October 12th, 2012

Scary Books

Breaking Bad 3x06 + Hunted 1x02 Reviewed


I am thinking of giving up on this show. The ridiculous assassins lurk. Skyler is annoyed that Walt has signed the divorce papers, she is never happy. Walt Jnr sulks. Walt has a new lab assistant. Hank looks into Jesse. There is idiot goings on involving the RV. Gus does something that will have consequences. This was dire, I don’t care about these petty petty people.


The BBC’s ‘drama’ continues. One of the team has been captured by the barrow boy baddie. Byzantium is aptly named as everyone in it is betraying each other, lurking and having an agenda. Also nobody has a conversation like a normal person. Sam is ordered to kill her captured team mate.

Barrow boy’s son has daddy issues. This is murky, the plot is incoherent and the fight scenes are over edited. Everyone is drained and despondent. The barrow boy bullies his doormat son. An old friend of Sam’s is killed off for no real reason. What is so special about her? This was bad, deathly dull and plotless.