April 20th, 2017

Illya K

The Blacklist: Redemption 1x04 + Law & Order: SVU 18x11 Reviewed

Operation: Davenport
This ep had no life satisfaction or narrative tension. People escape from a black site prison. Everything is wrapped in artifice. Scottie acts in quite frankly ridiculous ways and has a general air of distain. She acts like she is increasingly unassailable. She looks for her son. Or the real Scottie’s son. Why is she so presumptuous? Howard babbles madly. Why did Tom run away from his adoptive parents at 14? Was he oppressed by domesticity or something? Why does Tom trust Howard’s judgement?

There is no real thought for the consequences of anything. Nobody has the highest ideals or planning or reasoning. One is mildly repulsed by the characters. There are serious rage issues. The plot centres on keys to the internet or something. This ep had no working narrative. There is no composition, depth or meaningful connection between one scene and the next. There is hinted at drug use and utter erosion of trust. Scottie meets fake adoptive parents. Why was Tom/Jacob/Christopher vanished?

Tom is nice to look at. There is no formidable presence here. Scottie’s manwhore cheats. What is Whitehall? The PI sneaks and this bored.

Best Lines:
“Probably won’t like you much.”

“I got the missile plans by mistake.”

“You lost him.”
“Not yet.”

“Ordered him disappeared.”

“Marginalise me.”

Great Expectations
A youth hockey team of 13 year olds are involved in bullying that has fatal consequences. Olivia and her orca sized ass is angry. There is ugly brutality, death and exposition. There is no Barba, just profound disrespect for parenting. A mother stands idly by as her cold and unfriendly husband rages. This was not good.

Best Lines:
“What are we watching?”

“He made us do it.”

“With guys like him you can tell.”

“I couldn’t stop it.”
Scary Books

Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Krypton’ promo
Kal-El’s grandpa and his wobbly accent whines. There is fake looking VFX, green stuff, a city in a bottle, silly outfits, a gold headed dude, a scar and no competence porn. Just improbable architecture, screwing and fighting. There is also unsubtle foreshadowing.

Best Line:
“Your birth world will be a distant memory.”

Doctor Who’ promo

Best Line:
“Me happy.”

‘Ever After’ (1998) promo

‘The Promise’ TV spot

Ginger chocolate - mmm.

Recall the Conger Eel ice pop?

I should have watched ‘Dictatorland’.

Recall ‘The Onedin Line’, ‘Howard’s Way’, ‘Brass’, ‘The House of Elliot’, ’Sugar Rush’, ’Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit’, ‘The Flame Trees of Thika’, ‘Spender’, ’Band of Gold’, ‘This Life’, ’The December Rose’ (1986), ’The Cuckoo Sister’ (1986), ’Running Scared’ (1986), ’Moondial’ (1989) or the 1990 ‘The Green Man’?

Anyone ever see ‘Widows’, ‘CATS Eyes’, ‘Bodyline’, ’Tutti Frutti’, ’The Street’, ’Lipstick On Your Collar’, ’Karaoke’, ’Cold Lazarus’, ’The Sullivans’, ‘Redcap’, ’Sons and Daughters’ or the 2004 ‘Blackpool‘?

Who else remembers ‘Juliet Bravo’?

‘JFK’ (1991) was not incredibly efficient. ‘Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life’ (1983) was okay as was the 2002 ‘Scooby-Doo!’. ‘Indecent Proposal’ (1993) was rubbish and the 1995 ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie’ was silly. ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids’ (1989) was okay and ‘Armageddon’ (1998) was trash.

‘Starship Troopers’ (1997) is a brilliant movie.

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Hard to see how there could be any rationale for this transaction.”

“Professionally damaged and compromised.”

“Words thus spoken cannot be recalled.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Avoid provoking each other.”

“Mackerel share-out.”

‘Chosen’ Quote:
“That whole serial killer thing that I saved him from,”

On ‘Neighbours’: why do people keep giving recovering addict Sonya alcohol? Steph rages at Sonya. Who is Angie? Sonya has grinding misery. Toadie’s hopeless tool brother Shane shows up. Nut buster Sonya is desperate. Toadie’s family want him to get sole custody of Nell. Sonya lies about her sobriety. Terese hates Gary’s ex. Shane stirs the pot. Mark and Paige move in together.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: the Nick plot drags on. Mac chokes up as James and Marnie make choices that have no fallback position. Tegan boned Nick. This show is goofy and stupid. Freddie puts on a tough guy face. This is blasé. Holly is dim and there is resistless fury.

Book Review: The Pandora Principle

Star Trek The Original Series 34: The Pandora Principle by Carolyn Clowes
This very good novel expands on the back-story of the complex and enigmatic Saavik. She exists because of the ill-considered deeds of others. Now when the Romulans launch an attack, Saavik has to foil their dark deeds with her own vengeful malice on the planet where her life began. One enjoys this as long as one doesn’t wonder about the logic.

This 1990 novel has message tapes and music tapes and ‘The Stand’ is ripped off. Robin Curtis as Saavik is on the cover, she will never be Saavik. This has a semi-sequel in the 2010 ‘Unspoken Truth’. The fact that Spock and Saavik later married is deeply creepy. This book has no K/S, little McCoy and annoying original characters Harper and Oba are annoying morons. This takes place before ‘The Wrath Of Khan’ and there seems to be no concept of security.

Best Lines:
“Amazed there could have been so many breakable objects in one room.”

“We’re off on some diplomatic errand - but I don’t see any diplomats.”

“It looked like Conklin tried to claw his way out the window. Poor Conklin. That window wouldn’t open anyway.”

“Cold and empty night.”

“Doors could be broken down.”