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Movie Review: Avatar (2009)

Jake Sully goes to alien planet and falls in love with a blue Thundercat, turns against his own people, wages war, the end. The plot is flimsy and derivative but it looks good. Some of the SFX is amazing: the spaceship, the zero gravity scene, the hologram displays and the huge combat knives. But the storyline is nothing new.

The endless scenes of blue Thundercats going on and on about tree hugging and the hero making cow eyes at his girlfriend needed some serious editing. Also how did no Na'Vi ever have a wardrobe malfunction? The baddies were just bad, in fact all the characters are poorly developed. There was the evil corporate guy who seemed a direct copy of the evil corporate guy from 'Aliens' and the other evil guy who didn't seem to notice he was on fire at one point because he was such a hardass. In fact in one scene to how what a hardcase he is, he runs into a toxic atmosphere while holding his breath because why waste time putting on an oxygen mask when there is stuff to shoot? 

Jake Sully switching sides, betraying everyone doesn't seem so nice. Why the chief's daughter tossed aside her jealous warrior prince for Jake Sully isn't clear.  The trite song over the end credits was too much. This film was okay but the 3D gave me eye strain. The whole movie was anvilicious (especially the genius loci ending) but if you think about it the whole plot is way too similar to 'Dune' This was okay.

Best Line: "You're going up against gunships with bows and arrows."
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