July 19th, 2016

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‘The Last Ship’ promo
Fighting, fighting and more fighting.

‘Shades Of Blue’ promo

‘Dave’ (1993) promo
Homespun pap.

‘Entrapment’ (1999) promo

‘Wild At Heart’ (1990) promo

Enemy Of The State’ (1998) promo

‘Love & Hip Hop’ promo

I may review ‘Ordinary Decent Criminal’, ‘Rec 3: Genesis’ and ‘Soul Surfer’.

What are Persian leopards?

What hideous seizure-inducting homepages on Geocities existed in 1996?

Remember the 1984 Zola Budd/Mary Decker incident?

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Crossing of a real moral line.”

“For some people this kind of life is normal.”

“Token peculiar foreign film.”

“Down the thick end of the range.”

“Refreshing absence of sentiment.”

“Harbouring dreams of travel and adventure.”

“The Stash, a fabled bag of pills buried in the 1990s.”

“Making all subsequent history illusory.”

“Intractable relationship problems.”

“Rigorously objective and tight-assed journalism.”

“Accused him of lying about receiving death threats.”

“Those involved cannot expect leniency.”

“Meticulous policing of language use.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“It would lead to many young people dancing in a lewd fashion. It should not be authorised.”

“Is to parody, mock and insult real creativity.”

“Throwing bongs out of windows.”

“Regrets sounds too negative.”

“People have a responsibility not to menace people.”

“I could not tolerate that.”

“His descent was as ugly as it was swift.”

“Pent-up hedonism.”

“Tell the police of your intentions when you call them.”

“Strangely enchanting.”

“Bus hostess.”

“Social oppression.”

“Giving women protective legal rights was tantamount to the promotion of obscenity in society.”

“Answering the telephone was therefore conduct that was unbecoming.”

“Just about tolerated.”

“Hate-filled invective.”

“Resentful and regretful.”

“Persistently regarded with a wary eye by family and local cops as she tries to talk to her son through the light fittings.”

“Inadequate explanation.”

“Withstands scrutiny.”

“Make good decisions for themselves.”

“Dismissive attack.”

“Bastard American expressions.”

“Kitten writing.”

“A mentality that breeds non-assertion.”

“Implacable in their hatred.”

“Animosity expressed towards teachers.”

“Finland’s national idiot.”

“Politicians who fell out of favour could find their tongues nailed to the door of the senate.”

“Had tolerated a manageable number of strangers in their midst.”


“Cure himself of his country.”

“Emotional experiences.”

“Encountered the contempt it deserved.”

“Will not be his last failure of understanding.”

“Journalistic scrupulosity.”

“Infinitely interpretable.”

“Misfits adrift and repressed in a world of conformity.”

“Socio-historical antenna.”

“Difficult, lonely outsider-ness.”

“Cheap music.”

“Mutable vessel for serious art.”

“For daring to read depth into something that appears shallow.”

“How anyone could doubt the existence or purpose.”

“Telling detail.”

“He became toxic.”

“Continued to get more and more disturbing.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Threatening to bring gangs in.”

“An agitator.”

“Butt up in the air.”

“We don’t have alleys.”

“Have you people ever lived in a normal neighbourhood?”

‘Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“He is also rather proud of his prolific ability to produce children.”

“Said quite aggressively.”

‘Fake or Fortune’ Quote:
“How much they disliked each other.”

‘Thor’ Quotes:
“Base, we got Xena, Jackie Chan and Robin Hood.”

“It’s a good look.”

‘Dredd’ Quotes:
“1 in 5 don’t survive the first day.”

“Incorrect sentencing is an automatic fail.”

‘Idiotsitter’ Quotes:
“We can play dirty hooker later.”

“Having a bonfire down at their RV park.”

“I lost our custody. To a coyote.”

“Why do you make all the moms go away?”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“Seeing themselves in subordinate roles, and via a male perspective.”

“Incompetent old fools.”

“Saw God in his own image.”

“Forgo washing.”

“Surrounded by drag queens all dressed like Stevie Nicks staring at him.”

‘Teen Mom 2’ Quote:
“It’s never his problem.”

‘The 5:30’ Quote:
“A wanted list ready to go.”

