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Movie Review: Stowaway (2021)

This space drama which is more or less a rip off of 'The Cold Equations' proves inadequate and goes into dramatic deterioration. This was not profoundly moving. Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette and Daniel Dae Kim head to Mars but a stowaway shows up. Didn't they notice the extra weight on launch? There is strangeness of the universe, hard science and cruelty of human injustice. The viability of the plot is up for debate. There is malice and the pursuit of excellence. The 3 try to take reasonable steps to survive with a 4th onboard. This was long and ramblong. Collette uses her real accent. This isn't normal.

They have gravity. There is talk of payloads and unfavourable developments. This was grim. This was calamitous. This was nonsense and people are callous but have noble aspirations. How was a worker left behind on a spaceship? Things are inevitable. People are emotionally overcome. There is frugal comfort and right living. There are societal problems. There is a chorus of disdain. There is no emotional clout. This was dull. You wait for something meaningful to happen. There is no ultra cautious decision making. People are stridently hostile. There is a negative impact. This was not gripping. No good can come of the situaiton. There is not enough oxygen for 4. There is a colony on Mars. There is talk of algae and a killer solar flate. The ending is iffy.

Best Lines:

“Moving too fast for a resupply.”

“Allowable personal effects.”

“Isn't where I thought I'd end up.”

“We don't make mistakes like this.”

“5 hours down, 2 years to go.”

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