March 16th, 2017


Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Big Little Lies’ promo
Kind of great?

‘Knight Rider’ theme
So cool.

‘Once Upon A Time In Mexico’ (2003) promo

‘Awake’ (2007) promo

‘Jumper’ (2008) promo

‘Pet’ trailer
A weirdo stalks and things go pitch black crazy. Looks weird.

‘Under The Shadow’ trailer

‘Arrow’ 5x17 promo

Mint Belgian dark chocolate - nice.
Peanut choc chip raw choc brownie fruit & nut bar - nice.
Handmade lemon curd farmhouse yogurt - okay.

I will review ‘Rites Of Azathoth’, ‘Gentlemen & Players’, ‘The Void’, ‘The Master Of Time’, ‘Control’, ‘A Betrayal In Blood’ and ‘Nightstruck’.

I won’t review ‘The Flash’ 3x15 ‘The Wrath Of Savitar’.

I won’t review ‘The Best and the Brightest’.

B*witched are reuniting.

WTF are silent rings?

‘27 Dresses’ (2008) was wtf.

Recall ‘Higher Ground’?

‘Rugrats’ was naff.

Houseguest whines about a birdbox and Paddy’s day. He yanks open the dishwasher when it’s on and defends his crapulence and ‘wacky’ non-cooperation with inept intransigence. He tells us to stop snarling and lectures us on answering the door and uses a laptop he shouldn’t and may have caused issues with it. He makes a mess and is incapable of doing the dishwasher.  He made a production out of applying for a job; he breathes like an obscene phone caller and whines. He provokes violent annoyance and won’t leave.

Recall flavoured jellybeans?

Why did Kylo Ren go to dark side night school instead of justice and peace keeping with his rad laser sword? Why does he worship his trashcan grandfather?  Will ‘The Last Jedi’ tell us?

Anyone read ‘The Glove Of Darth Vader’?

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Refrain from excessive statements.”

“I didn’t like them, I got away from them.”

“Ostracised by members of his own family.”

“The reason why he was shunned by former friends and why members of his family told him they wanted nothing more to do with him.”

“Turned him away.”

“Good reasons for a newspaper to be apprehensive about accusing a bishop of fathering a secret love child.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Smoke heroin for 48 hours straight.”

“On his third liver at least.”

“Active farmer.”

“Intruding female.”

“Rogue falconers.”

“Too much inflow of ideology.”

“Striptease bookings in dubious pubs.”

“Threw a breeze block at her from a balcony.”

“Run out of Hull by the police.”

“Retrospective acceptance.”

“Hull hard cases.”

“Ornamental hermits.”

“Lax in grooming and willing to sleep in caves on the country estates of the aristocracy.”

“Who determines who is offended?”

“A time-honoured way of influencing opinions.”

“Play a long waiting game.”

“That’s where I notice trends.”

“People wouldn’t want to be in the room with him.”

“Subject to movement controls.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Procedurally inappropriate.”

‘Inside No 9’ Quotes:
“Mean faced one with the bad breath.”

“I don’t want them to get in contact.”

“People don’t have video players anymore.”

“Penny for the guy.”
“In March?”

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Passes so much judgement.”

“From a loving place.”

“There’s no me time.”

“Pathetic pig of a woman.”

“A bum and a loser.”

“Easy to say and hard to do.”

On ‘Neighbours‘: Cloddish Toadie gives ‘Dee’ a cheque for 100,000. Paige tells Jack he is the baby daddy. Steph tells her lover to go back to her wife and child. Toadie cries when ‘Dee’ and Willow run off with his money. He is so done with Sonya.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Kim gaslights Esther who cries. Scott wails about being caught stealing. Ellie has issues and freaks out at hypnotoad. Grace’s disgusting brothers annoy. James drinks. Darcy crashes Adam and Maxine’s engagement party. Alfie shows up to annoy. Darcy is a bitch and Adam weeps over her. Ellie is a nutcase and Maxine is ditched and dismissed.

Scott is a hypocrite; Esther carries on, Grace’s gross brothers’ whine and Ellie drama queens. Esther has drama. Grace’s evil mother is evil. Where is Minnie? Is Diane the mother of Scott? Goldie’s twins are nasty. Hypnotoad is stupid. Darcy is obviously rapturously evil. Grace’s family collapses in acrimony. Tony’s bastard screeches. Diane’s box is an issue. Hypnotoad cries.

Best Lines:
“I want to speak to my fiancée.”
“Which one?”

“Wallowing in your own misery.”

“Do one!”

“Grace didn’t push me off the boat, your mother did.”

“I got family drama.”

“She had an affair with Scott’s dad!”

“Robbing off Esther!”

“Have you lost a baby?”
Scary Books

Book Reviews: Fir + Elephants Can Remember

Fir by Sharon Gosling
From the publisher that brought us the good ‘Flesh and Blood’ comes this inept tale of a family in remote Sweden. While this had promise at first, it is a regrettable thing that it soon squandered that promise by an over reliance on whining, weird trees and an obvious baddie and OTT emotional distress. The toxic environment, bickering and fighting shatters all expectations. Significant concerns are ignored as people are pushed to the limit by whispers and legends and madness. Sense is steadfastly refused and this was dull.

Best Lines:
“The needles pile up in -well, piles - all over the damn place.”

“They’ll be forever on the edge of things,”

“How’s mum doing today? Still staring at the wall?”

Elephants Can Remember by Agatha Christie
This was not good and was full of dated attitudes to adoption and mental illness. It is the 1970s, so how old is Poirot? In this pretty grim and unmemorable tale, Poirot and Ariadne Oliver look into a long ago double death to uncover what really happened. This is not a minimalist and elegant tale. This has a heavy reliance on portentousness and high drama and tragedy. This was silly, illogical and full of damning consequences.