‘Pineapple Grenade’ Quote:
“You look weird to me. Out!”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“They take up a lot of space and it looks so bad.”

“Adamant about the social order.”

“Absolute determination.”

“Does not have a positive attitude toward her.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Brad is a dishrag. Piper’s formal outfit is horrible: a purple wig and a slutty jumpsuit. Xanthe wears a wildly inappropriate dress. Piper is a liar and a stalker. Terese busts Piper. Why is Brennan policing a school formal? Piper screeches and has significant distress. Tyler whines about being seen as strange and distasteful for dating a 16 year old. Piper is disobliging and has delusional thinking. Brad wants Tyler gone. Why is the formal held during the day in a crap tent?

Brad has no lauded family values. Piper is Tyler obsessed and ruins the formal for Xanthe and Ben. Tyler flirts with the new English teacher Elly. Cold and unstable Piper ruins Xanthe’s dress and attacks Elly in righteous rage. She and her bestial human behaviour is awful and she doesn’t apologise. Xanthe stole $600 for her dress. Piper provokes irritation and hatred. She’s all grotesquery. Tyler has many striking reasons to dump Piper and he does. Piper has no consistency about her. Elly is Susan’s niece and Piper’s new teacher.

Best Lines:
“Tyler’s an adult; he wants to be with one.”

“They keep treating me like I’m a sleaze.”

“Where’s the trust bro?”

“You’re upsetting Piper.”

“That skanky ho!”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Why are they at school in July? Kim is in hospital. Nico and Peri bully Jade. The stories are blander and less challenging. This was surreal, stupid and deeply ludicrous. There is no hilarious chaos and no inscrutable narrative twists. Is Kim faking her breakdown? Why yes. There is misleading advice and Celine obliging helps Kim. Nobody has a moral compass. There is no moral obligation. Cleo finds another man to treat her badly and make her live within stringent controls. Where is Curtis? Alfie is thick. Lisa is sleazy and sinister. Esther has moral queasiness.

Best Lines:
“That rotten little tart.”

“Better than living out of bins.”

“Which gene pool you swam out of.”
Illya K

Shades of Blue 1x01 + The Last Ship3x01 + Madam Secretary 1x02 + Law and Order: SVU 16x15 Reviewed

Jennifer Lopez, Drea de Matteo and Lolita Davidovich star in this cop drama. JLo does no makeup ACTINGS as Harlee. She and other corrupt cops have steely coolness, this was fiercely written and our heroine has an unfeasibly spoilt daughter who she does this for. A shooting goes wrong and the corrupt Harlee realises certain truths about herself.

Honesty is not part of Harlee’s philosophic template. This is causative to her being involved in subversive dirt. She has inexplicable hostility to being righteous. Her boss (Ray Liotta) is awful but Harlee has an even more horrifying personality than at first appeared. The anti corruption task force guy (Warren Kole) busts her. Harlee's issues are the ones I feel least inclined to lament. She has to learn habits of purity and has to face the possibility of betterment. Harlee's daughter is a spoilt brat. Who is her father? There is aggressive car damage. This was okay. A bad guy is served up. Even IA is corrupt. Harlee's necklace is bugged. There is ranting and this was good.

Best Lines:
“I can’t justify anything.”

“Did he make an aggressive gesture?”

“Where there’s drugs there’s a gun.”

“Any external threats.”

“You need to fire your profiler.”

“You don’t get a lawyer. All you get is me.”

“What do you mean by loyalty?”
“Depends on the day.”

“Every betrayal begins with trust.”

The Scott Effect
A woman with botox bothers Chandler in China. Season 2 was not darkly satisfying. Season 3 seems to improve a bit. A female naval officer wears white stilettos. Adam Baldwin looks puffy. Wolf lurks. The virus seems to have mutated. A baddie seems to have grandiose political visions. Chandler seems to be wearing lipstick. What is going on? There is an attack on Nathan James crewmembers. What is CONPLAN? This had no controlled stillness. There is a bomb and TPTB are cleaning out the cast list.

The POTUS is in St Louis. The reconstruction goes on. There are ration cards. Dr Scott is dead. Chandler is a national hero. The new opening credits are nice. The stupidly named Operation Healing Breath goes on. Elizabeth Rohm, Nestor Serrano and Tania Raymonde guest star. The XO is now the Nathan James captain. There is planned incompetence and ferocious ambition.

