June 10th, 2016


Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Hawaii Five-0’ promo
Oh Steve!

‘Versailles’ 1x03 promo

‘Gone In Sixty Seconds’ (2000) promo

‘How To Lose Friends And Alienate People’ (2008) promo

Secret de druides a la crème de salidou - yum.
Proper vanilla fudge - yum.
Edamame soybean salad with a chilli & coriander dressing - good.

There was thick fog the other day.

Interesting ‘Supergirl’ season 2 info.

What became of Styria?

‘Houdini & Doyle’ was crap.

‘2 Days In The Valley’ and ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ are poo.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Do you think he’s lazy?”

“That’s where you want him?”

“You marry stupid men.”

“Went on a royal rampage.”

“Criminal mischief.”

“Gotten married twice before without telling her.”

“Narcissistic and overbearing.”

“Modify your interaction pattern.”

“Ignorance is not a big enough word.”

“Laying in his own urine.”

“Beyond reason.”

“Actually drinking during the intervention.”

“Made it a bigger problem than it really was.”

“Ruined most of her childhood.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Fell by the wayside into drugs, mental ill-health and career failure.”

“You did not question authority for a moment, or you were beaten.”

“Dismantling his damaging survival mechanisms.”

“State of vigilance.”

“Casual cruelty that pervaded the place.”

“Affection would scare me.”

“Wasn’t afraid to challenge my behaviour.”

“No one ever came.”

“It was our secret code.”

“Consciously trying to open up emotionally.”

“Why don’t I deserve other things.”

“Why am I alone.”

“Urging calmer rhetoric.”

“Who is a notoriously threatening figure in the district.”

“Voluntary violence.”

“Increasingly fraught.”

“Politics of protest.”

“Myths, science fiction and gross inaccuracies.”

“I’ve been accused of being a war criminal for removing Saddam Hussein - who by the way was a war criminal.”


“Sunday pub league retailer.”

“Financial recklessness to the detriment of his family.”

“A Sexual Risk Order.”

‘Great Continental Railway Journeys’ Quotes:
“A city of consequence.”

“Were dukes of Austria for the next 600 years.”

“That was all in the unimaginable future.”

“The Empire crumbled around him.”

“Unknowingly sealed the fate of the Hapsburg Empire.”

‘The Magicians’ Quotes:
“He had painstaking assembled all the ingredients of happiness.”

“Horological enchantments.”

“An activity that would force him to actually interact with other people.”

“Had never met anybody so staggeringly and unapologetically affected.”

“He was asked to draw a rabbit that wouldn’t keep still as he drew it - as soon as it had paws it scratched itself luxuriously and then went hopping off around the page, nibbling at the other questions, so that he had to chase it with the pencil to finish filling in the fur. He wound up pacifying it with some hastily sketched radishes and then drawing a fence around it to keep it in line.”

“She rarely did anything particularly evil, or at any rate not where anybody could see her do it.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Karl and Susan fawn over Angus the foul pestilence. Ben is ignored. Nobody cares about the stiffly psychotic Angus and his psychological darkness. Paige fawns over John who ignores her. Paige’s stupidity and selfishness is at brain-aching levels. This show lacks subtlety.

Best Line:
“He gets away with everything.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Freddie wants to dump his daughter on Joe. More hideous wallpaper is on display. Freddie is not thoughtful or even haunted about this life choice. Mercedes doesn’t want to parent another of Lindsey’s children. Where is Ben? Grace is in pain and has no gritty stoicism. What relatives is Nico staying with? Where is Dodger? Mercedes and Freddie have lofty indifference to the baby girl and do not want her as their responsibility. No flawless acting choices are on display. Marnie does not have a seductive purr. Grace’s brothers are jaw-droopingly pompous. One targets Celine. Where is Kim? Grace’s bothers don’t button their shirts. This is an emotionally arid show that has a lack of dramatic tension. Sally takes the fall for John-Paul’s stupidity. Scott bores. Myra jiggles and Mercedes drinks. Celine gets her hair ‘done’ and it just looks frizzed. John-Paul yells. There are no coherent relationships and Freddie and Marnie shag, again.

Best Lines:
“Homes in hot places.”

“Creeping around my own home.”

“I don’t like you.”

“Dead things don’t bother me.”

“What emergency?”

“Which bush did you just come though?”

“In dire need of a good scrub.”

“Her I can forgive.”

