April 17th, 2013

Sergio Balleseros

Trailers, Quotes and a 2005 Tape Tale

‘Helix’ trailer
This 13 part series about the CDC vs The End looks good. The truth will spread.

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ trailer
Cyro pods? War? Kirk is a pawn who gets the Enterprise blown up? Blonde woman does nothing but scream? This looks good.

Best Lines:
“Darkness is coming.”

“Let’s go get this son of a bitch.”

“I’m sorry.”

‘Man of Steel’ trailer
Jor-El, Pa Kent, Lois, Zod and stuff blowing up. Nice.

Best Lines:
“They’ll kill him.”
“How? He’ll be a god to them.”

‘Cuckoo’ 1x06 Quotes:
“It’s like you don’t want them to get married.”
“I don’t. Of course I don’t.”
“What? You love Cuckoo.”
“Have you been here for the last three months?”

“Marry a man that tall and you’ll die of neck ache.”

“Don’t try an English accent Cuckoo, it’s offensive to my culture.”

“The Best Man’s gotta know how to party and this guy was drunk at 11:30 on a weekday.”
“I was. I am.”

“We hire a girl. She gets off with Cuckoo. I take a photo on my 4th generation smartphone and send it to Rachel.”

“Turning doubt into get out.”

“That is very rude for a monk.”

‘Point Pleasant’ Quotes:
“It’s always the quiet towns. It’s where the gruesome things happen.”

“She brings on the End Of Days.”

Nestor Carbonell is in ‘Bates Motel’, I still have no interest in catching this show.

So no Grant Mitchell look-alikes punching police horses at Thatcher’s funeral.

There will be no review of ‘Revolution’ 1x05: ‘Soul Train’.

‘Tempting Fate’ Quote:
“A rabble, composed of nothing but discontents and failures who brawl in taverns and make inflammatory speeches.”

Cleared out a tape from 2005. It opened with a ‘Popular’ ep ‘Hope In A Jar’ in which a school dance is upcoming making the students strive for unrealistic standards of beauty. But still Nicole, Mary Cherry and April popping elephant laxatives is played for laughs. This was not good.

Best Lines:
“Listen up chicken of the sea.”

“I know this company. It’s a diet plan targeted specifically at unhappy teenage girls. I saw it on a talk show entitled Horrifying Trends.”

Then came a ‘G vs E’ ep ‘Cougar Pines’ in which Morlocks get involved with golf. This was dull, the tracking was off and the guy from ‘Son of the Beach’ guest starred as did Phlox and T’Pol from ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ before they were cast as such.

Best Line:
“This is some sort of pagan sex rite isn’t it?”

Then came a ‘Stargate Atlantis’ season 1 ep ‘Letters from Pegasus’ which is basically a clip show.

Then finally there was a ‘Point Pleasant’ ep 'The Lonely Hunter' in which Jesse, Terry, Christina and Judy parade in beach attire. There is a meteor show. Boyd has a party and his lackey is Warren from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. There is bad acting, Meg wears flares, Jesse’s parents carry on their creepy abusive dynamic, Paula pouts, Jon Hamm guest stars as a guy into kidnapping teenage girls and this was stupid.

Best Lines:
“Who died?”
“Nobody yet.”
Scary Books

Book Reviews: More Holmes For The Holidays, part 2 + 1636: The Kremlin Games

More Holmes For The Holidays edited by Martin H. Greenberg, Jon L. Lellenberg, and Carol-Lynn Waugh, part 2

The Adventure of the Second Violet
Violet Hunter’s husband asks for help. This was silly.

The Human Mystery
This is a good story by Tanith Lee. Holmes is asked for help by Eleanor Caston. But she has her own agenda.

Best Lines:
“I do not care for people much, they are generally so stupid.”

“Silly witless creatures, geese done up in ribbons.”

“There are serpents among the apples, Watson.”

1636: The Kremlin Games by Eric Flint, Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett

I am done with ‘The Ring of Fire’ series, this book was just the latest piece of crap that made me decide to stop wasting my time with a once good series that has gone to the dogs. A drunken ner’do’well named Bernie is hired to go to Russian and bring American technology to the medieval serfdom that exists there. Bernie fights typhoid, brings guns and toilets while a Russian princess wants to obtain trashy underwear. I’m just tired of this series and it’s casual sexism and xenophobia. This was a tedious morass of techno babble, war and a serf uprising.

Revenge 1x16 + Elementary 1x18 Reviewed

The Graysons set up a charitable foundation in Amanda’s name but it is all a front. Eli, Amanda’s long lost foster brother, shows up and proves he is smarter than the average Hamponite by guessing the identity swap.

The unpleasant Daniel gets in a bar fight, Jack is a snotty tantrum throwing idiot and Declan sulks. Aiden is targeted, Eli plays people, a hacker does stuff and Jack overlooks his part in the Ryan disaster. This was good.

Best Lines:
“The stripper gets a broke ass boyfriend and a one way ticket to the bottom of the Atlantic.”

“That’s a scam I run on rich dumb people.”

“I’ve already got outstanding records in three states.”

“Much more handsome than his mug shot.”

Déjà Vu All Over Again
Sherlock’s sponsor shows up, Watson keeps working with the rude vile Sherlock and two cases are looked into. Naturally the cases are connected. Watson’s friends are concerned about her. Watson ignores them. Gregson is the only cop in NY and a husband is accused. This was annoying.

Best Lines:
“Within days of my arrival the staff forbade me access to newspapers. Something about police blotters riling me.”
“No, you?”

“Tube pushers tend to be lunatics of the ranting variety.”

“You quit your job and moved out of your apartment so you could live full time with a recovering drug addict.”

“If you do wallow, I ask that you do it in the privacy of your room.”