April 4th, 2013

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There will be a ‘GI Joe 3’? Wow and I haven’t seen ‘GI Joe 2’ yet.

‘True Blood’ season 6 teaser:

‘Pain and Gain’ TV spot
What is this?

‘Under The Dome’ trailer

‘Cult’ 1x07 trailer

Best Line:
“How sick are you?”

‘Lost’ 2x14 promo
This vintage promo showcases when the show changed. The voiceover guy solemnly intones: “A stranger is captured”. Dude, you have no idea.

‘Ugly Betty’ Quotes:
“Slap a hottie on the cover. Throw in some articles on fast cars, videogames and guns.”

“Off the floor Marc. No, your instincts were right. Fall again.”

So it seems ‘Revolution’ isn’t based on the S.M. Stirling ‘Emberverse’ novels. It’s just incredibly similar.
Scary Books

Elementary 1x16 + Revenge 1x14 Reviewed

Holmes is a jackass, Bell is in peril, a street thug is murdered and the perpetrator is obvious. Bell gets back-story and it is pointed out to Watson that Holmes endangers her life and it does not occur to him to care. Watson’s lie comes out and Holmes makes an offer. This was boring and plain bad.

Best Lines:
“Thank God for bad aim.”
“And airbags.”

“I am better with you Watson.”

“His legal file is over four inches thick.”

Jack and Amanda finally notice that Nate Ryan has stowed away on their honeymoon cruise. Daniel joins in the family filth as the Grayson’s plot some more. Declan annoys, people die and there is really bad green screen as people tool around on ‘boats’. Aiden annoys, Jack is an idiot and yet another Initiative flunky shows up. This one is named Trask and is played by Burn Gorman of ‘Torchwood’. Victoria has no scruples. This was dire.

Best Lines:
“The bitch had it coming.”

“Apparently he’s growing impatient in our driveway.”

“One night without the help is suspect enough.”

“Your gall never ceases to repulse me.”

“She choose the wrong enemy.”

Lost Rewatch: 3x02 + 3x07 + 3x19

The Glass Ballerina
Sun has flashbacks as Jack, Kate and Sawyer are imprisoned by the Others. In the final scene the truly annoying Jack is confronted by Henry Gale who reveals his real name is Benjamin Linus and that the Others have contact with the outside world. This was a shock at the time. Ben also reveals that Oceanic 815 crashed 69 days ago and lists off things that have happened in the outside world. Jack does not believe him and then Ben shows him a TV. Jack gapes and does not ask how the Others have a TV feed. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“If you could leave this island, why would you still be here?”
“Yes, Jack, why would we be here?”

Not In Portland
Jack has to operate on Ben’s borderline inoperable spinal tumour. The effects of which Ben had walked off by season 6. Juliet had encouraged Jack to kill Ben on the operating table. Jack threatens to kill Ben unless Kate and Sawyer are set free. Juliet has flashbacks to her life in Miami, her sister and her evil ex-husband (Zeljko Ivanek of ‘Heroes’ and ‘The Event’).

Juliet was a wet rag with a bad perm who was bullied by her evil ex. Then one day a man named Mr Alpert (Nestor Carbonell in his first ‘Lost’ ep) tried to recruit her. Juliet said her ex wouldn’t let her and wished he would be hit by a bus. Not so long after, her evil ex is indeed hit by a bus. Mr Alpert and Ethan (who looks like Jeremy Renner) show up at the morgue to carry on recruiting her. So did they kill the evil ex? Mr Alpert (his first name wouldn’t be revealed for a few more eps) looks good in a suit. I will never forgive that wretched season 6 flashback he got for ruining his mystique and lustre.

Kate and Sawyer escape with the help of Alex but they have to rescue her boyfriend Karl first. Alex is revealed to be Ben’s daughter. Ben has no idea how to parent but considering his bastard father, that is no surprise. Jack screams a lot and Juliet wants to go home but never would as Jack got her killed no doubt for the cardinal sin of hooking up with Sawyer.