“Why don’t you come in? And he has.”
Scary Books

Legends Of Tomorrow 1x15 + Colony 1x10 + The Catch 1x03 Reviewed

The oculus viewing chamber is the central focus of this unwatchable bad ep. Savage is needed to save humanity from aliens and Rip learns he is literally a tool. Rip screams amid over-dressed sets. Visibly uncomfortable actors stand around. Ray will die apparently. Jax is back in 2016. Stein has a moral furore and malaise. There is no clear and concise writing. I’m tired of Rip’s florid vernacular and this ep had no narrative structure. All kinds of wicked things lead to worldly ennui. Rip’s lofty contempt and towering condescension vehemently deny sense.

Savage has Kendra and Carter, nobody cares. Snart hits on Sara. This ep is extremely redundant. The franchise fixated TPTB have given no good reason for this show to exist and have run it into the ground. The gang babble about the oculus wellspring. There are mega-fights and no great tactical effect. This was not robust and people keep self-sacrificing. Snart and Sara kiss. Snart maybe dies. I felt cold indifference. The time masters engineered history and now can’t do it anymore. This sucked hard.

Best Lines:
“You’re not helping your argument.”

“You are looking at events as they will happen.”

“No matter what you do, it will happen.”

“We’re completely out of allies.”

“A scaled down supernova.”

“Time is unmoored.”

A gang of kids rob people and Charlie is one of them. The Resistance are carrying around a dead alien. Helena (Ally Walker) runs the recovery op. Dallas is now a flat sheet of glass because 2 of the aliens died on Arrival Day. Helena calls the alien It and orders Will and co to find it. The alien is in a suit and looks humanoid. Will tells Maddie to protect the kids because his radicalised wife is stupid and doesn’t care. Bram lies. Nobody notices the Resistance carrying a dead alien down the street? Katie is stunned at the crap she has caused as LA is bombed. Social collapse erupts, Bram runs off from safety as he is moronic and it’s like the fall of Saigon.

The Resistance have callow cruelty and ludicrously exaggerated insouciance. Snyder’s daughter Cynthia is in a loveless environment and Snyder is out on his ear and faces seriously negative consequences. Cynthia wants no part of his value system. Did Beau get to his cabin? Maddie gets Hudson, Gracie and the dog to Nolan’s. Nobody asks why an alien was travelling by train. Nolan is delighted by his side-ho, kids and dog. The fate of his wife does not trouble Nolan (Adrian Pasdar) or Maddie.

Nolan and Maddie plan a pastoral romance. Jennifer knows Katie’s crap. Will is deliciously subdued. Bram and his teacher do stupid stuff. Katie is a nut job with an aura of insincerity. The plan to cut open the alien’s body armour suit fails. The Resistance don’t care about reprisals due to their sense of conviction and protest narrative. Will imposes order over chaos. The Resistance are morons and Katie has to be boffing Broussard.

Thora Birch does nothing. Will ends up with a transit pass. Who is the new Proxy? Is Snyder headed for the Factory? Snyder shows grace as the axe falls. Braless Maddie enjoys being Nolan’s ho especially as he is the new chief of staff to the new Proxy. The tutor shows up to join the party. Bram and his teacher are busted. Is the teacher a narc? What is in the exclusion zone? Katie is at home alone and yes their house is bugged and Katie is not as smart as she thinks. This was good and I’ll be there for season 2.

Best Lines:
“This is not a good situation.”

“Bounding overwatch.”

“I’ve got to pick a side.”

“They’re destroying our city. Again.”

“Science is rarely elegant.”

“You know why I’m asking.”

“You can’t win.”
“I know.”

“You have no idea what you’ve prevented.”

“You’re an honourable man Will.”

The Trial
Christopher claims to be a prisoner, the Princess dresses badly and Christopher doesn’t use his new credit cards. Lip Lass fails to notice a bug in her home because she’s kind of crap at her job and then is drugged up. No women wear sleeves. Gordon (Alan Ruck) the estranged husband of Val shows up. Val is horrendous to him and her sick sister-in-law. The sister-in-law has MS and was subjected to a medical test gone wrong or maybe it was sabotaged. This show cannot sustain itself emotionally. Reg is a jerk, he and Christopher like to have sex with women to run cons - isn’t that rape? Reel bad Arabs menace Christopher. Dao lurks - isn’t that the chemical company that makes mace? There are more flashbacks and I could care less.

Best Lines:
“A disinterested 3rd party.”

“Receptionist laughed at me.”

“Emotionally coercive sneak attack.”

“Do not give him one more second of your life.”