September 28th, 2012

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2001 Tape Tale + Fringe season 5 trailer!

‘Fringe’ season 5 trailer
The Observers have taken over. Why are there no female Observers? Why did Peter and Olivia call their child Henrietta? What is with the Soviet style uniforms and facial tattoos? Will Desmond from ‘Lost’ be in this? Looks good.

Best Line:
“This is war and we’re losing.”

‘She Walks in Beauty’ - by Lord Byron excerpt
She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies
And all that’s best of dark and bright

Reviews of ‘Hunted’ coming soon.

Cleared out a tape from 2001. It opened with an ‘X Files’ ep ‘Empedocles’ in which Monica, Mulder and Doggett rant about a ‘satanic’ case. Scully references ‘Mad About You’ and I do not care.

Then came the season 5 ‘Buffy The Vampire’ ep ‘The Gift’ in which Buffy is willing to let everyone everywhere die to save Dawn. Suddenly it seems the monks made Dawn out of Buffy and the troll dude from an earlier ep was actually a troll god. WTF? One does wonder in season 9, with no more magic in the world. Why does Dawn still exist? Ben wanders around in Glory’s muumuu until Giles kills him. There was never any follow up on that. Dawn snots. Xander proposes to poor Anya. This was boring and obviously filmed on a set. Glory wants to go home, maybe she shouldn’t have wasted time taking baths. There are bad SFX. Buffy dies. Why oh why, did they not get rid of the irritant Dawn in this ep? The ritual is based on bleeding the key but before the key was made into Dawn it was energy. So why is the ritual based on blood? This ep lacks any logic.

Best Line:
“I noticed you’re talking whereas in your position. I would attack me.”

Then came an ‘Angel’ ep ‘There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb’ in which the idiot storyline set in the demon realm finally ends. Fred joins the team and Cordelia is stupid. Groo shows up. What was the point of any of this? Finally there was a ‘Nash Bridges’ ep ‘Jump Start’ in which crap happens.
Scary Books

Book Review: Path of the Eclipse

Path of the Eclipse by Chelsea Quinn Yarbo

Saint-Germain is living in China (this takes place after ‘Dark of the Sun’) when Jenghiz Khan invades. Saint-Germain meets a female warlord named T’en Chih-Yu and helps her prepare her remote fortress for an attack by the Mongols.

After that doomed affair, Saint-Germain flees to Tibet and then into India. It is in India that he has a showdown with a Kali worshipping crazy woman. This was not good. It was boring and Saint-Germain’s inner monologues and sulking dragged. This was a real disappointment.

Best Lines:
“She has the soul of the screech owl and is said to worship unclean things.”

“Creature of Shiva!”
“You think that, and you dare fight me?”
Scary Books

Supernatural 7x12&7x13 + Breaking Bad 3x04 + Teen Wolf 2x12 Reviewed

Time After Time

People are being found dead. Dean travels back to 1944 thanks to the villain of the week. The loud idiot Dean teams up with Eliot Ness (Nicholas Lea) to take on Cronos (Jason Dohring of ‘Veronica Mars’, ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Ringer’).

Dean wears a suit and calls himself Agent Costner, Ness drinks and Jason Dohring does Jason Dohring stuff. This was good due to the fact there were no Leviathans in this ep.

Best Line:
“Ace work kraut muncher.”

The Slice Girls

There’s murders, Dean drinks and bangs some chick he met in a bar. Sam needs a haircut. Dean’s hook up turns out to be an Amazon and she has his kid. Said kid, Emma, grows up real fast. Or at least she does until Sam shoots her dead in revenge for Amy.

The Amazons aren’t the ones from ‘Xena’ or ‘Wonder Woman’. This was okay but you could read a decidedly misogynist subtext to this ep.

Green Light

Jesse sells meth and continues to waste his life. Saul bottom feeds. Nobody notices the symbol drawn outside Walt’s house. There is bad acting. Walt is suspended from his job. Jesse and Walt are estranged. Skyler is shunned at work and continues to screw Ted and be smug.

Hank the jackass is obsessed with catching Heisenberg. Jane’s father has shot himself, condition unknown. Walt is just his usual petty idiot self.

Best Lines:
“I caught my second wife screwing my step dad.”

“You’re good at a lot of things son.”
“Like what?”

“You’re the only thing standing between him and an axe to the head.”


Jackson strikes GQ poses, a pack of Alphas are en route, the vet and guidance counsellor are cryptic and Scott is still salivating over Allison. Boyd and Erica are in peril, Stiles is still a moron and Allison is an idiot. Gerard gives a movie villain speech and over does his lines. Gerard’s delivery of the words "mountain ash" are so OTT he makes Nic Cage look wooden.

Scott is an idiot and apparently had a plan all along. Scott does not have plans, he has no functioning brain cells. Allison makes no apology or atonement for her actions. There is vomiting and this was moronic.
Scary Books

Covert Affairs Season 2 review, part 1

Under cover girl

Begin The Begin
Annie wanders around in a bikini as Ben heals. Ben annoys. Annie’s sister is now in the opening credits, oh lord. Annie needs to button her blouse. Annie is told to work a tennis playing asset named Nadia. Arthur’s in trouble. There is bad bad green screen. Ben vanishes. There is a twist. This was okay.

Best Line:
“In our line of work there is a very thin line between intuition and paranoia.”

Good Advices
Annie heads to Paris to get info out of the Syrian embassy. Boy has this ep dated. Joan wears another work inappropriate dress but finally wears a proper suit after being called for jury duty. Annie reunites with Eyal Leven (Oded Fehr).

There is parkour, Joan deals with a mean judge and Annie wanders around something that is not the Gare De Lyon. Annie is an idiot and the season 2 plot arc (if there is one) may be set up. This was okay.

Best Line:
“That’s what my wife said when she left me.”

Band and Blame
Annie is asked out by an er doctor. Annie goes back to the Farm to poke out a mole. The mole is suspected to be perpetually angry instructor Roy Gaskin. This was good, this season is already better than season 1.

Roy Gaskin rants a lot, Annie deals with her fellow trainees and this could be a poorly disguised pilot for a spin off set at the Farm. Meanwhile Arthur meets his ex-wife (Rena Sofer) and she does not like The Blonde aka Joan. Jai does nothing in this ep nor has he done anything in 2x02 or 2x01.

Best Lines:
“A promising career at the Agency, over, shattered.”

“All firearms are loaded because they are loaded in real life.”

“Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in dark cave in the Khost-Gardez Pass in Afghanistan getting beat with Kalashnikovs.”