the drugged out clowns, they aren’t a deadly menace. The baddies have menacing scowls and menacing leers.

This is not pure pleasure. There are wild threats and this was garish and scrappy. The baddies are quite difficult to manage. This was not refreshingly irreverent. This was unsatisfactory. But I suppose it could be worse, I could be watching ‘Troy: Fall Of A City’.

Best Lines:
“Nothing good comes of anything.”

“Broke ass ho!”

“Sounds like a lot.”
“All the better.”

“Drain the gene pool.”

“Dark carnival of mayhem.”

“It’s only set to wussy.”

“Get off me you crazy ho.”

“Say I’m right!”

“Stop trying to kill your mom!”

“This is bad, even for us.”
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Book Reviews: Sad Tale Of The Brothers Grossbart+Future We Wish We Had+Dead But Dreaming part 1

The Sad Tale Of The Brothers Grossbart by Jesse Bullington
This was a gross blasphemous tale of fairly repellent sexually predatory brothers who roam ye olden days with dubious motivation. This is a preposterous tale of murder, violence, merciless jerks, intractable conflicts, witches, sexual violence, societal problems and 2 ruthless and clinical perverts who take advantage of volatile issues.

This lacks real coherence and I hated this tale of merciless callous murderers who have a disturbing willingness to ignore reality. This is not a rarefied narrative of haunting discord.

Best Lines:
“Satan triumphant.”

“You undoing will become legend.”

The Future We Wish We Had edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Rebecca Lickiss
This 2007 anthology features drama filled dysfunction filled stories about the implied promise of the future. This is full of bad writing, horrible and toxic people and is fallacious and not morally complex.

Dead But Dreaming edited by Kevin Ross & Keith Herber, part 1
A much-hyped anthology of Cthulhoid fiction from 2008.

Epiphany: A Flying Tiger’s Story
In WW2, a pilot has to bail out and ends up somewhere strange. This has no emotive kick and is brutishly stupid and terribly melodramatic and pathetically mundane.

The Aklo
Chaps go on an archaeology adventure on a lark. They encounter diabolism in the desert. The hero goes mad from realising the malign legacy of what he finds. This was good as the hero goes from macho ideas to stricken denial and emotional conflict, regret, bitterness, anxiety responses, darkness and sadness. This was absorbing.

Best Line:
“Whose authorship besides is suspect and obscure.”

Bangkok Rules
A hitman feels poisonous rage. The hitman is vile and has never had a crisis of empathy in his life of low life thuggery. He has absolute unrepentance. Then he finds out what his boss really is and faces them claiming what was always theirs.

Best Lines:
"Coffin meat.”

“How many enemies does the guy have?”

“No semblance of social worth.”

Why We Do It
A woman visits a small town to witness their hick religion. Dark, mournful and harrowing things ensue in this short good story.

The Disciple
I’ve read this before. A student joins a very exclusive class of students. They have lethal intent and do disreputable and evil things. Troubling things happen leading to bitter dissolution. This was good.

Salt Air
There is no intellectual subtlety in this tale of shadowy conspiracies in an unloved and uncelebrated town. This leaves you with disinterest.

Through The Cracks
A man is appalled to see that his former college lecturer has become a homeless madman. He tries to help him which has shattering consequences. Good if over-explained.
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Movie Reviews: I, Tonya + The Take + 2 others

I, Tonya (2017)
This big screen indie film is actually the 2nd film to deal with the saga of Tonya Harding. The 1st was a long ago TV movie which was actually done in similar mockumentary fashion. This was okay but does not resonate on an emotional level.

This sorta bio-pic of the scandal hit skater Tonya Harding shows how she will forever be infamous for the 1994 attack on her rival Nancy Kerrigan. The abused redneck Tonya endures her demonic mother, a father who walks out, endless abuse, a foul husband and she’s deeply miserable and not aesthetically pleasing. She is however a great skater.

She faces moral indignation for skating to ZZ Top, her tacky costumes, frizzy hair and loud nail polish. Nobody has respect or courtesy for her even though she skated in 2 Winter Olympic Games. Her involvement in the attack on Nancy Kerrigan was career and life defining.

This re-evaluation of Tonya is full of sympathy and committed performances but does underplay what was done to Nancy Kerrigan. This was okay as Tonya gets no emotional succour from anyone and is given to venomous exchanges with everyone. Before he leaves her father hunts rabbits to make her a fur coat which other skaters mock also her mother throws a stake knife into her arm and insults her on her wedding day.

Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, Allison Janney and Julianne Nicholson star. The skating scenes are done well and there is a hilarious re-creation of Tonya’s ‘Rocky IV’ inspired training regime for the 1994 Olympics.

Best Lines:
“Skate wet.

“You don’t marry dumb.”

The Take aka Bastille Day (2016)
This film had very bad timing being released near a terrorist attack in France. This had gratuitous nudity about 1 minute in. A pickpocket uses and ditches women and steals. Idris Elba plays a CIA agent. A woman wears a bad wig and the thief steals a bag with a bomb which he tosses and which then blows up. Cue running around, people yapping in French and amoralism. This was an unproductive frolic that is dreary and hilariously pretentious. Has wilful disregard for sense or logic or quality.

Best Lines:
“Who you alone ascertained.”

“You were coming after me! Have you seen yourself?”

“You will not be missed.”

Stay Tuned (1993)
Good, the ‘Three’s Company’ skit is the best.

The Cutting Edge (1992)
No to this as a spoiled rich girl and a blue collar hockey player ice dance.

Best Line:
“Toe pick!”