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LineOfDuty6x06+American Horror Story Freak Show(2014)4x01+Batwoman 2x02+MurderSheWrote6x07+ 1 more

Line Of Duty 6x06

Ryan's dead. Kate and Jo go on the run. Why is Kate trusting Jo? Kate and Jo steal a car and there is a car chase. Jo claims to be forced and controlled. FFS. Kate tries to tell off armed officers arresting her. Kate screams about being framed. Is she on drugs? Kate doesn't trust Hastings, yet she's the one being arrested! Will Kate stop fondling her gun when she's being arrested? Kate blames Steve for her arrest. Oh piss off bitch. AC-12 are being tracked. Ted is told he's not trusted. Jo is interviewed but not that bitch Kate. Even dead, Dot is not forgiven. Jo lies. Steve sneaks. Kate makes bitch faces. Kate gets away with her crap. Ted has a Lear-ish moment in a lift. There is no James Nesbitt in this ep. Jo ends up in jail. Sigh.

Best Lines:

“You lured me there to be murdered.”

“Betrayed the trust of every single one of us.”

“Your questioning is oppressive!”

“What they're born into or the path it puts them on.”

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey.”

Monsters Among Us

Jupiter, Florida 1952. There is a killer clown, murders, conjoined twins and a freak show. There is no great urgency. Murder has a catastrophic impact. There is no moral imperative and the conjoined twins are furtive. There is forceful frankness. This was simply exhausting. Freaks have no support or friendship except amongst their own kind.

Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Denis O'Hare, Emma Roberts, Angela Bassett, Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates feature in this ridiculous debacle. People talk in strange detached ways in this hilariously awful ep. This was completely uninteresting and really, really terrible. Lange waxes lyrical. There are dangerous situations and the twins inwardly seethe. This was lacklustre and unmeritorious.

This was obtuse absurdity. There was unkind behaviour and jocular frivolity. This avoids earnestness at all cost. This was outrageously dull and properly awful and ludicrously overdone. This was predictably horrible and excruciatingly dull. People are generally nasty. Lange does an accent.

This was not entertainment. This was a pathetic drag and a fetid pool of misery and tumult. This was all about suffering. This has no depth and does not thrill or exhilarate. The twins are condemned and rejected but have they found acceptance? Unethical types lurk. Knives are used. Elsa sings David Bowie. Disgraceful people lurk and significant danger awaits.

Best Lines:

“The world as I had known was forever doomed.”

“Shadows that had sheltered me.”

“Living in your own dream.”

“They don't want us.”

“Hellish sty.”

“Rescues the wretched.”

“Everyone is living the life they chose.”

“If I gave birth to something like that, I'd drown it in the bath-tub first thing.”

“Sleepy little hamlet.”

“Psycho pervert.”

“Shut your disgusting mouth you slut.”

“There is no normal for us.”

“Ghastly memory.”

“Learned what lived on this farm.”

“I'm tired of leaving through the backdoor.”

“Mistakes of nature.”

“Turns on 'Dragnet' and climbs on top of me.”

“This or reform school.”

Prior Criminal History

Jacob yells at his stepdaughter – why is he still hanging out with her? Kate didn't push anyone away – her dad and his do-over family pushed her away. Sophie is the worst. Ryan knows Sophie? Ryan points out she's been arrested more times than Alice. Ryan learns Alice is Kate's twin. Alice menaces Julia. Jacob plans to shoot unarmed protestors. Luke bitches. There is bad acting and wildly sloppy writing. Bats attack. Alice has a malignant reputation. This was consistently bad and pretty mediocre. An annoying new big bad debuts. Oh piss off.

Best Lines:

“Retribution is coming for both of us.”

“Only person left who had any sympathy for you.”

“Sister killing psycho bitch.”

Night Of The Taratula

Jamaica, racism and a zombie feature in this ep. There is also murder, bad acting and snake abuse. People have crossed a line they can't come back from.

Best Line:

“Forgive Jean-Pierre, he's French.”

American Horror Story: 1984 9x03&9x04


A woman is loony obsessed. Smallness and viciousness feature in so many flashbacks. The difference between what one wanted this show to be and what it is. A baddie is revealed and I've no idea what is going on or why.

Best Lines:

“You'll probably bleed out!”

“Like to death?!?”

“That woman ends in a garbage bag by the side of the road.”

“Dark imagination.”

“What the hell kind of camp is this?”

True Killers

Montana aka bubblegum Barbie met Ramirez. Now they kill people. The true 1970 massacre perp reveals themself. This was rotten.

Best Lines:

“Hey Rambo, my class isn't for posers.”

"Set bear traps there."

"Lay my sins upon you."

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