April 10th, 2013

Scary Books


‘Cult’ 1x08 promo

‘Dallas’ 2x08 opening credits
Goodbye JR. This was nice and memorable. As for the rest of the ep and TPTB digging up Gary, Lucy and Cally from whatever bad plastic surgery clinic they dwell in, I will say no more.

Read up on who is playing Irene Adler in ‘Elementary’ - oh dear. Couldn’t they cast someone who can act?

‘The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole’ Quote:
“Must go and see how Bert is getting on. God! I wish I’d never got involved with him, he is like an Ancient Mariner around my neck.”

‘World War Z’ Quote:
“I tried to imagine what it must have been like, stuck bumper to bumper, crying kids, barking dog, knowing what was coming just a few miles back, and hoping, praying that someone up ahead knows where he’s going.”

‘The Man On The Clapham Omnibus’ Quotes:
“Beyond the city limits, wearing socks made you unspeakably posh.”

“The Prime Minister’s Spy-Master, the disgraced High Elder of the Sect of Diana, and the worst criminal in London. Not exactly the sort of the folk you expect to find on the last bus to Streatham Hill.”

Elementary 1x17 + Revenge 1x15 Reviewed

Possibility Two
There is a Musgrave mention, Watson wears hooker boots and a man claims he was given a terrible illness. People get killed, there is muttering about the warrior gene and a mutagen. Watson visits a weird dry cleaners, Holmes uncovers a conspiracy and this was boring and banal.

Best Lines:
“You delay! But time will not!”

“There’s an almost extinct bee flying around in here?”

This show has gone to hell. Amanda aka the real Emily Thorne is dead. Emily the angry twig vows vengeance overlooking the fact she helped set all this in motion. Nobody wonders how Jack was rescued. Daniel pontificates and Aiden will not shut his mouth.

There is no sign of Kenny Ryan, Trask and his over tanned unmoving face lurks, Ashley feels bad about helping to get Amanda killed and Padma has no agency. Daniel is a burk, Amanda’s friends from the Beaver Dam don’t come to her funeral, Conrad has no shame and this was directed by Helen Hunt.

Jack walks off being shot and is dim. Bad acting is displayed and this ep was boring. Amanda is buried under a name (Amanda Clarke-Porter) that isn’t hers. Victoria does not care, little Carl better sleep with one eye open.

Emily wonders how her revenge ploys got so far off track. It’s back to basics time. Too late TPTB, way too late. There is an unexpected arrival. This was not good.

Best Lines:
“Exactly how much blood are you two comfortable with?”

“This is not the time to lose faith.”
“When exactly is the time?”

“Everything we have is blood money.”

“Death is a thief.”

“David and his daughter were plagued by darkness.”

“How did you know her?”
“She burned our house down.”

Person Of Interest Season 1 Review, part 5

Flesh and Blood
Elias the rubbish gangster embarks on an ambitious plan to take down the heads of the Five Families and avenge himself on his father and half brother. Lola Glaudini of ’Persons Unknown’ shows up for one scene.

Finch and Reese have to foil Elias and HR and get Carter back on their side. Fusco is ordered around by HR, Elias plans to be king of New York and flashbacks show how Elias was shaped into what he is. This was good as the plot thickens some more.

Best Lines:
“We could let the trash take out the trash.”

“I’m often misunderstood.”

“Elias’ payroll reads like a who’s who of the U.S penal system.”

“You got some weird friends Carter.”

“You’re in bed with the devil.”

“Don’s already got one idiot kid. Guess he didn’t need another one.”

Matsya Nyaya
Flashbacks to 2010 show Reese obsessing over Jessica, the end of his CIA career and a big revelation concerning the Machine. In the present Reese tries to foil an armoured car thief.

There is a bad CGI van, a twist, Snow returns to menace Carter, someone turns out not to be dead and people come to bad ends. This was good, the plot thickens even more.

Best Lines:
He’s chasing down street money with a baseball bat.”

“And you just gave them a beacon.”

“Did we actually accomplish anything here?”