July 2nd, 2013


Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’ promo
This looks stupid.

‘Under The Dome’ 1x02 promo
This looks nothing like the book.

Orange Sherbets = okay.
Mint fudge = yum.

‘Milk’ Quotes:
“Privacy is the enemy.”

“I swear to god, I’m going to stab you with this fork.”

‘Murder She Wrote’ Quotes:
“Whose bath-tub did this come from?”

“I don’t doubt that you’d like to see your husband dead ma’am. But I’m not so sure you’d be real fond of the consequences.”

“Those damn tree worshippers.”

“I know I said get rid of her. But not that way.”
“You’re really psychotic you know? I’ll be in touch.”

‘This House is Haunted’ Quotes:
“Seated on a train to a county I had never visited, to work for a family I had never met in a position I had never held before.”

“You might have stayed. You might have lived a life that was happy.”

“Father in addition to his dislike of Americans, the French and the Italians, had not cared greatly for the people of Norfolk.”

“Enjoy your lunch, won’t you? Your breath smells of whisky.”

“I have buried too many of your predecessors and have no desire to bury another.”

‘The Queen’s Fool’ Quotes:
“Jesuit and scholar had come often to buy their books, and one day they had come no more. Ideas are more dangerous than an unsheathed sword in this world.”

“They’re born to over-reach themselves.”

“You live in a snake pit and I tell you frankly, you have not the aptitude for it.”

“It is the thing I have feared all my life. Ending up like my own mother, neglected, abandoned, with a Boleyn whore in triumph on the throne.”

‘The White Queen’ (book) Quote:
“She will never stop until her husband is dead, her son is dead, and she has no one left to put on the throne. This is what it means to be Queen of England.”

‘The Inbetweeners’ Quotes:
“He just sits around rolling cigarettes and shrugging.”

“It’s not the driving I’m worried about it’s more that we won’t get in anywhere, won’t get served and might get robbed, stabbed or killed.”

“It don’t wanna stop.”
“What do you mean it?”
“Just stop pissing yourself Neil!”
“Quick pass me another can.”


“Sorry my neck is stuck in your hand.”

“Don’t bother locking it Si, if you’re lucky someone might nick it.”

“You have to question a door policy which says no to trainers but a big thumbs up to piss soaked tramp shoes.”

“They’re a bit wet.”
“Aye. That would be my piss.”

“The actual club chucked us out.”

‘Charmed’ Quotes:
“My sister the demon magnet.”

“Witches; damn it.”

David Bowie may be on ‘Hannibal’? Oh no.

I am reading ‘This House Is Haunted’.
Scary Books

Book Review: Six Wives

Six Wives The Queens of Henry VIII by David Starkey
Alison Weir wrote an entertaining tome on them, Antonia Fraser wrote a soapy inaccurate take on them and this 2003 narrative by Starkey is a long revisionist take on the six unfortunates who were wed to the King who changed England forever.

Catherine of Aragon was a spendthrift barren lying barren shrewish harpy.

Anne Boleyn was a clever, vindictive, political, wannabe French chic Reformist who ruled Henry until her failure to produce a son caused him to turn on her.

Jane Seymour was a dull, boring, ineffective nobody who achieved three things in life: getting the King of England to marry her, giving him his only living legitimate son and dying before he tired of her.

Anne of Cleeves was a staid tough woman who was a smart survivor.

Catherine Howard was a good time girl whose appalling taste in men doomed her.

Catherine Parr was a staunch evangelical Lutheran who came from a court family. She lost favour suddenly and almost fatally but managed to regain it by giving up what made her unique.

Whilst this had interesting new takes on the wives, explanations of Tudor word play and some interesting reading. It does get bogged down in pages of legalese. Henry’s marriage to Anne Boleyn and break with Rome took a lot of long dull politicking and no happiness for anyone.

Best Lines:
“Tell him I was of the Queen’s Council before he knew her and shall be when she hath forgotten him.”

“With wit enough to do as badly as the others if she were to try.”

“Go pull them out by the heads!”

“Get you home again.”

“Knave! Arrant knave, beast! and fool!

“There are rumours here of a new queen, although I do not know why.”
Scary Books

The White Queen 1x03 Reviewed

It is 1469 and Elizabeth is still whining. Edward is smug and will not compromise. It is hard to see why he ruined his long friendship with Warwick for the bitter vindictive Elizabeth. Lady Margaret blathers to the annoyance of her husband. Warwick and George’s rebellion fails, Elizabeth wants to kill them but Edward makes peace. For now.

Edward makes a throwaway reference to Henry Tudor becoming King one day, Warwick’s daughter Anne Neville is forced to be a Lady In Waiting to Elizabeth and Elizabeth does more magic. Warwick wears his pelt and glowers. Lady Margaret bares her horse teeth. Jasper Tudor is a twit. Isabel now married to Edward’s brother George is pregnant and miserable. She spends all her time crying and being a wet rag.

People die, Warwick rebels again and fails again and Edward is a horrible, stinking, rotten, puerile git. Thus proving everything Warwick and George said about his bad judgement was right. Elizabeth, Jacquetta and little Elizabeth do magic to create a storm that ends up killing Isabel’s baby. Elizabeth is negative, corrosive, cruel and full of capacity for hate. Meanwhile the only person with any real sense is the young and solemn Henry Tudor.

Warwick’s icy dignity begins to desert him as he and George are billy no mates. Isabel’s childbirth is nightmarish and this was okay. This drama has so far covered 120 pages of Philippa Gregory’s 2009 novel. But Edward IV was a blonde and why do the women rarely wear headdresses?

Best Lines:
“Advise me Warwick, not lock me up or take away my throne.”

“I am Your Grace to you cousin!”

“Is it a boy?”
“How would I know father?”

“You’ve been no King since you first dipped your wick in her.”

“I will be the third Queen. So what if father turns against us as he’s done both the others?”

“Stop bleating Isabel.”

“Please god let Edward lose. Let him die.”

“No-one will trust him again.”

“He chose to fight the King. This is the outcome.”

“We did not fail. We retreated.”

“I’ll have his head for that!”

“Edward is after us. Get on board!”