November 16th, 2012

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Carey Mulligan played Sally Sparrow in the ‘Doctor Who’ ep ‘Blink’!

The Host’ trailer

‘Hollyoaks’, the wedding day bus crash drama continues. Bart the stoner is sadly not dead despite causing the crash. Mean girl Maddie and her whoredrope were taken out by a flaming flying minibus door in what has to be the funniest soap death ever for a bully, coward and hypocrite. Cindy on her wedding day to Tony is cow eyed over Jacqui’s husband Rhys and doesn’t care about Tony or her own daughter Holly. Ste suffers worst aid as his daughter Leah says: “My daddy won‘t wake up.”. Doug shows off awful acting and he wails. A cover of ‘Hurt’ plays. Then Brendan finds out Ste is comatose and runs Tom Cruise style into casualty and overacts. Doug shows off more rotten acting as he gets into a shoving match with Brendan. TPTB killed off Maddie, Neil, Rhys and Jono and kept him?!? Another cover of ‘The Power of Love’ plays.

On ‘Eastenders’ Christian and Syed left the show after Christian took Syed back yet again. Doormat. Before he did he listed off all Syed’s lies, bad deeds and hypocrisy. It took awhile. Jackass Syed doesn’t care about bankrupting his family and the word job isn’t in his vocabulary. The duo head off to the US (with no visas or money) with all their worldly possessions in one back pack and one small wheelie bag. Oh, it’ll all end in a stabbing someday.

Best Lines:
“Well nobody’s dead yet.”

“I love you Christian.”
“Do you?”

“I nag, I judge, I interfere.”

I am reading ‘1635: The Papal Stakes’

‘247oF’ trailer
Idiots get stuck in a sauna, this looks dumb.

‘Arrow’ 1x07 promo
Scary Books

Fringe 5x04 + Hunted 1x07 Reviewed

The Bullet That Saved The World

An Observer reads Peter. Why are there no female Observers? Broyles shows up in weird old age make up. The Observers are obtuse and belligerent. Walter keeps detritus of old Fringe cases in a never before seen or mentioned basement. Detritus includes the portal from ‘Peter’ and porcupine man.

Olivia shows no interest in her sister and niece’s fates. The Observers glower in ridiculous fashion. Someone dies in blatantly manipulative fashion. TPTB continue the season 3&4 trend of making Peter stupid. This was bad.

Best Lines:
“You really had no idea that he was doing this?”
“I wouldn’t have slept at night if I did.”

“Technically this is a weapon of mass destruction.”

“We need to re-amber the lab.”


‘Hunted’ has been axed, no great loss. Sam looks at mysterious files. Fowkes has eluded the police dragnet and has to find the mysterious case. There is blathering about controlling a water supply. It suddenly becomes clear that Jack Turner is not the villain in all this. Sam and co uncover the dark secret of the dam that Polyhedrus built. Jack and Steven suspect Sam. People still want Sam dead. Natalie annoys. Aidan has a secret, nobody really cares. Zoë is smug, Fowkes doesn’t kill Jack Turner’s hitman when he has the chance and what is in the mysterious case is finally revealed. Jack and Steven yell. Sam is in peril.

Best Lines:
“What Polyhedrus did to get that dam built.”

“Mr T and half the police out looking for me.”

“You’re in a rather melodramatic mood today aren’t you?”

“I don’t forgive you.”

“We’re working for a mass murderer.”

“You turn everything to filth.”
Scary Books

Book Review: Iron Winter

Iron Winter by Stephen Baxter

This is the conclusion to the ‘Northland’ trilogy which began with the excellent ‘Stone Spring’, sagged with the dire ‘Bronze Summer’ and now comes to a wonderful conclusion with this final volume.

It is 1315 and the existence of Northland has changed the world. But nothing lasts forever. A new ice age has begun bringing famine and destruction. Northland cannot endure, empires war for food and land and civilisation crumbles. Various people all over the world find their lives changing as the ice comes and the Northland that Ana worked so hard to save 8000 years ago ceases to be. This is a good, chilling conclusion to the saga.

Best Lines:
“We establish some kind of perimeter out from here, in all directions. Barricade it, defend it when they come.”
“The starving mob. We fight them off, until they die of cold or hunger.”

“Carthage. A city that wouldn’t give you a gutter to lie in.”
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