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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Gods Of Snooker' promo

An 80s national obsession and bad hair.

'Without Remorse' promo


'Coroner' promo

“Old and creepy.”

'Stowaway' promo

Is this 'The Cold Equations'?

'Oxygen' trailer

Subtitled sci fi. Mmmm.

'The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It' trailer


'Kung Fu' 1x04 promo


'Vampire Clan' (2002) trailer

Drew Fuller. A true story. Stupid.

Gluten free passionfruit cheesecake – okay.

I feel emotional exhaustion. My ex = particularly cruel. I rightly feel aggrieved. My ex proved incapable. My ex = unkind. I had missed encounters. I'm sad and disappointed and my ex cares nothing.

'Colm Tobin On Memory's Shore' Quotes:

“Doesn't know you and never meet you.”

“Estranged in some way, from the norm.”

“Those sort of families.”

“What history had in mind.”

“Your way of reading was being changed.”

“Spend months never thinking.”

“Big arguments about big things.”

“Most repressive laws against everything.”

“All posh, all idle.”

“Very mean to people.”

“Gone on some escapade.”

“Slyly infer.”

“Chance for his enemies to round on him.”

“Age of estrangement.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Break through those bags.”

“Royal Yachting Association.”

“Support and kindess.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Begging for forgiveness from the very same people they had so recently ignored.”

“Trawl through the wreckage.”

“Ferocity of opposition.”

“Such aggressiveness, it was orchestrated.”


“Awarding so much legal power to men over women.”

“Loom large in the collective memory.”

“Subjecting them to violence and abuse.”

“Sidelined and forgotten by the medium they shaped and willed into existence.”

“What part of this exactly suprises you?”

“Savage punishment.”

“Now struggling to speak, to remember or to even function.”

“Excess bravery.”

“Considered the last outpost of civilisation.”

“Endured rather than enjoyed the attention it brought.”

“Great chronicler of American suburban life.”

“Chair-rise speed.”

“Our lives became a horror movie.”

“The scene of bullying.”

“Forcibly turned away.”

“De-escalation of tensions.”

“Staying power.”

“A brutal choice.”

“Birthright entitlement.”

“A rare interview from a man who never grants interviews.”

“The only reason they are sorry is because they have been caught out yet again.”

“Rejoice and revel in this triumph of popular will.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Eating yourself hungry.”

'Reasonable Doubt' Quotes:

“Love is not that important.”

“The gunshot's fault.”

“That's a lot of disorders.”

“Don't even care about me at all.”

“Wanted to be safe from her.”

“It's hard for me to think that was love.”

'The Times Literary Supplement' Quotes:

“Cosmic nemeses.”

“Recognized and considered valid by wider society.”

“Given no part in society.”

“Treated like unwanted visitors.”

“Simultaneously respectable and fallen.”

“Not a tale one expects to end well.”

“Altogether more sinister place.”

“Became the target of general hatred “reserved for women who seemed to have 'stolen' power”,”

“Draws dangerous attention.”

“Violent denouement.”

“Girls more terrified.”

“Given up resisitng the horrors of the world.”

“Aggressively agnostic.”

“Lack of clear ambition.”

“Hardly respectable.”

“Trained propagandist.”

“Ability to make clever rejoinders and to exchange banter.”

“Challenging comebacks.”

“Infamous self-regard and pomposity.”

“Moral and textual certainties.”

“The later stages of his career are painful to read about.”

“Whose consequences he avoided by presenting himself as naive.”

“Rapacious advisers.”

“Concentrated on making himself into a Legend.”

“Regular exaggeration and occasional downright lies.”

“Improbable stories.”

“Normative force.”

“Searches all American books published since 1875, tracking the relative frequency of “we” and “me”.”

“By 1900 American society has descended into a trough.”

“Previously unfathomed depths of self-absorption.”

“Decades of monotonic change.”

“All these variables suddenly went into reverse.”


“Showed no sign of finding it tedious,”

“Told to stand by our laptops, black armbands at the ready.”

“Coarse-grained oaf.”

“Most melancholy.”

“Good at being a man among men.”

“A string of girlfriends, each less suitable than the last.”

“Grotesque culmination of a story of atrocious parenting.”

“Royal tradition that monarchs hate their heirs-”

“Had parents who would be an embarrassement to anyone,”

“Amuses the courtiers with his delusional self-importance.”

“Recall this period intimately and embarrassedly.”

“Disrespectful ridicule.”

“World of mockery.”

“Self-conscious strategy.”

“Had fantastical notions of himself.”

“Originally something of a village idiot.”

“Completely devoid of voices in the historical sources.”

“Destruction of civility, of mutually respectful dialogues,”

“Stand up and denounce any suspect peers in the assembly.”

“Mutual responsbility.”

“Intellectual shifts.”

“Huge edifice of normative.”

“A concept that keeps coming to grief.”

“Little place for the concept of common good:”

“Our tendency to bond into groups and to be guided by the ideas within those groups.”

“Intellctual rifts.”

