November 15th, 2016

Scary Books

Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Supergirl/Arrow/Flash’ crossover trailer
Aliens and Felicity annoys. Isn’t Supergirl on another Earth? Did I see Deathstroke?

Best Line:
“Like ‘World War Z’ zombies.”

‘Arrow’ 5x06 clip
Who is Prometheus? Is Lance a baddie? Felicity wears ugly lipstick and is a waste of perfectly good oxygen. Is Tommy alive?

‘The Wolves At The Door’ trailer
A home invasion in LA in 1969. Based on the Manson case. Looks creepy.

Designated Survivor’ 1x07 promo

Best Line:
“Now prove it to the President.”

‘The Affair’ promo

‘Humans’ promo

Brown sauce - yum.
Gluten free choc sponge cake - yum.
Rose wine - nice.
German white wine - okay.
Gluten free luxury double chocolate shortbread with Belgian chocolate - okay.

In the 2009 ‘Star Trek’, Nero wiped out most of the Starfleet Academy graduating class. Did anybody react? In the 2013 ‘Star Trek into Darkness’, McCoy was ignored as Kirk ‘died’. Did Uhura, Kirk and McCoy ever graduate the Academy? They had a year to go!

Supermarket apples can be up to a year old?

I’d try cherry vanilla ice cream.

No Jeremy Renner in ‘Mission impossible 6’? Boo!

Women’s digestion is slower?

There was emotional drama in ‘This Boy’s Life’ (1993) but no.

I won’t review ‘Humans’ 2x03.

‘Daily Mail’ Quote:
“Bleak explanation.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Artistically arranged bowls of household dirt.”

“Treats men as the default humans, with women as an inexplicable aberration.”

“We hated cupboards.”

“Vein recognition technology.”

“Vicar factory.”

“Useless, useless sperm.”

“The God Person.”

"And much good it did her.”

“Infringe the honour of a person.”

“A kind of authenticity.”

“Slightly fascistic neoclassical building.”

“Pretty terrifying prospect.”

Cantankerous malcontent engulfed by psychosis.”

“Died of infected bedding.”

“And on seeing men burgling the house next door she produced a pistol, leant out the window and shot the ringleader.”

“John the druid who “used to work in IT”.”

“Question its own foundation.”

“Culture of excuses and low standards.”

“Success is down to their own efforts.”

“They would throw their chairs.”

“The worst-behaved child they had ever seen.”

“If I stopped doing exactly what she wanted, she would become threatening.”

“Vinyl biters.”

“Use a flamenco arm.”

“Essex girls wear cheap dresses and expensive shoes and bags.”

“It’s never a tights night.”

“Kim Kardashian’s clothes, basically.”

“Neither looked, spoke nor thought like a Republican.”

“The future did not want her.”

“Realised that his attention as a father was worth fighting for.”

“Lived in a house that looked like a casino.”

“Erased from his life.”

‘That’s My Boy’ Quotes:
“Are you back on drugs?”

‘The Goldberg’ Quote:
“Don’t be you and ruin this.”

‘Mistresses’ Quote:
“How much did you hear?”
“A lot.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Out of respect, I will do that.”

“Lectured Congress and scorned the art of political persuasion.”

“Snooty remarks.”

“Do we have any sense from her what she believes or what she wants her core message to be?”

“Hillary’s campaign message boiled down to “it’s my turn, dammit”.”

“Dangerousness - a Dangerous Concept.”

‘The 5:30’ Quotes:
“Would you accept a fence?”

“Getting them out of our country.”

‘Channel 4 News’ Quote:

‘Lancaster and York’ Quote:
“Planting a bastard in the royal nursery-”

‘Bridget and Eamon’ Quotes:
“Probably burnt down during the famine.”

“Piss off Frank, shoo!”

“Shut up Concepta!”
Scary Books

My Mother And Other Strangers 1x01 + The Americans 4x05 + Supergirl 2x04 Reviewed

My Mother And Other Strangers (2016) 1x01
This boring mess was part 1 of 5. It is 1943 and US airmen arrive in a small town in Northern Ireland. The horrible locals have annoying kids and are morally reprehensible people. This was a unnecessary light relief take on the unresolved past. This had no wry observations. Something finally happens in this rather dull mess. There is sombre tension. People do ‘intense’ in this unsubtle ep full of no sexual fascination.

