February 9th, 2014

Scary Books

The Green Hornet #9 Reviewed

Britt Reid’s descent into despicable indifference comes back to haunt him. Reid runs WBR radio as a massive dragnet hunts the vilified Hornet. Dugan cracks up, Reid fears his vigilant activity may be coming to an end and the FBI hunt the Hornet and they’re not dumb. This was okay except for Reid having a good cry at some unwarranted and unacceptable blowback.

Best Lines:
“I can’t believe you’re going out. You must be the most wanted criminals in Chicago history.”
“It’s an honor we worked hard to win.”

“Want a scoop to bring back to the newsroom?”
“Already got one.”
“Mine’s better.”

“We’re here because you blew people up. People who worked for you. No wonder everyone’s joining unions.”
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Scary Books

Movie Review: The Legacy

The Legacy (1978)
An idiot American couple Pete (Sam Elliott) and Maggie (Katharine Ross of ‘The Stepford Wives’ and ‘Donnie Darko’) head to the UK where they end up in a mysterious man’s country mansion with his eccentric guests among them Roger Daltrey and Charles Gray. There are flares, 70s hair, an awful soundtrack, a white cat, an indoor pool, a mysterious painting and a lurking nurse. Pete walks around naked and yells and patronises. Their host heavy breathes, Pete has festering anger, the guests are all awful and someone drowns after a prolonged swimming scene.  This was dull and tried to be scary by numbers. The characters are unpalatable, the plot is ludicrously silly and Maggie is blind to the evil for too long. Roger Daltrey’s character has an overlong choking to death scene and the trailer for this film promised terror, that trailer was grossly misleading. The ending is weird with more OTT deaths and a sudden personality change.

Best Line:
“Goddam English plumbing, that’s what happened.”

“They’re crazy.”
“I know they are.”

“She was dragged from the house and burned at the stake by orders of Queen Elizabeth the first.”

“I’ve got the power.”
“Yeah, I know you have. Now what are you going to do with it?”
“Anything I want.”

Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Starving Games’ trailer
A ‘Hunger Games’ parody from the ‘Vampires Suck’ people. It promises violence, Angry Birds, Taylor Swift, ‘Avatar’ homages, Psy, a visit from ‘The Expendables’ and ‘The Avengers’. Plus Kantmiss gets some bird poo in the eye. I’m sure the best bits are all in this trailer. It amused me I’ll admit.

‘Blood on Satan’s Claw’ trailer
The grave of the devil is disturbed leading to mad wigs, devil’s children, staring and OTT ye olde butchered English. It looks interesting.

Best Lines:
“How do we know sir, what is dead?”

“Thou stole my master’s skin!”

Die Screaming Marianne’ trailer

‘Frightmare’ trailer
A farmhouse of crazy. No.

‘Hatchet for the Honeymoon’ trailer

‘The Beast In The Cellar’ trailer

Best Line:
“Who have you been burying in the middle of the night?”

‘The Body Stealers’ trailer
Aliens, the Red Arrows and weird stuff.

Best Lines:
“He’d lost control of his vocal cords.”

“It’s horrifying!”

Read more on ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and the more I learn, the less I care.

I am reading ‘Red Hill’.

I liked the Sochi opening ceremony.

After Eight dessert = divine.

Reviews of ‘Divergent’, ‘Hang Wire’, ‘The Black Guard’ and ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’ forthcoming.

There will be no review of ‘Hostages’ 1x05 ‘Truth and Consequences’.

‘’Cheaper by the Dozen’ Quote:
“Respect the perimeter kids.”

‘Royal Cousins At War’ Quotes:
“He is utterly false.”

“Seen as a lazy King. Because he’s too fat and too interested in going to parties.”

“To this day nobody’s ever really understood why an Admiral could think that he was encountering the Japanese fleet in the North Sea.”

“Weak as water, deplorably unsophisticated, immature and reactionary.”

“Dirty bastard.”

“He was hopelessly entangled in the net of his perfidy and lies.”

“Crush them all under you.”

‘Red Hill’ Quotes:
“But on that day, he would have been a criminal, if he weren’t already dead.”

“With all the television shows, comics, books, and movies about the undead, it shouldn’t have been a surprise that somebody was finally both smart and crazy enough to try and make it a reality.”

“The contagion had breached our shores.”

“You need to run.”

“Viral outbreak. The infected are attacking and biting people. They said cadavers this morning. What do you think it is, Ash? Herpes?”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I need you to come full present here right now.”

“His mother was driving around not knowing she had black tar heroin hidden in her car.”

“She went into a full blown meth psychosis rage.”

“My sister is toxic...I’m mortified to be her sister...there’s no hope for this girl.”

‘Charming’ Quote:
“No, I haven’t slain many dragons lately. How could I? They’ve been hibernating close to the Earth’s core for over a thousand years. No, I don’t have any unusual shoe fetishes, glass slipper or otherwise.”
Scary Books

Book Review: Dirty Magic

Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells
Book 1 of the ‘Prospero’s War’ saga is excellent. But what else do you expect from the author of the wonderful ‘Sabina Kane’ saga? In an alternate universe world, Kate Prospero is a patrol cop on the mean streets of Babylon where magic, potions and alchemy are a constant threat.

Kate knows the true danger of magic because years ago she walked away from magic, her coven and the man she loved to build a new life for herself and her younger brother. But a crime leads Kate to a spot on the Magical Enforcement Agency and her past comes back to bite her as a malign, sour, sinister plot turns out to be afoot. I loved this grim, gritty tale. More ‘Prospero’s War’ please, just let there be less of the macho jackass Morales.

Best Lines:
“When the screams stop, it’s safe.”

“You’ll die in the gutter where you belong.”
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