May 25th, 2017

Pretty Smart

Book Review: Follow Me Down

Follow Me Down by Sherri Smith
Mia has to return to her small town when her brother, Lucas, goes missing. He faces judgment and is the prime suspect in the murder of one of his students. Lucas was a good boy and got a pass on everything, but not anymore. People like to point the finger. Mia looks into things but has neither the ability nor the appetite to find answers. This book starts out well as an expose of pastoral America. But it goes downhill with Mia’s self-pity, pill-popping and attention getting stunts. Also the big reveal is utterly ludicrous and improbable. I don’t care about Mia or Lucas or the formative forces that shaped them.

Best Lines:
“Swimming helps me mourn.”

“He eyed me in a way I didn’t like.”

“We were not a nice family.”

“He still thinks he’s the town darling.”

“Stellar parenting there.”
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Supergirl 2x21 + Black Widow (2010 - ?) 1x01 Reviewed

Rhea (Teri Hatcher) used Lena to build a stargate to invite the Daxamite fleet to invade National City. They really are a planet of jerks. Where is Max Lord? Lena will be a regular next season so I’m sure we’ll see Kara/Lena moments. This has no great intensity. Just fighting, dangerous consequences, emotional rhetoric and a toxic legacy. TPTB rip-off ‘V’. ’Arrow’ and ‘Avengers Assemble’. Mon-El is mean looking and shouting. Rhea is uncompromising. Lena and Mon-El are to marry.

James shows up and fake Hank is out cold. Where is Jeremiah? Kara whines about Mon-El. This was not of huge significance. Lillian Luthor (Brenda Strong) shows up as does the alien POTUS (Lynda Carter). People are smug. Kara needs a slap for being insufferable. Cat shows up. There is flat acting and stupid dialogue. The show’s tonal tightrope doesn’t work. I can’t stand Kara and her whining. Real Hank growls. The Phantom Zone is mentioned. Lena has to know who Kara is. Mon-El and Lena dress up. Cat makes false claims. Superman shows up. Alex is moronic, Maggie is useless and this was inane.

Best Lines:
“Everything I warned against has come to pass.”

“Sea of stars.”

“Setting up your rebel headquarters in a dive bar. It’s very French Resistance.”

“I thought it was the pot brownies, but now I’m realising it was actually ET.”

“I moved into a yurt.”

“Tiara woman.”

Black Widow (2010 - ?) 1x01
This okay Dutch drama centres on Carmen, a harassed wife and mother and sister who sees her gangster family not as a hindrance but as an annoyance. Her youngest son, Boris, steals his father’s gun to get some marble stealing bullies to give him back his marbles. The father, Frans, his brother in law and some others are crime bosses. Frans absolutely fails to appear friendly or competent. Carmen’s father has a bimbo girlfriend but his bitter ex-wife wants him back. Carmen wears deeply unflattering lipstick.

Carmen is not overly horrified by Boris’ acts and wants Frans to stop being a gangster. Her sisters and brother shrug. There is no position of stability. There is shooting, stolen cocaine and it’s always the unassuming ones. There is violence and smug confidence by insincere sounding men. Frans RAGES. There is purposeful brutality, blunt naked aggressions and a fist-fight between gangsters at a wedding. Frans offers to go, Carmen won’t go. Frans done fall down dead. So it seems Carmen will have to take his place in the family,

Best Lines:
“What you want is not possible.”

“For how long?”
To Light The Way To Bed

Trailers, Quotes and musings on issues 1-14 of Misty

‘Twin Peaks’ (2017) opening credits
I feel feels!

‘Nowhere Boys’ opening credits
Naff. Is Gary from ‘Neighbours’ in this?

‘The Blacklist’ promo

RIP Roger Moore.

Recall the original ‘Gladiators’?

Gary Lucy is coming back to ‘Hollyoaks’?

The ‘Dark Universe’ sounds crap.

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Food refusal.”

Channel 4 News’ Quotes:
“Doors flew off.”

“Hid under a bridge.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Ended up in a police exclusion zone.”

“A spirit that has risen again.”

‘Space Volcanoes’ Quotes:
“Magnificent desolation.”

“Lava remelted.”

“More melt occurred.”

“Cold and desolate.”

“Geologically inert.”

“But no longer.”

“Cryo volcanoes.”

“Microbes will inherit the earth.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Choose not to see it.”

“Learn how to accept.”

“Threw me into walls and broke pictures.”

“How I have to do this to survive.”

“Prostituting themselves on the streets of Hollywood.”

“Dresses like a slut.”

“A lot of weirdoes.”

“I really don’t feel like she cares.”

“Involve herself in my life.”

“You’re a drunk.”

“You hocked my computer!”

“Either pushing me down the stairs.”

“Why do you think I wrote the ‘Dr Phil Show’?”

“Stole my husband’s cheques.”

“Supposed to accept this.”
“How can you?”

“You’re not there anyway.”

“How I run my home.”

“Explain his way out.”

“Jeep whore.”

“Broad sweeping inconsistencies.”

“Steal admiration.”

“Elements that define a marriage.”

‘Dawn Of The Dead’ (2004) Quotes:
”No activity where you live.”

“We’re going to the mall.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:
“Space sniff.”

‘The Local Eye’ Quotes:
“Left his official media zone.”

“I gave up mass years ago.”

I read the 1st 14 issues of the UK girls comic ‘Misty’. The story ‘Red Knee - White Terror’ is about a girl menaced by a poisonous spider. The final image is memorable. These issues came out in 1978 and cost 8p! I would have like the Lucky Black Cat Ring that came free with issue 2. ‘The Family’ was creepy, with another memorable final image. One of the stories contains the newspaper headline: Pony Killing Horror!

The story ‘Paint It Black’ about a girl who gains artistic talent from a mystery Victorian girl grows on you. ‘The Cult Of The Cat’ was silly. ‘It’s A Dog’s Life’ was very good and centred on a malevolent spoilt pet dog. The serial ‘Day Of The Dragon’ was a tale of a magic mirror and reincarnation (either from 400 or a 1000 years ago). ‘The School Of The Lost’ intrigues, I’d never heard about that story before. ‘Was It Just...A Game?’ is about a girl everyone calls creepy and a witch and they’re right. ‘Journey Into Fear...’ is about a satanic car. ‘House of Faith’ was about a malevolent house and a girl abandoned by her parents. I’m looking forward to reading more! 'The Sentinels' about 2 grotty towerbacks that lead to an alternate world where Nazis won WW2 was not good at all.

Best Lines:
“Ugh! What a grotty looking old woman.”

“I’ve never been wanted here.”

“Do my vibrations deceive me,”

“Here comes the daughter of Doctor Who again!”

“How dare you insinuate my girl’s a mental case.”