Best Lines:
“We’re not quite in Portland.”

“My ex-husband wouldn’t let me.”

The Brig
The deeply disturbed Ben and Locke continue their feud over the title Master Of The Island. They’d both lose in the end. Naomi, Widmore’s advance scout is on the island. Ben has somehow brought Locke’s father to the island and Locke’s bastard father mocks him. Ben tells Locke to kill his evil father but Locke can’t.

Richard and Locke chat. Richard sees Locke as an ideal replacement for Ben whom he has lost faith in. This was a bad idea on so many levels. Richard urges Locke to kill his bastard father. Season 6 revealed Richard feared hell for killing someone so why does he have no problem killing lots of people on Jacob’s behalf? Locke cheats and gets Sawyer to kill his bastard father. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Magic box is a metaphor, John.”

“The part of you that still feels like he has a perfectly good explanation for stealing your kidney, throwing you out of an eight-storey window.”
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Person Of Interest Season 1 Review, part 3

Get Carter
Did TPTB give Carter that surname just so they could use that pun ep title? Carter was a military interrogator and based the bar and she is also supposed to be the ‘heart’ of the show and its ‘moral centre’. Carter tries to hunt down Elias and save a battered wife.

Elias’ uncaring father is alive and in jail. Reese is sullen. Carter is in peril and she has a son. There is a morass of political and police corruption in the city. Reese does his usual Terminator impersonation to save Carter. Where does Reese get his weapons and where does he keep them? Carter rants, there is a betrayal and Elias lurks. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I’m the one who has to investigate when your husband finally beats you to death.”

“What happened?”
“Lead poisoning. It’s going around the neighbourhood.”

Number Crunch
Reese finds a photo of a younger Finch. IA harass Carter. Reese crashes a crime scene and it ties to a coked up car crash. Different sets of people are in peril this week. A corrupt banker (Jack Gwaltrey of ‘Profit’) lurks.

Snow, a former CIA colleague of Reese gets Carter to sell Reese out which causes things to escalate. This was mediocre even if had hints of Reese’ past, Finch posing as an idiot blogger and Carter being a tool who has seen too much.

Best Lines:
“You got shot. Take some time off.”
“My vest got shot. It can take some time off.”

“Your little friend with the glasses.”

“Hey, Fusco, you die in there?”

“I’m hearing rather too much of your lower intestine. Could you possibly move your phone from your belt to your jacket pocket?”

“Killers just tried to take out Wendy and Paula.”
“Please tell me they failed.”
“For now.”

Finch gets treatment for Reese’ gunshot wounds in direct fashion. There are flashbacks to Finch and his old partner Nathan (Brett Cullen, who was Goodwin on ‘Lost‘ who Michael Emerson's Ben got killed). Nathan pretended Finch was just his IT guy and Nathan was threatened by an NSA boss (Cotter Smith).

Reese and Finch hang out in an apartment as Reese heals and they investigate the building supervisor Trask. Is Trask a harmless bag of wind or a stalker? In-between investigating Trask, Finch and Reese perv at a woman doing yoga. Finch has to do the fieldwork as Reese is laid up. Finch and Carter have a stare down and there is a game changer revelation about the Machine at the end. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Stitch him up no questions asked and you can be a doctor again.”

“So, Trask is armed, has a dangerous fixation on Lily and he just chased me up three floors. Safe to say he’s our perpetrator.”

Reese and Carter meet now Reese has walked off being shot with a sniper rifle. A lawyer who represents ex-cons is in peril. Finch bails out Nathan’s son Will (Michael Stahl-David of ‘Cloverfield’). Reese breaks bones and cracks teeth to protect the lawyer and uncovers a nasty parole officer and a social worker scam. He also spies on Finch and knocks a would be hitman out with a book of criminal law. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“You getting paranoid Carter. That’s a step in the right direction.”

“You went ninja on that guy.”

“You were never in jail?”
“Not in this country.”