There is considerable vehemence and angry despairing from the local men due to the swaggering yanks. Angry and malignant eyes are cast. Women are selfishly ignored. This was paltry. There is egomania and dishonesty. The locals are piteous people. This was horribly ineffective. The mother is smug and horrible.

Best Lines:
“Your mother talks funny.”

“Not everyone does.”

“We’re doing the job for you.”

“Nobody’s allowed.”

“You a hillbilly?”

“Do not make me defend myself.”

Clark’s Place
Martha is at her breaking point. Paige bores. Martha has to know she has unrealistic ideals about her husband and that she is not valued. Paige tries to pierce her mother’s psychological remoteness and is vocal in her disapproval. She’s a repugnant brat. Oleg’s father rants. Stan has concerning opinions. This show is so immensely serious and this was not even mildly interesting. The grim attentions of Pastor Tom and his ideological base bore. Elizabeth is essentially friendless, save for people she exploits. Stan is joyless and lacks graciousness. Who was the ‘Jesuit’? There is no extrication from the mess Paige caused. Hans lurks. Paige annoys. Dylan Baker’s character is Russian and he has been in the US for 25 years. Gabriel is in a bad way. Stan and Philip make up. This was unnecessary.

Best Lines:
“Asked me if you hurt people.”

“Asking how?”

“You have friends?”

“Has ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ on video.”
“Is that a good thing?”

The Daxamites were idiots. Chris Wood was a palace guard; he has no charm and civility. Chris Wood has political artlessness. Alex is so going to hook up with Maggie. Snapper Carr sighs. Where is Maxwell Lord? Kara is not the core focus of Alex’s life anymore. J’onn fancies Miss Martian. Winn is a moron. Nobody is on reflective form or has a strange serene sadness about their planets being destroyed. Why is Kara such a child? She has no serious or sober appreciation.

This was not virtuosic, just full of pure sentiment. Chris Wood needs to think about how or indeed whether he wishes to finish sentences. TPTB have total contempt for sense. This ep didn’t leave me elated. Aliens fight in a fight club. Oh how not very. The club is run by Dichen Lachman of ‘Last Resort’, ‘Dollhouse’ and ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D’. Is James still on this show? I’m not feeling this ep; one has resignation to the mediocrity TPTB pump out.

Dichen Lachman's character Roulette is a psychopath and Miss Martian needs to go. Kara bothers Lena Luthor who I’m sure is dodgy. There is sap and Kara cheats and Dichen Lachman will be back. Kara is a stick and Miss Martian is easily forgiven but seeing as she is really a White Martian, I don’t think she’ll be forgiven that.

Best Lines:
“Like soccer, with dragons.”

“Go bake it fully.”

“She has powerful friends.”
“So do I.”

“Last daughter of the red planet.”


“My silence is your invitation. Talk fast.”

“We’re the fourth estate not reddit!”

“The news is so very violent these days.”

“Did you use your inside voice?”

“Her type of entertainment.”

“Don’t let them be right about us.”

Book Reviews: Deep Storm + Taken At The Flood

Deep Storm by Lincoln Child
The personality free Dr Peter Crane gets a job at the Deep Storm facility which is excavating something mysterious from beneath the Atlantic Ocean seafloor. This was unusually compelling as the truth of what lies beneath emerges. Some people are callow and lack a consistent ethic and have a changeable moral compass. Others go on furious braying rants ignoring the obvious enduring perils. People trumpet their rage as plausibility and probability are hurled aside. The characters are peerlessly one-dimensional and this lacks wisdom, insight, humour and calm intelligence but it is engrossing. The characterless characters endure many miseries due to maddeningly wilful baddies and their dull insistence on stupid choices. This was good.

Best Lines:
“I can’t be tracked like some migrating fowl.”

“Dark infinitude.”

Taken At The Flood by Agatha Christie
The grasping mooching Cloade family have long expected Gordon Cloade to leave them money in his will. Now Gordon is dead but inconveniently he married Rosaleen before he died. Now the Cloades very passionately hope Rosaleen will die. This was an immeasurably awful tale of unresolved trauma, people venting rage, inflammatory rhetoric involving sexual violence and domestic violence, the gauche affections of the middle class, Poirot’s colossal notion of self, bitter men wallowing in outrage and a miserable family who have never accomplished anything on their own. This was tenaciously distasteful.

Best Lines:
“Telling a story to which nobody wanted to listen.”

“You’ll listen to me for a change.”

“A suicide does not usually cave in the back of his skull with a pair of steel fire-tongs.”