August 12th, 2012

Scary Books

Quotes of The Day

‘Glee’ Quote:
You’ve stuck by me, forgiven me for sleeping with your women. Not everyone in my life has done that. One cougar’s husband even chased me around with a gun.”

Reviews of ‘Gone’ and ‘Ghost Story’ coming soon.

I am reading ‘Besieged’.

Suburgatory’ Quotes:
“I don’t eat in public.”

“Tragic is loading yourself up with so much mascara you can’t blink.”

Odyssey 5’ Quotes:
“I’m your father.”
“Yeah I know. And it’s getting harder and harder to live with that.”

“You’re a bookie, not a charitable organisation.”
Scary Books

Nikita 2x06 + The Walking Dead 2x09 Reviewed

343 Walnut Lane

Alex goes to church dressed in her best call girl chic attire. Alex manipulates or does she? Percy manipulates better. Birkhoff finds Nikita’s birth cert. We get flashbacks to 2004 and Nikita’s training.

I hate Michael’s fluffy new hairdo. Nikita tracks down her father but secrets have a way of getting out. Alex wears way too much make up. Roan lurks. There’s guns and big booms and Michael gets shot. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“A transcript of a phone call where Semak goes all Christian Bale on Percy.”

“Why would he lie?”
“Uh, cos he’s Percy.”

“You will get me what I want when I want it. No questions asked. Or there will be questions asked.”

Trigger Finger

Lori is in a wrecked car being menaced by walkers, sadly not for long. Rick’s shot two people and now their friends have shown up. So instead of blending with this new group of survivors a gun battle breaks out.

Lori is a stupid useless parasite. This was murky and Hershel’s womenfolk do nothing but cook and serve food. Shane acts up, Daryl snarls and Carol is useless. Dale has no point. This cast needs a severe trim.

There’s lots of screaming. Why does Lori believe a word that Shane says? Carol tries to attach herself to a new horrible abusive man, but even he wants none of her. Lori is patronised. Nobody expresses themselves in an evolved way.

Shane will not stop lying, he’s like a male ’Poison Ivy’, he wants Shane’s life and family. Andrea is on Team Shane and Dale is firmly on Team Rick. A new arrival arrives. Hershel tells Shane to shut up. Glenn whines and Maggie is as useless and pathetic as Carol. Lori gets her Lady Macbeth on. Which handily distracts from her lack of charisma or talent. This was okay.

Best Line:
“You killed three of their men, you took one of ‘em hostage but they just ain’t gonna come looking for him?”
Scary Books

What Might Have Been Volume 1: Alternate Empires book review, part 2

What Might Have Been Volume 1: Alternate Empires edited by Gregory Benford and Martin H Greenberg, part 2

Everything But Honor

A man from a world where the US civil war went differently tries to fix things and only makes things worse. Dodgy.

We Could Do Worse
A short nasty account of a very different USA in 1956. Good.

To The Promised Land
The Exodus failed and now 2000 years later, a second Exodus is under way. Mediocre.

Bible Stories For Adults, No. 31: The Covenant
The Ten Commandments were destroyed by Moses and never reconstructed. But now a computer has pieced the shards together and the world awaits to hear what was lost so long ago. Good.

All Assassins
JFK and Oswald’s lives are different but sadly similar. Bad.

Game Night At The Fox And Goose
A woman hears a story of an alternate world where things are different. This makes no sense and the ending is bizarre.

Waiting For The Olympians
Rome never fell and now the Empire prepares for first contact with aliens. Very, very good.

The Return of William Proxmire
A man goes back in time to kill a sci-fi writer. Weird.