June 25th, 2017


iZombie 2x04 + Doctor Who 10x11 Reviewed

Even Cowgirls Get The Black And Blues
I didn't watch 2x03. Raphael Sbarge is in this as a sleaze. Someone finally notices all the missing people. A former drug dealer is menaced by Blaine. Liv makes a big speech to Major and he shrugs it off. Blaine sleazes. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“That’s the smell of sex and self-loathing.”

“Sweating like a ten dollar whore on nickel night.”

World Enough And Time
Matt Lucas, another fake out regeneration and an appearance by John Simm that wasn’t a surprise as they put him in the damn trailer. This was okay. Missy prances and Bill gets a ‘Death Becomes Her’ style hole through her. Devious Missy isn’t inherently charming. The Doctor wants her as his slavering minion and doesn’t erupt in anger when she defies him. A dumb blue man takes up screen time and the Doctor is terrifically confident in himself.

Nobody conducts themselves competently. This was not a bit inspiring. There is moronic exposition from the sad dad haircut Doctor. This was mildly promising. Bill has haggard desperation as she waits for the Doctor to rescue her. Missy exudes venom. This is all quirsky smirksy passive aggressive tweeness. Cybermen lurk and are sheer unpleasantness and have the look of trouble about them.

There is moral idiocy and moral assumptions. The Doctor forgets his social responsibility and adds to his lifetime of bad choices. There is panic mongering and a gloriously pathetic plan. Time passes for Bill. The origin of the cybermen is shown. A man rails against perceived enemies and there is a twist. Mondas is mentioned. The Master (Simm) shows up. Bill is now a cyberman.

Best Lines:
“The genesis of the Daleks.”

“Not from earth at all

“What horror?”
“Mainly the tea.”

“Is burgling mask.”

“Always a scary thing with you isn’t there?”

“Big, even for a colony ship.”

“Trying to sound mysterious.”

“Loads of friends. Better ones.

“Are you having an emotion?”

“Nothing comes out of a black hole.”

“The pain will disguise the taste.”

“Our world is rust. Our air is engine fumes.”

“Operation Exodus?”

“The question you must not ask.”

“A world not made for flesh.”
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Trailers, Quotes, a 2004 Tape Tale and musings on issues 87-89 of Misty

‘Doctor Who’ 10x12 promo
Cybermen and John Simm.

Best Line:
“Stand with me.

‘Fearless’ promo

‘Haunter’ (2013) trailer
A ghost story that looks odd.

‘High School High’ promo

‘Music Of The Heart’ (1999) promo

‘Tarzan’ promo

Best Line:
“I hunted for you.”

‘Harem’ (1986) promo
No, looks an incoherent mess.

‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ (2004) trailer

Spanish Peach iced tea - mmmm.

Saw some of the inept ‘Poirot’ ep ‘The Clocks’ with Tom Burke. Dialogue was bellowed and it was all rancid joylessness and everyone had the air and look of an idiot.

I’ve been to the Pompidou Centre.

A possible ‘Watchmen’ TV show?

Recall ‘Head Of The Class’?

Recall Peri on 'Doctor Who' dying in 'Mindwarp'?

Anyone see ‘Escape From Alcatraz‘ (1979), ‘Lean On Me’, ’Red Scorpion’,  ’My Left Foot’, ’Stars and Bars’ or ‘The Principal’ (1987)?

Claudia Christian wrote a sci-fi novel?

There is another ‘Saw’ movie?

Anyone watch ‘F Troop’, ‘It Ain’t Have Hot Mum’, ‘Major Dad’ or ‘The Phil Silvers Show’?

Recall the 2005 ‘Casanova’?

I will review ‘Empire of Time’ and ‘Mad’.

I won’t bother with ‘The Green Hornet: Reign of the Demon’.

Recall the 2x05 ep of ‘MASH’ entitled ‘Dr Pierce and Mr Hyde’ in which Hawkeye is sleepless and attempts to drag the camp latrine to North Korea?

Recall ‘The Chair’?

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I choose not to know all the details.”

“Choosing your daughter’s demise.”

