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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'Supergirl' 6x06 promo

Hell no.

I have bitterness and fury.

'In The Mouth Of Madness' was not a good film.

I'll review 'Peace Talks'.

Makeup: A Galamorous History' Quotes:

“This is what you're marrying.”

“Decadence and immorality.”

“All that was wrong with this unequal society.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Strong and forthright views.”

“No one else is allowed in.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Once you have a public persona, a lot of people are going to hate you.”


“Furious Chelsea fans had stormed Fulham Road at tea time, unfurling expletive-laden banners.”

“Police riot vans raced around west London and helicopters circled overhead while the fans chanted unchecked bile.”

“On the edge of ruin,”

“Taken aback by the sheer volume of opposition.”

“Must meet market expectations.”

“Bodies being cremated on open pavements.”

“Disastrous overpromising.”

“How far his stock has fallen.”

“Reduced to a pariah notice,”

“Unique in their severity.”

“A turning point in history.”

“Wasn't going to a part of my life.”

“One of the most damaging cultural heritage fires fire.”

“Hiding in bushes.”

“Sacked for importing a colour TV but listing it on the customs forms as black-and-white,”

“Generate aerodynamic lift.”

“Constellation of problems.”

“Alarming lack of awareness.”

“Mothers against distancing.”

“Cravenly stripped of the things that make us love it.”

“Unwavering loyalty and passion.”

“Temporary custodians.”

“Ignore fans at their peril.”

“Unapologetically and expensively frozen out.”

'Jesy Nelson: 'Odd One Out' Quotes:

“Fat singing whale.”

“The whole world had an opinion on me and they weren't good ones.”

“Fat ugly one.”


“The whole world hated me.”

'For Real' Quotes:

“New money and flashy pretty people.”

“Sexy ass husband.”

“Negative viewer response.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Not invited to this.”

“Not actions available.”

'The Titan' Quotes:

“Fiercely hostile to life as we know it.”

“Dire necessity.”

“Rare willingness.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Hit a kerb, a wall and a building.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Not been taken account of.”

“Hospitals have run out of everything.”

“Fan power.”

“Rogue 6.”

“Ramifications for decades.”

'Born To Kill?' Quotes:

“Behest of the devil.”

“Dealing with a lunatic here.”

“Wrongfulness of your conduct.”

'Girls' Quotes:

“Fall asleep in my own vomit.”

“Whiny nothings.”

“Lower your expectations.”

“Can't lower them any further.”

On 'Hollyoaks': did TPTB just kill off George Kiss offscreen?!? Was this because Callum Kerr caught Covid? FFS. Who's PC Smith? If George really was killed in the line of duty – where is the media and other cops? PC Smith (Callum Lill) has a low opinion of JP. Ste lickarses JP. Are we forgetting they were married and Ste cheated on JP? And that when JP was with James, he cheated on him with Ste and laughed about James being abused by his vile father? JP is a dick.

JP cheats on George with Ste, who has HIV. Why is Fergus spying on Peri and Juliet? What hotels are open during a global pandemic? What spas are open either? Ste and James worry about JP and George. Ste whines. Where's Matthew during all this? George did correctly point out that Ste is a racist. George cannot have faked his own death, they just did that for Sid!

Best Lines:

“Makes me feel guilty for even drawing breath.”

“Is this our life together?”

“The mad family, the cosntant drama.”

“You're acting like you're scared of George.”

“Lying in a ditch or cheating on me.”

“Called the EZSleep.”

“You smell like you've spent the night on a pub floor.”

“There's something wrong there.”

“Ripping it apart with your deceit.”

“I wish I knew what I did to make you want to hurt me so badly.”

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