October 17th, 2017


Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Stranger Things Season 2’ trailer
What is out there? Bad hair, photos, synth music, staring, Winona Ryder, guns, a catapult and Sean Astin. Mmmm.

‘Arrow’ 6x02 promo
Oliver lies, again.

‘The New Mutants’ trailer
This X-Men spin-off looks okay. People are locked up, there is an evil washing machine and faces in the walls.

Best Line:
“All of you are dangerous.”

‘Dead Snow’ trailers
Nazi zombies are larky! Allegedly!

‘Sorority Row’ trailer
“She’s rotting in a mineshaft!”

‘From Within’ trailer

‘Parasomnia’ trailer

Raspberry Ganache - yum.
Mango & Passion fruit - yum.
Red cheese - okay.

Anyone see ‘Assault Of The Killer Bimbos’?

There is to be a ‘Roswell’ reboot?

Who saw ‘Mickey Blue Eyes’ (1999)?

Recall the TV show ‘Cluedo’?

Guerra a muerte - war to the death.

Toddler tresses are a thing?

Who is the king of self-defeat? A failure at pretty much everything who leaves doors open, won’t recycle, whines and complains, obsesses over shopping bags and heavy breathes? A jackass that’s who. A jackass who shrugs off storm warnings and throws away steak and whines. Nobody cares about his rack of lamb! What sort of idiot waves around a frying pan full of boiling oil? He does! Who whines about papers? Who is not a claming presence? Who whines about helping a woman’s disabled son? Who waves candles around?

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“I’m forcing them to listen.”

“I wasn’t prepared for the silence or the staring.”

“Not going to be as good as people think you should be.”

“Right posh?”

“Bout ye?”

“Of minor reputation.”

“Stories families tell themselves-”

“Still unsure what success looked like.”

“The bedrock of the British repertory.”

“Constantly in dispute.”

“Wrought with sound judgement and rigorous prose.”

“Key defensive attributes.”

“A clique she cannot join unless she wears a certain type of jumper or retweets a particular opinion.”

“A highly curated set of views and principles,”

“Throwback-themed products.”

‘Aertel’ Quote:
“Have defensive means.”

‘Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“Even madder than he already was.”

“Very public love life.”

“Regularly generates such bad press.”

“His subsequent career failed to live up to that early promise.”

“Continuity of care.”

“The end of his useful life.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“Making decisions that were highly original and occasionally disastrous.”

“Officially prescribed national taste.”

“Duly extracted.”

‘Russia With Simon Reeve’ Quotes:
“Tough blokes.”

“Cold tough reputation.”

‘Dark States’ Quotes:
“There’s consequences.”

“Not going to be pleasant about it.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Populate or perish.”


“Aroma of perversion.”

“It’s about what you look like and who sent you.”

“Lying, cheating, taking advantage, acting like a thug.”

“Trump getting into the Oval Office instead of Hillary.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“A dad band.”

“Erotic response.”

“Feeling very discarded.”

“Voice banking.”

“Avoid any sense of discipline.”

“Enlist friends to throw burger bags over the gates of his Mulholland Drive estate.”

“Wasn’t known for his restraint.”

“Too great a catastrophe for the full facts to be made public.”

“Damaging image.”

“Held working class people in distain.”

“Churning out lies about me and my family.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Baddest storm.”

‘Upstart Crow’ Quotes:




“Satanic conclusion.”



“Tufting muffle.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“Did you belong in the psych ward three times?”
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Scary Books

Movie Reviews: Dead Snow + Freedom + 4 others

Dead Snow (2009)
Ein! Zwei! Die!
In this Norwegian horror it is morons v the living dead Nazi bastard zombies. You did Nazi this coming! This violates the accepted canons of good taste and crap Norwegian music plays. The characters are Nordic carriers of liberal values and cause clenched frustration as they are unendurable and cause a deadening atmosphere that leaves viewers abject and desperate at their stupidity and vapidity.

This was pestiferous. The characters have inner emptiness and are not loveable idiots. A man mistreats a woman, nobody does anything. This film is pretty rubbish leaving aside the bad subtitles. The characters are all low-level unpleasantness, irrelevantly absorbed in themselves. 14 minutes in and the zombies who harbour evil intentions haven’t emerged with brutal force to do gleefully malicious things.

The characters are emotionally non-reactive and have totally irrational behaviour. There is causal sexism and a harbinger of doom shows up. The characters are comically aghast at the harbinger. He sighs at their awful eejitry. The characters are med students. Yeah, right. They’re tarred by a reputation for selfishness and are undiscerning. There are unpleasant consequences for the poor harbinger.

The wrongness of their life choices are apparent. 30 minutes in and still no zombies. The characters are greedy with no concern for a missing woman, there are no real emotional interactions and this leaves one distinctly unimpressed. They have moral bankruptcy. This was all inadequacy. An annoying fat bloke annoys. Why is it suddenly night and then suddenly daylight? There is large scale disorder and calm and composure are not valued.

A man bites a zombie. There is bad fight choreography. The general euphoria is soured. There is no assistance and this is not a mesmerising portrayal of zombies. This was badly edited, laughable and deplorable. A ‘heroine’ is a bird killer. Bitch. Someone gets a machine gun from somewhere. This was pathetically fallacious and unspectacular and dispiriting and it leaves the audience uninvolved. Combating zombies is futile. This was all confected shock and manufactured excitement.

Best Lines:
“How many films start with a group of friends on a trip to a cabin with no phone signal?”

“Events have occurred here.”

“I’m carrying a shotgun!”

“It sounds like you’ve smoked your underpants.”

Freedom (2017)
A documentary about George Michael. No.

Hot Shots (1991)

Hot Shots: Part Deux (1993)

Demon Knight (1995)

The Frighteners (1996)
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The Family 1x04 Review

Feathers Or Steel
The creeper has an overblown sense of his own capabilities and no sense. He has grievances. John the husband whines. Grant Show shows up as a politician. The vile reporter is vile. The creeper continues to seethe over his own poor choices and disowns his responsibility. TPTB have a weird message: sex offenders are to be pitied and abused children are not to be trusted. The creeper deserves to be viciously pilloried. Danny is understandably unpopular. The narrative direction of this show makes no sense. It is not a heart wrenching uneasy drama. The creeper is on about unfairness. The perv's wife somehow fails to notice the sex dungeon in his shed. Nina lies. Nobody is reasoned. This does not leave one riven.
To Light The Way To Bed

Book Review: The Bone Key, part 2

The Bone Key by Sarah Monette, part 2

The Bone Key
In this mediocre tale, the hero is profoundly disaffected when he faces the ghastly prospect of encountering long lost family members. His family have a disinterest in interacting healthily with one another. This was dispiriting as the family are thrillingly immune to disapproval of any kind being self-admiring joyful sinners. The hero is so damn annoying and one cares not for his familial disgruntlement and his relatives’ panto menace. This was pitifully twee.

Wait For Me
This is a good tale of a ghost, stubborn entitlement and festering thoughts.

Best Line:
“Assuming odiously and loudly for years.”

Drowning Palmer
This is a tale of a school haunting and of people who are horribly anguished and of people have disowned their responsibility. This is a tale of a grave injustice, an irrational and violent act and the morally imperfect meting out ill-treatment with dickheadery. This is a good tale with no moral absolution.

Best Lines:
“Dark-purposed conspiracy.”

“Whatever I was supposed to be doing, it was not here and it was not this.”

The Inheritance Of Barnabas Wilcox
This is a tale of a will, a shattering event, conspiratorial servants, stark horror and people left with no recourse. This was horrible brilliance.