‘Sneakers’ Quotes:
“I want peace on earth and goodwill toward men.”
“We are the United States government! We don’t do that sort of thing!”

“You’re the guys I hear breathing on the other end of my phone.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Grass management plan.”

“Calculated theft.”

“Soldiers were brought in to de-ice Grafton Street.”

“He dresses like shop security from the 1980s.”

“Nobody wants you.”

“A woman displeases them.”

“Sustained negative campaign.”

“Regard a woman from east Galway as not being their equal.”

“Criminal origins.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Long-time consort.”

“Her father showed her how to make a knuckle-duster out of her house keys.”

“To ensure that his psychology is coherent and believable.”

“Is to be absolutely and unflinchingly the thing that the character is.”

“Face unspecified consequences.”

“Amorphous grievances.”

“The aura stayed around for a while. When it finally left, it was nice.”

“Cultural inheritance.”

“Morally alert.”

“Hollywood hobby albums.”

“Competitive lassoing.”

“Revenge evictions.”

“Smashing out the windows.”

“Risking financial ruin for your family.”

“Desperate to feel more special and successful than he was.”

“Completely controlled the emotional climate of the house.”

“Mystique-destroying internet.”

“Bus driver’s face.”



“Provincial crapness.”

“Event-based dosing.”

“I asked the vicar what he was doing there at 4am. The complaint was withdrawn.”

“One-time nemesis.”

“The surprising number of people who have taken a dislike to her.”

“Architectural terrorism.”

“Regretful scepticism.”

“So completely derelict.”

“Cardinal-like demeanour.”

“Extraordinary level of public ignorance and often actual hostility.”

“Stay ahead of public taste.”

“Complete dereliction.”

“An appetite, almost entirely unmet.”

“Traditionalist art critic.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“This is the Atlantic. From the other side.”

‘Versailles’ Quote:
“Your flesh eaten by the worms of tyranny!”

‘Girls On Top’ Quotes:
“The big red pee.”

“She’s not dead yet.”

“She knows this person.”

“Royal male protuberance.”

“Wonder no more.”

“All order in your life would dissolve.”


Cleared out a tape from 2004. It began with a ‘Jake 2.0’ ep ‘Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot’. The show had seriously 90s opening credits. Steven Williams, Mark Sheppard and Lochlyn Munro guest star. This was not resonant or promising. Soldiers have a lack of integrity. Jake acts morally irreproachable.

Then came an ‘Angel’ ep ‘Smile Time’. Angel is turned into a puppet. There is bad ADR, an evil kids puppet show and Spike shows up to lose a fight to puppet Angel. Nina bores. This was all implausible fustiness.

Best Line:
“I want helicopters and tear gas!”

Then came another ‘Jake 2.0’ ep ‘The Spy Who Really Liked Me’. Jake is over-emphatic. Jim Byrnes shows up. Jake’s co-workers are openly acknowledged to be hateful, gaffe prone berks who lack all common decency. Jake is a witless calumniser. The show begins its long journey to irrelevance with this ep of bovine stupidity.

Then came a ‘Smallville’ ep ‘Crisis’ in which Clark gets a phone call from the future. The Luthors are all glitz and greed. Clark’s issues are all ruinously self inflicted. He needs to do some self-examination. Lionel is in smirk mode. This was solidly mediocre.

Finally there is one more ‘Jake 2.0’ ep ‘Prince and The Revolution’. Kandyse McClure and Jim Byrnes guest star. People aren’t appreciative of Jake and he doesn’t have a sense of being needed. This had no nuance and Jake wants the world around him to adjust to his desire. This ep is universally loathed and it is full of outdated tech.

I read ‘Misty’ issues 87 to 89. ‘Monster Movie’ is an okay tale of a haunted house. ‘Witchfinder’ is an okay tale of a cruel man and the witch he encounters. ‘The Collector’ is an okay tale of an evil old biddy. ‘Mermaid’ is a tale of a nasty mermaid. ’Winner Loses All!’ is an okay tale of satanic show jumping. ’Art Of Death’ is a ridic tale. ’Hangman’s Alley’ is an excellent tale of a haunted house. ‘The Forest Of Fear’ is a silly tale.

