November 8th, 2016


Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Wonder Woman’ (2017) trailer
An old photo, an island, troops, Amazons, horses, wire-fu, bullet time, Chris Pine and gas. There is also Danny Huston, a shield, bracelets and the tiara. There is leaping and sliding and this looks good.

Best Lines:
“A long long time ago.”

“Be careful Diana.”

‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’ promo

‘Humans’ promo

‘Young And Hungry’ promo

Gluten and wheat free chocolate dessert - yum.
Spice box - okay.

Anyone ever seen ‘Strange Luck’?

They’re remaking ‘An American Werewolf In London’?!?!

I won’t review ‘Humans’ 2x02.

‘Killer Women’ Quotes:
“Living with the consequences.”

“Big ass mistake.”

“Just like satan would.”

“Forgive a lot.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“30 years of lies.”

‘Carrie’ Quotes:
“Someone ran past, blabbering that Carlin Street was on fire. Good for Carlin Street.”

“Ought to try and be sorry in a way that counts.”

“Got no reason to care much for people that everybody likes.”

“I know who you go around with.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“The decade of the murder of hope.”

“Paranoia can act as an acid on dreams.”

“Surround herself with people, no matter how dubious, who would walk the plank for her.”

“Her instincts are suboptimal.”

“Ethically blurry.”

“Nobody gets less paranoid in the White House.”

‘Blackish’ Quotes:
“The nasal passages of a UFC fighter.”

“I slipped in a Mexican composting dump.”

“Don’t mediate her experience.”


On ‘Hollyoaks’: James sees Joanne has gone crazy. There is no script spontaneity or authentic emotions. Where is Kim? Liam completely lacks self awareness or self respect. A discovery is made.
Scary Books

10 TV Reviews

Tutankhamen 1x04
Carnarvon and Carter are on the out. ITV underestimates viewer capabilities and intelligence. There is an absence of internal logic. Carnarvon has his fatal mosquito bite. It’s all Evelyn’s fault don’t you know. This was singularly undistinguished and was witless, humourless, contrived and styleless. Carter and his stone hard face can’t have Nice Things.

Carnarvon pulls a Hillary and flops around like a fish. Carter is stupid. Mobs rampage about the alleged misappropriation of treasures. Deference and denial surrounds the dying Lord. There are mentions of the Goldwyns and the sarcophagus is admired. There is no toxic air. There is death, Carter hasn’t aged in 15 years and there is talk of a curse. Carter snots with enraged abandon. There is ridiculous carry on. Evelyn is to marry someone else and Tut is uncovered and then it just ends. This lacked certainty and was certainly not incredibly powerful. Do not let Max Irons act again.

Best Lines:
“I will not hear this.”

“I will not have you become a scandal. I will not allow it.”

“Give me that key.”

“If you wish it.”

“The discovery of our age.”

“Tell the chaps.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it.”
“Nobody has.”

The Americans 4x04

Henry doesn’t seem bothered by his awfully uncommunicative parents. Paige sobs and her common refrain bores. Philip looks strained and Oleg bores. Henry hangs out with Stan. This was fraught, undignified and self-indulgent. Paige has increasing concerns and nervous concentration. Why did Elizabeth and Philip have their inconvenient impediment children again? Are they even sure that Philip is the father?

Martha and her wedding cake hair is asked out to dinner. Gaad is not seen. All Elizabeth and Philip’s years of service and loyalty are for what? Nobody has genuineness and Nina dreams of freedom but doesn’t get it. Stan looks around Martha’s place. People have conspicuous motivations. Martha lies, Philip has a risk appetite and Gabriel lives. Doesn’t Dylan Baker’s character have to go to work?

Best Lines:
“You would be living in a burning house.”
“What’s new?”

“It’s not an easy way to live.”

“Please listen.”

“Wearing wigs and sneaking into motel rooms.”

“Made things worse for herself.”

“I can’t get you out of that kind of trouble.”

“Nobody sane would do this work.”

Madam Secretary1x17

Face The Nation
Elizabeth whines and bitches and idiots babble. Elizabeth does no decisive interventions and her idiot staff mumbles. Elizabeth flips out about her son’s school having an active shooter drill. The brat son whines. Elizabeth rants and raves her way into a breakdown. No to this. Eric Stoltz co-produces this?

Best Lines:
“Rogue CIA director starts a coup in Iran.”

“Morass of suspicion and blame.”

“There are some trust issues.”

“We’re still cleaning up oil spills American companies caused in the 1970s.”

“Yet this is happening.”

“Inflammatory performance.”

“Drop dead old man.”

Poltergeist The Legacy 1x08-1x13 Rewatch

Sins Of The Father
Nick takes a case personally. Another old friend of Derek’s shows up. Ugly brown baggy 90s attire is worn. Derek is taller than Nick. This was okish.

Best Line:
“Get ready for anything.”

The Tenement
A slumlord has to live in his own tenement. There is outdated computer technology and this was not overly aesthesticised. Creativity is ignored and there are ugly 90s shirts, huge mobile phones and Derek can be fearsome.

Best Lines:
“I couldn’t be more so.”

“You know damn well how things went.”

The Crystal Scarab
Another old friend of Derek’s shows up. He (Roy Thinnes) has a dying daughter (Nicole De Boer of ‘The Dead Zone’, ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ and ‘Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil’). This was rather better than season 1 ‘Alias’. There is bad make up, bad acting and Derek has a butler. The sick girl turns into an opportunistic, murdering, hypocritical amoral bitch just because. Nick falls for her. There is self interest and this was okay. The gang are imperturbable, coldly efficient and utterly dedicated to fighting evil. There are slightly desperate smiles and sudden hatefulness.

