January 7th, 2014

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‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ TV spot

'Hostages' promo
I'm there.

‘Revenge’ 3x02 promo

Best Line:
“You reap what you sow.”

I am reading ‘The Thirteenth Tale’.

Clotted Cream Toffee = okay.

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“Thank you for using your funeral voice.”

“Don’t forget to wrap my head in tinfoil so worms don’t get in.”

“Your grandmother is dead, we should be celebrating.”

“I’m going to be in heaven, getting ploughed by my dead husband.”

“Show me your vagina and I’ll believe you.”

“It’s in her diary, page 82.”

“Burt broke our VCR killing a spider.”

“If anyone asks what we were doing in here. Let’s all just say: cocaine.”
Scary Books

Movie Review: Charlie Bartlett

Charlie Bartlett (2007)
Troubled rich boy Charlie (Anton Yelchin of ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’) longs to be popular and a modern day ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’ or ‘Ferris Bueller’. His drunken mother is a waste of perfectly good blood and organs. Charlie arrives at another new school and antagonises the principle (Robert Downey JR) by romancing his daughter Susan (Kat Dennings of ‘2 Broke Girls’, ‘Thor’ and ‘Thor: The Dark World’).

Charlie hasn’t even been a ghost of a good person; he is a deeply implausible, formless mass of malfeasance. But he befriends various losers, deals drugs, sells ’Greatest After School Fights’ DVDs of the school bully (it’s Chris Keller from ‘One Tree Hill’) beating people up and sets himself up as a shrink. He is now popular but he is still troubled with a lush mother and incarcerated father.

Various characters have hidden depths, there is an implosion of events and whilst this initially had promise it turns into a self consciously hip post modernist mess of teen angst BS. The principle cracks up and vents, Charlie causes a riot, there are a lot of acting tics and this was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“They’re not too fond of you either.”

“I thought we could go to a wine tasting, we haven’t done that since you were a kid.”

“Brining psychiatric drugs and teenagers together is like opening a lemonade stand in the desert.”

“This might well be the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen at this school.”

“What is that? There’s a word for it.”

“A bottle of booze and a handgun.”

“I’m entirely displeased with you right now.”

“Never attack the drunk guy with the gun.”

Revenge 3x01 Reviewed

Someone will shoot Emily on her wedding day in two months, Charlotte lost the baby, Nolan has been exonerated and the Initiative plotline has been dropped. Nolan lost his company due to Emily spending season 2 in a profligate waste of time. Victoria bonds with her long lost bastard son Patrick (Justin Hartley of ‘Smallville’). Daniel wants a real job, Ashley blackmails and Conrad is Governor but plans to be POTUS. This was boring. Daniel meets an ugly old French flame, malicious Ashley lingers and Charlotte doesn’t like Patrick though she does love her GHD.

The Grayson fortune is still lost, so how do they afford the manor? Jack’s back and is all affectless. ‘Revenge’ carries on without anybody much caring at all. Jack practises ostracisation; Emily messes with Conrad and frames Ashley. A lot of fake sunsets are enjoyed. Aiden looms. This bored.

Best Lines:
“That well has dried up.”

“New York’s first and worst family.”

“How was the witch?”

“Nolan 2.no.”

“Go back to Croydon.”

“You two are evil.”
Scary Books

Book Review: Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
The long awaited sequel to ‘The Shining’. Dan Torrance has spent 35 years trying to escape his father’s legacy of alcoholism and violence. Abra Stone is a child whose shining far exceeds Dan’s own. It is a gift that makes her a target for the True Knot. The True Knot travel across American wearing polyester, driving RV’s and looking ordinary. But they are monsters who eat children with the shining and they have targeted Abra. This is a good creepy successor to the classic. Dan comes to certain realisations about his father and himself, Abra is a brat and her parents are annoying.

Best Lines:
“Thanks to TV, a fit middle-aged man in sunglasses always looked like a hit man to a certain part of the population.”

“It will kill him dead as Amy Winehouse.”

“To utter a phrase not generally used by adults around young girls from New Hampshire.”

“An evil place would call evil creatures.”

“They will never stop.”
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