Best Lines:
“That tripe wouldn’t terrify pussy!”

“There’ll be no more strange goings on in the gymnasium.”

“You shouldn’t have dropped that horse-shoe on Miss Simpson’s head, you know!”

“Witchfinder Iserre is coming - hide all the old women!”
Scary Books

Movie Reviews: Fury + The Purge + 13 others

Fury (2014)
It is April 1945 and a US tank crew fight fanatical bitter enders in the heart of Nazi Germany. There is mad energy by the tank crew who are impatient for success. They’re strenuous and shouty but this lacks dramatic tension. Germany is in desperate decline and it is a chaotic, terrifyingly apocalyptic hellscape and everything is all melancholy. The tank crew are a smug cold coterie with steely personal resolve. A young solider has his enthusiasm broken.

Best Lines:
“Done much killing?”
“You will.”

“No, you are not.”

“Surrounded by krauts.”

“Tank school.”

“They started it. We finished it.”

“What do I shoot at?”
“The Nazis.”

“Man’s justice.”

The Purge (2013)
It is 2022 and the New Founding Fathers have instituted a night where all crime is legal and people can unleash the beast. Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey star as the heads of a rich family who lock themselves in on purge night. Then a stranger shows up asking for help. The daughter’s moronic boyfriend tries to kill her father. A bad guy shows up trying way too hard to be scary. Ethan Hawke and co learn who they are in the dark. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I care. Very much.”

“Not built for worst case scenarios.”

Heartbreak Ridge (1986)

Best Line:
“The preferred weapon of your enemy. It makes a distinctive noise when fired.”

I Was A Male War Bride (1949)
Silly Cary Grant film.

Operation Petticoat (1959)

The War Bride (2001)

Bringing Up Baby (1983)
Hell no.

The Crucible (1996)

In The Name Of The Father (1993)

The Last Of The Mohicans (1992)

The Pentagon Wars (1998)
Okay TV movie.

Hostile Waters (1997)

Angela’s Ashes (1999)
Shamelessly wretched.

Angel Heart (1987)
A tale of malignity and bleak things.

The Ladykillers (1955)
Illya K

Book Reviews: My Favourite Manson Girl + Defectors + Worst Kids In The World + A Judgement In Stone

My Favourite Manson Girl aka American Girls by Alison Umminger
Anna feels everything is wrong with her life so she runs away to her sister in LA. But Hollywood isn’t an escape. It’s a place where everything is available and nothing has meaning. She is offered a job researching the murderous Manson girls for a dodgy film and she starts seeing unnerving parallels with her own life. This is an excellent tale of being young, lost and female.

Best Lines:
“The kind of pretty that turned a girl into prey.”

“If he had been born thirty years later, TLC would have given him a reality show, and the world might have been a safer place.”

“Tragic is interesting but only if there was no collateral damage, and there always is.”

Defectors by Joseph Kanon
In the 1960s Simon travels to Moscow to visit his brother Frank. His brother defected years ago and now has written a memoir and wants Simon to edit it. Simon is reunited with Frank and meets the small community of defectors who live uneasily in Moscow. Soon it becomes clear that Frank has a plan.

This is a good tale of deceit, weirdly limited social lives, a much maligned man, brotherly froideur, lack of contrition, intractable natures, a brother who draws judgement and another who struggles to make coherent sense of his sibling. This was done with a surprising degree of solemnity; Simon finds the defectors and the USSR to be poisonously bad things. The siblings engage in extensive debate but are unable to communicate or comprehend each other’s POV leading to tragedy.

Best Lines:
“How to be like us.”

“You don’t leave. Ever.”

The Worst Kids In The World aka The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson.
This 1971 novel sees horrible kids take over the school nativity play, they are badly behaved and out of control with an absent dad, a neglectful mom and an attack cat. This was okay.

A Judgement In Stone by Ruth Rendell
In this dull 1977 novel, an illiterate woman kills to keep her secrets.