January 18th, 2018

Scary Books

Before We Die (2017 - ?) 1x01 Reviewed

This Swedish drama leaves one unenthuastic. A female cop is a weathered observer of crime. She busts her son, Christian, as a drug dealer. A low personal accomplishment. She feels pitiable. The opening credits try for moody. 2 years pass. The female cop bangs a married man. Who is Inez, whom everyone talks about? A snotty woman with a supercilious attitude tries to get the female cop to retire. This was not intriguing or blistering. The married man, Sven, vanishes. What happened to Sven? Clothes shop workers look snotty. This was sorely lacking and there is no logical reason to care. There was also a less than stellar car chase.
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Illya K

3 60s Movies Reviewed

Dr Terror’s House Of Horrors (1965)

The Curse Of The Werewolf (1961)

Frankenstein Created Woman (1967)
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Scary Books

Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Supergirl’ 3x11 promo
Supergirl forms a team to stop Reign.

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ season 2 first look
Gagged Handmaids, Serena Joy sitting, the Commander, Aunt Lydia and the Colonies. Janine seems to have been sent to the Colonies. Where is Nick? What does June burn? Interested.

‘Evil Encounters’ promo

‘Sicario’ promo
Emily Blunt v the cartels. Josh Brolin is there too. Mmmm.

‘Arctic Murders’ promo

‘Requiem’ promo

Popcorn - dry.
Bacon - nice.
Apple juice - too sweet.
Irish Atlantic sea salt hand cooked crisps - okay.
Gluten free choc chip shortbread rounds - okay.
Pepsi - mmm.

I will review ‘Better Watch Out’ and ‘Shadowhunters’ season 2.

Recall ‘Being Erica’?

What is a cycad?

What became of E numbers?

‘’The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Moving closer to the finish line of its history as a print product.”

“Clouds she considered to be harbingers of evil.”

“Lunacy Regulation.”

“Live lonely lives of quiet desperation.”

“They couldn’t really play, which was part of their charm.”

“I was in a shop buying underwear and about eight people spotted me. I started running and after three blocks hid behind a skip.”

“Sitting among much older, very sick people with only Sky News as a distraction was hardly psychologically helpful.”

“1970s toys.”

“Rational discourse.”

“Woeful predictability.”

“Alarming ease.”

“Irrevocable lapse.”


“Shunned social contact.”

“Public disquiet.”

“If the inhabitants of the valley couldn’t get out they would all go bonkers from interbreeding after a couple of years.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Encouraging this type of behaviour?”

“Put in places with other bad kids, where all the bad kids go.”

“The spikes are said to have evolved to stop the dinosaurs from eating them.”

“Extinct in the wild.”

“Feeling the disgrace very keenly.”

“Thirst traps.”

“Fossilised attitude.”

“Not to have been listened to.”

“Dumped four tons of glitter on the dancefloor.”

“We pumped it into the sewers. You could smell it for two blocks.”

“In violation of the regulations by having a zebra in a club.”

“The animals would take dumps on the dance floor.”

“Least relevant Catherine.”

“Announce it would resign en masse if a queen of the Netherlands alighted on Spanish soil.”

‘Inside Number 9’ Quote:
“Listen to me bitch.”

‘Neighbours’ Quotes:
“Rough Trade’s over.”

“Totally into my urine.”

‘Millionaire Ex-Wives Club’ Quotes:
“A demonic building.”

“Socialite women who live glamorous lives in London.”

“Pleading poverty in court.”

“Branded a liar.”

“Far from given up.”

“Fantastically imperfect.”
Sergio Balleseros

Book Review: The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2017, part 2

The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2017 edited by Paula Guran, part 2

Seasons of Glass And Iron
An okay fairytale which is basically a MeToo tale. Two women have had bad social contact with those who can’t respond appropriately.

The Future Is Blue
There are painful reminiscences in this scifi tale. A girl faces needless abuse and different levels of aggression on a daily basis in a ruined world. The abuse is ferocious and persistent and way out of proportion to what caused it. She saved everyone to no thanks. This was very good and sad.

Best Line:

Grave Goods
By Gemma Files. I’ve read this before. Quarrelsome archaeologists conduct a discordant dig and face Lovecraftian horrors. This was excellent; there is no dignity, moderation or liberal values demonstrated in the face of unrepentant horror.

The Ballad Of Black Tom
A tale of the making of a monster. This has overpowering prolonged rage, destructive behaviour and certitude. This was a wholly unsatisfactory tale of macabre chaos.

Our Talon’s Can Crush Galaxies
A short and excellent tale of a harpy.

An Ocean The Colour Of Bruises
This is a hopelessly misjudged tale of zombies or something that is especially unsatisfactory.

The Iron Man
An incoherent tale of a future with a very different social structure.

The Blameless
A couple are invited to a teenage girl’s exorcism. This was deeply unsatisfactory.

By Stephen Graham Jones. A good tale of grief, resurrection and unfulfilled obligations.
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