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Supernatural Season 4 Ep 21 Review

When The Levee Breaks
Sam continues to be a self righteous jerk as he's locked up to detox from drinking demon blood. He has hallucinations where his mother and the guy from 'Sanctuary' who talks like he has serious sinus problems torment him. It is very clear that Sam really dislikes Dean. Bobby hangs around bring obnoxious. Why Dean puts up with either of those asshats is beyond me.

Castiel lets Sam escape. I'm sick of Castiel and his Jack Bauer whispering. Sam runs straight to Ruby for some blood drinking. Sam doesn't care his brother is back from the dead all he cares about is Ruby. Sam acts like an idiot as Ruby manipulates him. Dean shows up and Sam tries to throttle him and chooses a demon over his own brother. Sam when you choose the behaviour, you choose the consequences.

This was awful. Why would I watch season 5? I don't like Sam, Bobby or Castiel. I don't care that Anna has been carried off to heaven. All I wonder is why does Dean let Sam treat him like crap over and over and over again?
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