December 21st, 2012

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Reviews for: ‘Dance of the Dead’, ‘Kitty Rocks the House’, ‘1636: The Kremlin Games’, ‘Uncharted Territory’, ‘The Weight of the Worlds’, ‘Trio of Sorcery’, ‘The Man With the Golden Torc’, ‘Daemons are Forever’, ‘Quiet Houses’, ‘Moonset’, ‘The Caretaker of Lorne Field’, ‘Tempest Rising’, ‘The Folded World’, ‘Known Devil’, ‘Silence’, ‘Graveyard Child’, ‘Plague Nation’ and ‘The Spy Who Haunted Me’ coming in 2013.

So on ‘Holloaks’, Ste and Brendan have post coital bliss, did they change the sheets after John-Paul left? TPTB continue to romanticise domestic violence as spineless Ste listens to Brendan make a long speech as to how he is the victim in all this now and forever. Ste is moronic and this soap is terrible. Ste and Brendan trash a deserted pub in whimsical fashion. Cheryl is delighted Ste and Brendan are together overlooking how Brendan stalked and harassed Ste, broke his ribs and gave him black eyes. Ste has not yet told his kids that daddy Doug is gone but daddy Brendan will be around soon enough. Nobody cares about Doug. Then Brendan and Cheryl’s dad shows up so Brendan can play the victim some more.

‘The Domination’ Quotes:

Where are the children of men who befo’ 1914 calmly sat to debate how ‘enlightenment’ and ‘reform’ would be forced on the primitive Draka, how they could bring us ‘democracy’? In graves from here to China, workin’ in our fields and kitchens, laborin’ in mines and factories to build our power, singin’ for our pleasure after this excellent dinner.”

“They’re still waiting. They know about us. They’re trying to find us. And they’re hungry.”
Scary Books

The Town 1x03 + Fringe 5x10 Reviewed

The Town 1x03
And so this series ends as Mark overlooks his sister’s birthday and Betty keels over. Alice’s husband Karl and his chavvy mates beat up Mark. The local cop, Chris, shows up to justify and like the BBC’s excellent ‘Exile’, this otherwise enjoyable drama falls apart in ep 3. Mark learns about a mysterious grave and some secrets of the jolly fat mayor Len.

People over emote, there is a revelation and bun throwing, Jodie and Harry reunite and in a flurry of bad acting the truth comes out. The final confrontation scene was idiotic and makes no sense. This was a crappy ending to ‘The Town’.

Best Line:
Liked the buns, got bored, went home.”

Black Blotter
Walter acts crazy, again. He trips and sees hallucinations of his dead co-worker Carla who was seen in season 2’s ‘Peter’. Olivia and Peter go looking for stuff; Peter seems to be having no real side effects from the Observer tech. Sam Weiss’ fate is revealed. Walter has an animated trip. Olivia and Peter stumble across idiots and there is an ‘ominous’ ending. This was good.

Best Line:
“You’re burning up and I know how that feels."

Plague Town + Horrors Beyond 2: Stories of Strange Creations, part 1

Plague Town by Dana Fredsti
Ashley Parker is a mature student attending college in the small town of Redwood Grove. Aside from a jerk classroom assistant and a flu epidemic, life seems good. And then the flu victims who die reanimate as zombies.

Ashley is one of a few who are immune to the virus and is recruited as a zombie killer. This is a good exciting zombie adventure with one flaw: Ashley’s bizarre ‘romance’ does not ring true.

Best Line:
“I couldn’t resist a peek out the living room window. When I saw what was out there, I wished I’d had better restraint.”

Horrors Beyond 2: Stories of Strange Creations edited by William Jones, part 1

Isolation Point, California

A man and women are some of the very few survivors of a hate plague. This was mediocre.

A retired code breaker is asked to study one last code. This was not good.
Space travel goes badly wrong in this bad confusing tale.

A nutter acts nuts. This was bad.

The Signal
A PI is asked for help with a disappearance. This was good.

Fractal Freaks
An utterly weird tale of monsters and technobabble. It was awful.

Ghost Lens
A man makes an unfortunate discovery in the woods. This was good but the ending makes no sense.

Dead Air
A DJ’s influence is felt from beyond the grave. This was bad.
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