“Blame-laden accounts.”


“Malignant charlatanry.”

“The general anti-intellectualism that now reigns, with low-wattage journalists, corporate media pundits and area studies experts who are entirely resistant to the idea that concepts like 'narrative', 'image' and 'representation' may have political implications.”

“Longstanding debate.”

“Unfounded speculations.”

“An increasingly urgent debate to be had.”

“Lamentable situation.”

“Reasoned understanding.”

“Aristocracies of privilege.”

“Contributive justice.”

“Poverty coverage.”

“Immediate purpose.”

“Dread and anxiety.”

“The sunny uplands to which they are constantly being pointed.”

“Social purpose.”

“Way life should be lived.”

“Passionate celibate.”

“Blown along by the rough winds of life.”

“Never worked outside the house (but worked exhaustingly within it).”

“Spent her entire existence in the shadows of death and hereditary mental illness.”

“Impelled him not to fear anyone.”

“Who crops up in numerous books and plays after his death, but of whose real personality we know barely anything.”

“Of lates yeares.”

“Does not have access to education in a language they understand.”

“The kind of personal sources historians normally turn to:”

“Flaunted his vigour with showy debauches.”

“Tried to build a personal myth based on youth, strength and grandness of ambition, except that, unlike his great forerunner, he kept losing the crucial battles.”

“A king, though of what, no one was certain.”

“”Bestrode the world” (or hoped to).”

“Suspcious questions.”

“Grim years.”

“Determine opportunities.”

“Brought him some fame in his lifetime.”

“Social capital had gone into decline as people retreated into individualism.”

'Comedy Legends' Quote:

“Do I have any openings that this man might fit?”

'Fatal Vows' Quotes:

“Living with him under duress.”

“A questionable influence.”

“Do they not care?”

'The Mind Of A Murderer' Quotes:

“So many risk factors for violence.”

“Dark, dangerous activities.”

“Fighting with guns and knives.”

“An act that will have the worst consequences.”

“Kids that are not real bright.”

“Looking for a place to fit in.”

“Social pariah issues.”

“Lost all respect for adult authority.”

“Don't want you going into houses to kill people.”

“Still like breathing and stuff.”

“Anything but remorseful.”

“Finally understand what consequences are.”

“Poor white trash side.”

“Throwing my knife at her.”

“Don't dare question him.”

'Watergate' Quotes:

“Hoped would get his full attention.”

“Gangster language.”

“When did the President know and when did he stop knowing it?”

“Public ridicule was a new danger.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Now of concern.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Lived through the consequences of their changing world.”

'The Tudors' Quotes:

“Cause of all our misery.”

“That cow Anne Boleyn.”

“A shame above all shames.”

On 'Hollyoaks': George faked his death and then died for real. JP got engaged to George. Such quick turn around of tragic cirumstances. JP has remarkable bad fortune. One does not care about the wretchedness of his situation. This show expemplfies mediocrity.

George attracts a negative response. What happened to the McQueen's house? JP is a wet rag loser and does a terrible cry face. George showed up alive and no one saw him. He proposed and JP accepted and then changed his mind many times. This is the second time in 4 months that George made JP think he was dead. George got PC Smith to lie to JP and admits this to JP. George is detrimental.

This was very, very weird and very psychotic. How did George plan to explain any of this? This was totally uninteresting. And to think JP mocked James for being emotionally damaged. Where is Matthew? He was actually mentioned by Sally. Mercedes wears latex skintight trousers. Is she baking bread down there? What happened to the uni and the students? JP sets himself up for a lot of criticism. James and Ste seem to be the pub's only customers, ever.

James can see right through George and loves to mock him. Ste wears an ugly tracksuit and lists off his rap sheet and there is a lot of stuff there. James throws JP cheating with Ste in George's face. JP finally cops on that George has been persistently engaging in behaviour that was controlling and coercive.

Sid somehow has a boyband haircut. George is exposed and murdered. Who killed him? What a waste of Callum Kerr. There is no kindness or warmth. There are no gritty, morally compromised people. George had a dishonest obsession. This was terrible and JP is beyond frustrating. JP yells about toxic influences. Horrific things happen. JP finally knows his entire fling with George was deception based. This was not disreputable fun. JP has a vanishing face wound. Unkind George reveals he is a psycho. There are punches that obviously miss by miles. Trouble comes to JP's door. JP hits George back and this is witnessed. There is horrible derangement. Who killed George? Is he actually dead? Did he get narcissistic gratification from beating JP?

Best Lines:

“Beyond rough.”

“The man you never deserved.”

“You're what John Paul deserves?”

“You and your bit of rough.”

“Insecure bully.”

“Pompus ex.”

“Exes sniffing around.”

“This is not normal.”

“Abhorrent way you treated him.”

“He's a lot happier with me then he ever was with either of you 2 no-hopers.”

“Can't you see this doesn't make sense?”

“Crime CV.”

“Constable psycho.”

#josie and the pussycats from Rrrrrrr-ghghghghgh!

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