February 14th, 2013


Movie Review: The Town (2010)

In Boston, a gang of blue collar idiots and bums rob banks and armoured cars. One of them romances a bank teller he and his crew took hostage. The FBI are after them. Naturally it all ends badly for most of the gang of idiots. This tried very hard but I didn’t care.

Best Lines:
“Oxy, guns, it’s like townie Christmas.”

“I need your help. I can’t tell you what it is. You can never ask me about it later. I’m going to hurt some people.”
“Whose car we gonna take?”

Revenge 2x07 Reviewed

Aiden stinks up the damn show. Mason Treadwell fishes. Kenny’s brother Nate (Michael Trucco of ‘Battlestar Galactica’) shows up. Daniel is gross. People blather about the Initiative. Kara cracks. People talk in melodramatic tones. Daniel smirks. Emily guilts Mason. Truths are told and deals struck and one of the criminally culpable pays. This was uh. Why was Flight 197 blown up at all?

Best Lines:
“America will devour the salacious tale of the felonious Sapphic blondes and their vendetta against one of the wealthiest families on the planet.”
“To say nothing of the massive lawsuit that will follow.”

“Sociopathic socialite.”

“Confession they say is good for the soul. And for book sales.”

“An innocent man whose only crime was to run afoul of some very powerful, very malignant people.”
Scary Books

Book Review: The Way We Fall

The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe

‘The Fallen World: Book 1’ is a mash up of Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ and Susan Pfeiffer’s ‘Life As We Knew It’ and ‘The Dead and the Gone’. An incomprehensible illness ravages an island community as 16 year old Kaelyn keeps a journal of events. It is a dull tale of dysfunction, disconnection, narcissism and some compassion.

Best Lines:
“I went into town today, and no one aimed a gun at me. Small victories.”

“The stun gun was lying on the dining room table. Because that’s what our life is now.”

Thoughts of the Day

‘Arrow’ renewed - yay! ‘Supernatural’ renewed - not so much yay.

I am reading ‘Deathstalker’.

‘Do No Harm’ 1x03 promo
I can see why this was axed after 1x02.

‘The Following’ 1x05 promo

‘Life As We Know It’ Quote:
AP is reporting that the Statue of Liberty has been washed out to sea.”

Charmed’ Quote:
“Isn’t it a bit suicidal to be walking into the room Phoebe saw us die in?”

‘Deathstalker’ Quotes:
“Even a beggar with leprosy would pause to spit on a clonelegger.”

“I don’t think you’ve had a good word to say about Lionstone since she stabbed her nanny when she was six.

“It wouldn’t do for the lower orders to see the aristocracy dying. It might give them ideas.”

“Everyone looked equally violent and disreputable.”

“From the look of the street, several horses had recently taken the time to use the street as a toilet. At least, he hoped it was horses.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Amy takes her children away. Ste fails to see what the problem is and acts like a physically aggressive chav. Brendan stirs the pot. Ste cries. Brendan abandoned  his kids years ago but Ste doesn’t care about them or his own kids. The deluded Ste chooses Brendan over his kids.

Mitzeee learns she is five months pregnant and therefore the baby is Riley’s. Oh come on. Mitzeee announces this during a live TV interview with Eamonn Holmes and so Carl throws aside his idiot revenge plan for yet another grandson. So Mitzeee’s son and Mercedes’ son will be half brothers? Where is Bobby anyway? Kevin is Walker’s son???

Brendan gets angry and beats up a toilet stall and throws a glass of scotch at Ste’s head. Ste abandoned Doug and his kids for Brendan the multiple murderer, thug, drug dealer and abuser who put Pete in a wheelchair and menaced Amy and her children. Cheryl and her day shift stripper attire is done for soliciting. Ste catches Brendan running around in serial killer gloves and carrying a load of drugs. Ste seems to finally have had it.

Best Lines:
“I just found out my kids are living with that thug Brendan.”

“I never would have left Leah and Lucas with him if I’d thought he’d move Brendan in.”

“Your son is toxic.”

“We convince her that I’ve changed.”
“Yeah, with a glass of scotch and a weirdo lawyer.”

“What was I thinking? Giving up me kids for you?”