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Mighty Morphin Issue 6

Kim is really adversarial, given to spirals of rage and indulging Matt's conduct. The whole Matt plot is tediously prolonged and badly judged. Matt's gone bad: an evil green ranger – grimly familiar. People are frequently impulsive.

Tommy causes enduring fasciantion. Grace gets away with her poisonous untruths, calculated grames and sinister failure of accountability. Kim's so furiously aggrieved. The city descends into near chaos. There is more boring Zordon backstory. People get increasingly concerned. Nobody asked if Matt was sufficeitnly trustworthy. There is mounting resentment. TPTB try to explore and critique Ranger mythos.

Matt contributes nothing. It's as if the Pink and Yellow rangers emotions exist solely for the purpose of sapping a man's creative energy. They have such bizarre lives.

Best Lines:

“Your pretty helmet will be my chamber pot!”

“What loathsome errand has he set you on this time?”

“We both know that title should be mine. I fought for it. Bled for it. And you frankly don't even want to be here.”

“We punch, they fall down?”

“Adam, what would you do without me?”

“I appreciate the attempt at leadership.”

“Something is very wrong here.”

“You don't need the power to protect you......I will.”

“I'm totally stealing that line.”

Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity Issue 8

I think this is the last issue. Harley is motivated. Joker is convinced of his potential greatness. Harley has painstaking detachment and discourages familiarity and gets away with her attempted predmediated murder of Joker.

Harley wants personal vengeance and nobody holds themselves to standards. The Joker created unimaginable scenes. It is glaringly apparent that nothing has changed. Black Canary and her fishnets shows up. Harley changes. A motorbike crash and violent fight does Harley no harm whatsoever. Harley looks at her future. Oddly Harley isn't arrested. The Joker is an enhanced threat.

This was good. This should be a reputational nadir for the self involved Harley.

Best Lines:

“It would've been easy for the medical examiner to overlook a missing larynx in that mess.”

“The Joker will never stop hunting. Unless I stop him.”

“Feels good to give into your dark side, doesn't it?”

“He'll spend the rest of his life rotting in prison.”

“Until he escapes or fakes psychosis to get a transfer to Arkham.”


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