May 18th, 2017

Sergio Balleseros

Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Star Trek Discovery’ trailer
James Frain in a bad wig as Sarek emotionally abusing Spock. This is 10 years before the Enterprise? McCoy should be around and why is Spock still a child? Ugly costumes and looks shiner than ‘TOS’. Klingons that don’t look Klingon. Looks okay.

Best Lines:
“I sense the coming of death.”

“Starfleet doesn’t fire first.”
“We have to.”

‘GLOW’ trailer
A take on the 1980s women’s wrestling phenomenon. A wannabe actress only has $83 dollars and so auditions for an unconventional women show. There are ugly clothes and no athletics. There is a robot and stereotypes. This looks good.

Best Lines:
“You’re reading the wrong part.”

“She might kill you.”


“Holding on to what’s ours.”

‘The Orville’ trailer
A ‘Star Trek’ like spoof. Idiots fly around on an exploratory ship with silly jokes. There is a robot, a shotgun, a goo dude and bad aliens.

Best Lines:
“Only urinate once per year.”

“We need no longer fear the banana.”

‘Reign’ ep ‘Coup de Grace’ promo
Darnley plots against the stupid Mary. Catherine sneers and is that Bothwell? Sigh. No Bash. Sigh.

Best Line:
“I am the rightful monarch of Scotland!”

‘Redwater’ promo

‘The Sum Of All Fears’ (2002) promo

‘Twin Peaks’ promo
The RR diner! And other locations! Creepy.

‘The Mummy’ TV spot
Tom Cruise and his fillers is bothered by a mummy. No.

‘Arrow’ 5x23 promo

‘Supergirl’ 2x22 promo

Almond Butter Botanical raw chocolate - okay.
Lime tea - okay.

I will review ‘The Handmaid’s Tale‘ and ‘Clique’.

Anyone see ‘The Power Of One’ or ‘Desperado’ or ‘The Mambo Kings’?

‘The Legacy Of Deeds’ has a cool cover. I want to read ‘The Haunting Of Torre Abbey’.

‘The Exorcist’ renewed. Yay, now must actually watch it. ‘Scream Queens’ cancelled. Good!

Anyone see ‘See No Evil’ or ‘Longford’?

I won’t read ‘Girlhood’.

I will review ‘My Favourite Manson Girl’, ‘Hearts and Minds’ and ‘The Best Horror Of The Year Volume 9’.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Dramatic manipulative meddler.”

“Pulling a knife on mom.”

“Passed out on the side of the road.”

“Came after me with a knife.”

“Really bad ones.”


“Attend welding school.”

“What would be the cause of action?”

“Possessed by satan for sure.”

“I also see spirits.”

“Bend my metal.”

“Two evil people staring at me.”

“Lying unconscious in a mall parking lot.”

“Useless to society.”

“Can’t understand normal thought.”

“You live in a parking lot.”

“No maternal nurturing at all.”

“Asinine strategy of life.”

“Looks down on our family.”

“Always interfering.”

‘TVNOW’ Quotes:
“Dubious fame.”

“Randomly losing her bra.”

“Show her gratitude.”

“I’m getting women whacking me across the head with handbags.”

“Truly monumental feuds.”

‘Ivanka Trump: America’s Real First Lady?’ Quotes:
“Isn’t necessarily a compliment.”

“Shape how they respond.”

“All 3 wives have been models.”

“Self understood.”

“Not exactly known for its faith. Of any description.”

“With great approval.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Form the capacity to have intent.”

“Not a good intent.”

“Did not want or love us.”

“Horrible brats.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Inconsistent promises.”

“Moral cost.”

“Poor life choices.”

“Cause concerns that are necessarily merited.”

“An ideology of stasis.”

“Too horrible to describe or even hint at.”

“Their presence on Earth could be regarded as an offence to the relatives of their victims.”

“Complain and make things worse.”

“Response is likely to be negative.”

“Denied entry to funfairs.”