Best Lines:
“Knowing death is just a doorway to somewhere else.”

“Useless member of society.”

Ghost In The Road
Derek wears a truly ugly cardi. Rachel wears yet another miniskirt. Derek and Rachel discover a dead evil Legacy member hidden in the wall of the mansion. Nick meets a phantom hitchhiker. Derek has a maid. Derek wears yet another old man cardi. This was dull hopelessness and fart face Nick is not endearing.

Best Line:
“That which one cannot defeat, one begins to believe in.”

A mummy from the Cairo house arrives. Philip lurks. Derek dreams. A girl in a polyester Cleopatra wig befriends Kat. TPTB recall that Derek is a psychic. There are moral decisions and Rachel coos over her moppet. A fax machine is blown up and this ep was a suck off thing full of bad decisions and bad acting.

Best Line:
“Each of us does what he must.”

This has bad wigs, satanic panic and something going on at Rachel’s old school. Derek visits his sister who is an enclosed nun. She isn’t Dutch. Winston Rayne casts a pall over his children. Winston set something irrevocably in motion back in 1x01. Derek has a highly distorted view of his dead daddy. This show had its detractors and it is easy to understand why. Rachel has emotional upset and evil witch Alison Hossack faces the ruination of her evil plan.

Supergirl 2x03

Welcome To Earth
The bombastic Supergirl makes America great again as Chris Wood rampages. The POTUS (Lynda Carter of ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Sky High’) shows up and she is an alien. Supergirl is self defeating and exhausting. James is CEO of CatCo. Snapper Carr tries to tell Kara how to write news, she doesn’t listen. The POTUS is attacked. Maggie Sawyer shows up. There is death and what has happened to Carter’s voice? Kara interviews Lena and she learns she has developed an alien detecting device. Earth apparently must learn to extend the hand of friendship or the fist of war.

Winn annoys and J’onn is guarded. This is an ethical morass. Lena has frightening notions. Chris Wood hate mongers and is not as hot as he was on ‘Containment’. James is not living large and talking big. Kara is not a discerning judge of character. There is no adulation for this dull episode. Alex is reckless and entitled. Kara can’t write. There is an alien bar and this was blatant anti-Trump stuff. There is exaggerated respect for the POTUS. Chris Wood is from Daxam. There is continuing stigma of aliens. Kara has no impartiality and there is bad acting. Is Alex going bi? There is no Maxwell Lord and Chris Wood annoys. Kara reveals that Daxam is gone - how does she KNOW?

Best Lines:
“You ought to see my other jet.”

“Where are you human?”

“Emotionally neutral.”

“It’s not us against them.”
“Not yet.”

“Earth’s most notorious alien hater.”

“Here you stand.”
To Light The Way To Bed

Book Reviews: Blood Pact + Blood Debt + Witch and Wombat + Dead Witch Walking

Blood Pact by Tanya Huff
This 1993 novel (reprinted in 2004) is the 4th in the ‘Vicki Nelson’ series. Vicki’s mother dies and her body is stolen by scientists who have made an unholy breakthrough. Vicki swells with importance and is an awful person. Henry is an awful person as well and Celluci’s staunch loyalty is poorly repaid. This novel sees a major change in the status quo and was a good tale and it had a superior narrative structure to books 1-3. It is dated in places but I enjoyed this.

Best Lines:
“If you had the ability to raise the dead, wouldn’t that be motive enough?”

“Wondered how long the melodrama of office grieving would continue.”

“If number nine is thinking, Catherine, I don’t like what it’s thinking about.”

“Kingston had a large psychiatric facility and he had no intention of ending up in it.”

“There’s a vampire in the closet.”

“Quiet would be better still.”

“He thought be could hear screaming. He hoped like hell he was wrong.”

“Celluci ripped the phone off his kitchen wall and threw it out the back door.”

“The police psychologist suggested he was suppressing strong emotions.”

“The possibility of an enraged sasquatch roaming the park.”

Blood Debt by Tanya Huff
This 1997 novel (reprinted in 2004) novel is the 5th in the ‘Vicki Nelson’ series. This was full of references to setting VCRs, video stores, roller blades, Keanu Reeves and bottled water. After dealing with demons, werewolves, a mummy and zombies, now the gang deal with ghosts and organ thieves. Celluci is in peril, Henry whines about territorial imperatives and Vicki is unbelievably awful. It’s okay for Vicki is be poly but she has murderous possessiveness toward Celluci. This was good.

Best Lines:
“You’re hurting me!”
“I know.”

“To beg her King once more for a mercy she’d never receive.”

“There’s a limit to how much deep thought is allowed.”

“I always thought old ladies were kind of vague and smelly.”

“I’m not saying that he’s not good to you, but he’s obviously the one with the power.”

“Dracula didn’t use a phone.”
“Times change.”

Witch and Wombat by Carolyn Cushman
This 1994 fantasy sees a group of nerds tricked into thinking a visit to a fantasy land is actually a VR game. This was full of logical fallacies and was painfully below average. The idiots partaking in the game fail to notice the reported circumstances around them are real and there is sneering at the simple country ways of the magical folk. This was boring and tranquilised brontosaurus slow. There is no emotional significance and nobody has wisdom, compassion or grace.

Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison
A bad start to a BAD series. Avoid like the clap.