There are troubling currents and dark muttering but no auteurist cool. People are doomed to cry out hopelessly in non-comprehension at their sudden changes in fortune. There are clunky attempts at profundity. There is negative attention and dark covert forces. This was not stunningly good. There is malicious intent and no emotional bond. Bad guys are emotional robots. There are ugly behaviours and moral danger.

Chandler gets a great Office Of State. There is no sense of layered dynamics. People are harassed by halfwits. Glowsticks are waved. Enmities and hostilities take place. The SEAL is now a father. There is no psychological and philosophical insight. This had no dramatic range. I wasn’t deeply unimpressed with this morally simplistic ep that had no dramatic potency. This was not unabashed entertainment. It was okay, no more.

Best Lines:
“Even Vietnam showed up.”

“Waited out the plague next to the rotting bodies.”

“Japan’s a no show.”

“The broken pieces of our nation.”

Another Benghazi
There is trouble in Yemen and no general aura of contentment. There is no active aggression. Elizabeth has no high purpose and is callow and strongly disputes things. There is a desperate lack of strategic thinking. This was interminable. It had desultory politics and people aren’t terribly happy in themselves. This was overly ambitious and badly planned. People are remorseless and have a fear of truly disastrous consequences and a grim narrative.

This had no passion or clarity. People simply chose not to care. Elizabeth faces the various joys of her job. A thread of discomfort runs through this. People have an apparent lack of interest in helping. Zeljko Ivanek, Bebe Neuwirth and Keith Carradine co-star. Suspicion inescapably encroaches. There are inane reactions. Elizabeth has a 3rd child. This was slow and unchallenging. The brat eldest child has no unvarnished sincerity and lives her life in a performative nature. Everyone has dead chicken eyes.

Elizabeth is a slightly empty presence. This was silly, soft and safe. Elizabeth hushes the howls of indignation. The brat is a dreadful irritation. There are syrupy does of sentimentality. The daughter has such extreme unpleasantness; she is neither necessary nor desirable. This has no coherent vision and is fatuous.

Best Lines:
“Define encroachment.”

“Standard death to America stuff.”

“Not a man whose sense of environment you can trust.”

“I was raised in Virginia by a man who wanted sons.”

“Your display of theatrics.”

“May I call you Elizabeth?”

Undercover Mother
A mother works undercover in the sextrade looking for her daughter among stupid hookers. Lili Taylor is the mother surrounded by idiots. The hookers don’t want to be helped. A crazy pimp causes trouble and only one girl is the issue. Donal Logue shows up and this was not good and has no emotional resonance.

Best Lines:

“That’s the table ain’t it?”

“You’re no friend of mine.”

“Nobody ever came looking for me.”
To Light The Way To Bed

Book Review: The Hatching

The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone
The world is on the brink of an apocalyptic disaster. A virulent ancient species of spider has awakened and they are terminally hostile. This is a wonderfully entertaining novel about a near extinction-level-event. It has loads and loads of characters. There is a spider expert who has focused careerism and a reputation for arrogance and knows stuff. The female POTUS is disconcertingly sincere. The White House Chief Of Staff has a guise of concern. An FBI agent has everyday intentions and wants to protect his icon of innocence daughter.

A writer has no significance. A marine fights. And these various tough unbiddable non-ingratiating characters have intense anguish as they face an increasingly destabilised situation caused by a brutal, alienating, menacing and terrifying enemy. Spiders are learnedly discussed, incredulous announcements are made and there is I-don’t-even-know-what-I’m-looking-at spectacle. This was excellent, thrilling and I’m there for the sequel.

This was vibrant, sharp, relevant and genuinely creepy. This was likeable and convincing and there are no characters with no principles whatsoever as they face a merciless enemy. This is full of continuous excitement and lurid details.

Best Lines:
“Shooting a spider might be overkill.”

“He was lucky to bleed to death in sixty seconds. The first spiders were crawling through the broken window in eighty.”

“Great swaths of Los Angeles seemed to think that the proper response to a full-scale catastrophe was to document it.”
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