“You stink, you live in a bin.”

“The contempt shown to the victims.”

“Doesn’t believe a particular kind of person.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Imaginary money.”

‘Strange Signals From Space!’ Quotes:
“The deafening lack of any signals from extra-terrestrials.”

“Treated with contempt really.”

“Hydrogen wavelength.”

“There are no emotions in science.”

“Post-detection protocol.”

“Some deeply strange observations.”

“Reservoir of molten salt.”

“Alien mega-structures.”

“Merger events.”

“Type 3 civilisation.”

‘The Boy On The Bridge’ Quotes:
“Burn shadow.”

“Active pursuit state.”


“Man-eating hobbits?”
Scary Books

Amerika (1987) Part 13 + The Blacklist: Redemption 1x08 Reviewed

Amerika (1987) Part 13
The finale. The old Soviet anthem plays as Orlov wears his uniform and stares. Then he rings his ex-mistress for some comfort. Peter plots and people worship Devin. I’ve unabashed contempt for Devin and his malign influence and rationalisations. Helen plots, who is Helen? Was the evil school principle in this? I don’t know. The doctor sneers. The brainwashed boy, Justin, is found. This was boring and formulaic. This was not energetic. Jackie (Lara Flynn Boyle) overacts. Why is Jackie ordered to show Justin her love?

Why are Russians badly overdubbed? Is this deliberate? WTF does Resisters mean? Peter’s wife is shrill. No normal circumstances here. Peter’s wife and Jackie leave. These people need a personal audit. Was this all a pilot for a TV how? A preacher preaches. This was utterly mind-numbing. The merely useless to the actively harmful scrag end Devin comes home. Devin’s evil ex rants about a strike and over-reacts. There is drama filled dysfunction. The evil ex has sinister intent. Orlov has a moral conundrum. This is all about the men.

There is staring. People yell and have wishful thinking and self-delusion. Devin has a cruel sway over them. Kris Kristofferson won’t stop talking. He has no good intentions. This (and he) was ineffectual. There is fighting and it has lost all semblance of logic and structure. There is yelling and death and orange foundation and fake blood flies. Peter is shunned by his family as he tries to talk sense into Devin.

Devin dies and becomes a martyr. Why? He was a moron who stared a lot. I have a special level of contempt for Devin. This poisonous narrative was as tiring as it was moronic.This had some good parts but needed better editing and writing. Sam Neill was the best thing in this.

Best Lines:
“I don’t want you to find me.”

“I’m not a part of this.”

“Nobody blames this on me.”

“The tide is turning.”

“I’m sorry they burned the house down grandpa.”

“They don’t understand what they’ve lost!”

“Experimental conditioning unit compromised.”

“Keep the game even.”

“Quiet, too quiet.”
“All small towns are like this.”

“Given them a respect for their father.”

“Anything you feel like doing is the right thing!”

“Believing we can still be Americans.”

“That madman.”
“Which one?”

“Under attack.”
“Who the hell from?”

Whitehall: Conclusion
This is the last ever ep. Scottie is vile and Tom has constant misconceptions. There is posturing and thoughtlessness by the terminal threat and unredeemed and unredeemable idiot Scottie. She casts a baleful shadow and has chilling arrogance. Scottie’s PA is a dumb bitch who can’t act. This ends on a cliffhanger. Will it ever be resolved on ‘The Blacklist’? Probably not.

This was irredeemably boring and I don’t care about the deceptive gigolo or Scottie’s PA. Are we seriously supposed to believe a bimbo who has been stabbed can fight and kill someone? There is a twist and a baddie has infantile dreams of omnipotence. Scottie has contemptible traits and needs objective scrutiny. There is ominous language and emotional turbulence. Tom isn’t very smart. This was less than flattering.

Best Lines:
“Smart glass.”

“They believe they’re doing the right thing. They’re not.”

“To those who stood against me.”

“Avoided being murdered.”