How old is Ariadne Oliver supposed to be? An inherently knowingly evil type is behind it all. This has no reasonableness and logic is effectively non-existent. People have chillingly horrific (non) reactions to inherently comical revelations that are done with such seriousness. This centres on an obvious violent vengeful destructive asshole who can go choke. Slightly unsayable things are said and I was not actually obliged to care. I absolutely detested this fraught tale of socially created identities.

Best Lines:
“The sacred edifice.”

“Country house hat.”

“Has to be stopped from living.”

“She took you away from me and made you marry her.”

“Shame-making appearance.”

“Not because he had done a murder but because he wouldn’t help anyone to prove that he hadn’t.”

“Many people who had heard of Hercule Poirot and known him, were now reposing with suitable memorial stones over them, in church yards.”

“Not for pop singers, of course. They hadn’t happened yet.”
Illya K

Supergirl 2x15 + The Replacement 1x03 + Timeless 1x14 Reviewed

Jeremiah is evil and there is no significant amount of peril or profound implications. Snapper Carr is the resident cynic. Mon-El is an ass. Kara beseeches. Crap abounds. Kara has so emotionally moved on from James, it’s bizarre. Maggie is peppy, Alex whines and there is no evident talent. Alex is in a sea of despair. Kara operates on the she who shouts loudest gets listened to vibe.

Winn has no significant merit. This was all social message. Everyone is emotionally stunted and they have little shame. This was terrible and a sad indictment of current TV. This was not respect worthy and has no intellectual repartee just group violence. Why should I care about Winn’s club rat? Winn whines and J’onn lurks. Mrs Luthor babbles. There are no positive connotations and this was not idealistic or great. Kara expects her words always to be needed, she wants to be coddled.

There is no emotional attachment, Alex faces chastisement, Lena suggests Twitter and Winn wallows in self pity. This was crappy sap then Kevin Sorbo and Teri Hatcher and their hair plugs show up. Where did the Exodus ship come from? Kara is fired and one is not emotionally invested. This ep leaves one disinterested with its insistence on a social message.

Best Lines:
“Alien dive bar.”

“There isn’t one.”

“Drop that stick.”

“Worm riding is a viable mode of transportation?”

“I would have stopped.”

“Special tape to fix that right up.”

“Nothing permanent.”

“Target lock.”

“Put a fascist in the White House.”

The Replacement 1x03
Paula reveals that Caris is dead. Ellen is foul and so self-obsessed. Paula is sad and wan and leaves her husband. Ellen needs a kicking. She chases Georgia. Her dead boss’ husband David fancies her. Ellen ignores Lia. Then suddenly claims she cares. There are twists and Ellen is the crazy one. She does no reappraisals on her behaviour. She is unassailable in her smugness and absolute contentment in her vile countenance. It’s unhealthy what she does. She is manically vile and causes discomfort. There are intensifying concerns and outside disapproval. There is no dramaturgical tradition and Ellen’s man Ian is stupid. Paula pushes back.

There are no moral requirements. I was not hyper-enthusiastic about this. Ellen creates no loving space and throws Ian aside and hooks up with David. Was David Lia’s dad all along? Ellen pulls unconscionable crap with a non-caring attitude. Paula is eternally obliging and then does stuff. This was all inefficacies. Paula falls down some stairs, David roars and there is a debate on motherhood. Ian’s mother is vile and Ellen pokes into Caris’ death. This goes full on 'Sunset Beach'.

Ian leaves his child outside in a bassinette on a windowsill and she is snatched. Caris’ death is explained and Paula acts out and TPTB screw up the ending. Ellen ruins Paula and Ian and she was the vile one all along. There is no reasonable discourse. I did not like this.

Best Lines:
“You haven’t even said sorry.”

“I’m sorry.”
“No you’re not.”

“I can’t take any more of this.”

“I feel a bit judged.”

“You can say no, but that’s also saying something.”

“Reconstruction of identity required.”

The Lost Generation
Wyatt whines. Is this cancelled or not? History does not change. Where is Lucy’s fiancée? Lucy is given the notebook. There is an unsubtle nod to Wyatt being the voice actor of Anakin Skywalker. The gang vow to fight Rittenhouse and this was good. Rittenhouse takes over the time travel lab and institute sensible rules. Jim Beaver of ‘Supernatural’ is running it now. Mason fades into the background. Rufus whines. Lucy meets her evil chillingly triumphant dad. Wyatt is far beyond reason. Rittenhouse are wreckers of civilization. Lucy has a miserable demeanour. Rufus yells and Flynn looks menacing.

Lucy and Rufus and Wyatt’s replacement go to Paris 1927 to save Lindberg and meet Ernest Hemingway and Josephine Baker. Rufus must have a whining gene. Flynn and his sidekicks do murderous glowers. Flynn shrugs off this show’s metaphysical concept. Wyatt is ridiculously arrogant and crazy. Hemingway drinks and yells. Wyatt is incapable of half civil conversation. There is dissolute glamour and Flynn does the gloved fist of doom.

Wyatt has withering impatience and Rufus’ impassioned yelling annoys. Smol Wyatt has combative responses. There is death and no 1920s slang. Flynn has no knowability. The notebook is unexamined. Mason pulls crap. I have post-ironic affection for this ep. Denise feels sheer distress and where to now?

Best Lines:
“Takeovers don’t have to be hostile.”

“This is a coup.”

“Antique porn.”

“Beyonce 1927."