August 16th, 2012

To Light The Way To Bed

True Blood 4x06 + Supernatural 7x03 Reviewed

I Wish I Was The Moon

Bill annoys with his face pulling and ugly suit. Bill plans to murder Eric. Terry and Arlene’s house burns down. Andy is cracking up. Tommy cracks up. Tara’s girlfriend (who can’t act) stomps around in a huff. Sookie gets fired.

Sookie has boundary issues. During the Spanish Inquisition, vampires persecuted witches and now it is payback time. Debbie and her idiot man candy walk around in the woods. Sookie is incapable of saying thank you.

Luna is tricked. Jason and Jessica bond. Bill is a jackass thug. There are spirits and weird goings on. Pam responds to everything with more and greater aggression. Sookie and Eric get it on. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“The ghost of my serial killing ex fiancée just tried to murder us in our sleep.”

“Listen up slumlord.”

“It’s a life or death situation.”
“Another one?”

“Now I know why you shot him.”

The Girl Next Door

The promo for this ep was utter crap and this ep is utter crap. Bobby shows up and the whole cliff-hanger ending of 7x02 is tossed aside in a badly edited cop out. Bobby is a jackass. Sam has flashbacks to 1998 and a badly acted annoying solo mission.

Sam takes off on Dean and looks up Amy a girl he met in 1998. Bobby is oblivious and stupid. There is a shout out to ‘My Bloody Valentine’. This was badly acted and pointless.

Amy is a monster and Sam covered up for her in 1998. So Ruby wasn’t a one off. Who is the father of Amy’s child? It is never addressed. John’s drink problem is brought up yet again, nobody ever did anything about that did they? Dean cleans up Sam’s mess as ‘Kill Bill’ is ripped off. This was appalling.
Scary Books

Revenge 1x14 + 1x15 Reviewed


The very fancy invitations to the engagement party go out. Charlotte is a snot. Grandpa Grayson (William Devane) shows up and he is meaner than Conrad. As for Conrad he continues to ignore Charlotte and is onto Ashley. Jack sees one of Mason Treadwell’s tapes and causes a huge scene. This was good.

Best Lines:
“She threw a dead man under the boss? She’s certainly committed.”

“I didn’t build my empire from the ground up so I could watch your domestic failure single handily tear it down.”


Emily’s box of revenge has been stolen by Tyler. Declan is a punk. Amanda switches sides and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe of ‘Unlawful Entry’, ‘Closet Land’, ‘Twelve Monkeys’ and ‘Impostor’ who is married to Brian Benben of ‘Dream On’) is a horrible person.

Grandpa Grayson is mean. Amanda betrays, Nolan annoys and Tyler has a revenge plan. Victoria plants the seeds of doubt in stupid Daniel’s head. There are gunshots, running around and unexpected twists. This was good.

Best Lines:
“It’s been a weird summer.”

“How do I look?”
“Under medicated.”
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Scary Books

Quotes of the Day

I have put ‘Besieged’ to the side for the moment and am reading ‘Ghost Story’.

‘Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning’ trailer
Luc is the baddie now? Where is Ally Walker’s character? JCVD and the Dolph are still unisoling away. Looks okay.

Moone Boy’ Quotes:
“Mum says you were a mistake.”
“Not a mistake, an accident.”

Raising Hope’ Quote:
“Your mat says welcome, unless it’s being sarcastic.”

‘Gates’ Quote:
“Has mummy taken her Tuesday pills on a Monday again?”

‘Accused’ Quote:
“I killed her because I couldn’t hurt her.”

Ghost Story’ Quotes:
“It had looked like a cheap Halloween decorations outside a crack house.”

“Monster. They’ll write books about you.”

“Justin who had adopted me and trained me to grow up into monster, and who had eventually decided I wasn’t tractable enough and attempted to kill me. It didn’t go as he planned. I killed him and burned down his house around his smouldering corpse instead.”

“There were other cities to prey on - cities that didn’t have the mad wizard Dresden defending them. They feared you.”

“You don’t know how many things just didn’t come here before, because they were afraid.”

“You never even noticed the shadow you cast.”

Movie Review: Crowhaven Farm (1970)

This TV movie sees a farm left to a man who promptly dies in a flaming car wreck. The farm then passes to an idiot woman named Maggie and her jackass husband Ben. They move to the creepy estate.

Maggie mutters about reincarnation and does not want to live there due to visions. But Ben does and his word is the law. Crowhaven Farm has a back story of puritans and witch trials. Creepy events take place, they do not move away.

Ben does not want Maggie working. Maggie hears weird noises and is patronised by the badly dressed neighbours. Ben and Maggie care for the creepy Jennifer and then Maggie has a baby. Ben ignores his wife’s distress, his attitude is rooted firmly in the Neolithic age.

Maggie finds weird artefacts and has a crisis. The ending is weird and really makes no sense. This is good even if the ending is odd and has a lot of psychotically dangerous women.

Best Lines:
You’ve come a long way from that fourth floor walk up in the village.”

“The coven? What’s that?”
“The witch equivalent of a bridge club.”

“What is unfinished must be finished. What is unavenged must be avenged.”