January 17th, 2013


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‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 trailer

‘Fringe’ finale trailer
I’ve a horrible feeling about how this will end. Why hasn’t the other Olivia aged?

Best Line:
“Fate can be changed.”

‘Last Resort’ 1x12 promo
Things get tense and it looks like Kendal’s going to crack some more.

‘Once Upon A Time’ 1x18 promo

A sequel to ‘Outpost’ and ‘Juggernaut’ is coming. Yay!

I am reading ‘Mysterium’.

‘Mysterium’ Quotes:
“I’m sure it’s perfectly safe.”
“So was Chernobyl until it blew up.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Will has convinced everyone that Texas pushed him down the stairs. Including Texas. Will may be paralysed, Dodger is unsympathetic and Texas is not under arrest for GBH. Tilly stands idly by as Sinead and Ruby publicly bully Esther.

Jen, the art teacher has the students create a memorial for Neil, Maddie and Jono. Dodger finally gets a clue that Sienna is a cow. Tilly and Jen hook up in inappropriate fashion.

The pervy barrister is drawing up Myra’s will. Jacqui returns. Dr Paul tells Myra she isn’t dying after all. To get out of his lie, he lies again and tells her it was a mistake. The pervy barrister suggests a lawsuit against the hospital. Myra and Jacqui look happy at the thought of money.

Texas is falling for Will in a Florence Nightingale effect. Dodger attacks Will in his hospital bed. Meanwhile the part of the art memorial featuring Maddie has been slashed. Ruby and Sinead blame Esther. They’re right, for once. Esther reaches out to Tilly only to be ignored. When will the abhorrent Sinead and Ruby get theirs?

Best Lines:
“I find it anti-creative, patronising and quite frankly insulting.”

“Will’s on painkillers, he doesn’t know what he wants.”

“Peaches, always gives me wind.”

“At least my gay came back!”
Scary Books

Ghost #3 + Star Trek #16 Reviewed

In The Smoke and Din, part 3

After the phoney and inauthentic issue 2, this issue does an exposition dump about a demon conspiracy and the magic box. Bad things happen to Vaughn and the ghost’s back-story is revealed. This was okay.

Best Line:
“Your plan is to accost the man at his birthday party and accuse him of hiding a serial killer.”

Mirrored, part 2

This is based on the 2009 movie and sadly I missed #15. This is a retelling of the 2009 movie in the mirror universe. Kirk, Chekov, Scotty and Sulu have taken over the Narada. Uhura lurks looking nothing like Uhura. Pike is an eye patch sporting senator wearing a ‘Star Trek 2’ style uniform. Also San Francisco has a Black Gate Bridge.

Kirk has blown up the ISS Enterprise and is power crazed. Spock Prime shows up. Kirk yells a lot and rejects redemption. People die. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“You are not the James Kirk I remember.”

“I’m going to have to start encouraging you to be honest. You won’t enjoy my methods of encouragement.”
Scary Books

Criminal Minds 2x18 + Alcatraz 1x11 Reviewed

The Crossing

A woman (it’s Dawson’s mother from ‘Dawson’s Creek’) shot her husband and as she is interviewed it is clear she is beaten down from years of physiological abuse from her husband and children. It’s sad. Her oblivious uncaring children rant about how their mother couldn’t shop or clean and how she’s stupid. The brats and their mother have no emotional reunion.

Meanwhile Keri is being stalked and JJ leads to quest to find the nutter. The stalker is not yet murdery in a murderer way but is about to crack up. This was good.

Best Lines:
“I’m fat. I’m a terrible housekeeper. I’m a terrible cook. Believe me, I needed a husband with a lot of patience.”

“I knew it had to be then. That that was my only chance.”

Webb Porter

Neither Desoto or Rebecca care about Lucy. Desoto stalks Hauser. Flashbacks to 1960 show Hauser and Lucy’s romance but how did a Yale graduate end up working as a prison guard?

Webb Porter yet another disturbed 63 shows up and he’s killing women. Rebecca needs to shut up. Hauser has to show the Alcatraz doctor how to use Skype. How is Webb Porter going to parties, getting a job, playing violin and going on auditions?

Flashbacks show how Lucy ‘helped’ Porter back in 1960. There is a blood transfusion and Desoto and Rebecca react with dull surprise when they learn about Lucy. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“His mother tried to drown him in the bathtub when he was only 6.”
“No doubtedly the reason he butchered her.”

“So what’s the deal with Hauser?”
“He’s standing right behind you.”

“We’re never going to find out what’s really going on here are we?”
Scary Books

Last Resort 1x10 + Revenge 2x03 + Fringe 5x11 Reviewed

Blue Water

Somehow King and Kendal have got off Sainte Marina and to the Philippines in a flurry of really bad green screen. The useless Christine is subject to rendition. A Chinese envoy shows up on Sainte Marina. The COB finally stumbles out of the jungle.

Kylie learns of something big coming and the COB has to deal with 25 imprisoned crewmembers. Kendal has lost it. There is talk about a reckoning, Chaplin is floundering and Serrat shows up to annoy.

This is better than ‘Scandal’. There’s a shootout, a twist and things are getting worse. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“You owe me nothing Sam and you never have.”

“I figured you for shark chum by now.”

“They may come in peace but let’s be prepared.”

“I leave for a week and we become the USS Leavenworth?”

“World War III has already started.”

“Prison is a luxury we can no longer afford.”


Aiden is really annoying, Emily bashes him over the head and leaves him in a dumpster. Victoria’s bargain with the White Haired Man is revealed. Declan has taken up burgling, but sucks at it. Jack and Amanda are on the rocks.

Amanda wants a family. Emily manipulates. Aiden beats people up. Declan gets into trouble. Victoria gives a big press conference full of lies. Jack pontificates. What is with the revenge training school and why am I supposed to care about Aiden? There is a revelation. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Who leaves a baseball signed by Babe Ruth out in the open?”

“I’m not doing late night feedings by the beer taps.”

“This house of dysfunction.”

“There are things at play that dwarf your penchant for gullibility.”

The Boy Must Live

The gang hook up with the being formerly known as September aka Donald. We get to see the grim future the Observers come from and their origin is revealed. The observers went into the past to observe primitive humans, they never were good guys.

Walter and Donald’s plan is revealed. Olivia sees it as a way to get Etta back overlooking the huge fact that if the plan works than Peter will be in the other universe and never have known her.

As with all of Walter’s plans. Things go wrong. So how will the two hour finale wrap all this up? Plus is William Bell still in amber? Will John Scott ever show up again? This was okay.

Best Line:
“You weren’t referring to my son, you were referring to yours.”
To Light The Way To Bed

Book Reviews: Snow White, Blood Red + The Rook

Snow White, Blood Red edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

A self proclaimed collection of adult fairy tales that bite. But they’re just boring and over wrought. This was the 1st of 6 books.

The Rook by Daniel O’Malley

A woman awakens in a London park, she has amnesia, is surrounded by dead people and there is a letter in her pocket from herself. She learns she used to be Myfanwy Thomas who was told by psychics that someone would erase her mind.

Myfanwy worked for the Checquy Court, a secret institution that guards against supernatural threats. And now the amnesia stricken Myfanwy must return to her old job, rebuild her personality, stop a supernatural threat and identify the traitor in the Checquy Court. This is good, an enjoyable and funny tale of psychics, adventure, body horror and evil Belgians.

Best Lines:
“Here’s your little girlie paper bag to have a nice little girlie vomit if you feel the need.”

“Why are we whispering?”
“Because I’m concerned that eldritch forces will rip my face off.”
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