August 2nd, 2012

Scary Books

Revenge 1x12 + True Blood 4x04 + Supernatural 7x01 Reviewed


Emily plays Daniel some more. Mason, a Truman Capote like true crime author shows up. He wrote the book on the David Clark case. Or rather, the book the Grayson’s wanted written. Mason (Roger Bart) knew David was innocent and yet sold him down the river for fame.

Emily plans to get the pretentious prat Mason. Meanwhile Jack tires of Amanda. Declan moans about Charlotte daring to get an education. Victoria manipulates Daniel for money. Conrad is a horrible troll.

We get more flashbacks to poor lil Amanda. Mason is given the chance to put things right but digs himself deeper. Emily acts crazy, Roger Bart overacts and there is a revelation. This was sadly boring.

Best Lines:
“The deceits perpetrated by the worst among us.”

“This is one village that won’t miss its idiot.”

“How was your visit to the land of entitled teenagers?”

“No more bandage dresses.”
“Right, I’ll have it burned immediately.”

I’m Alive And On Fire

Eric and Sookie irritate. Bill is a jackass s he obsesses over necromancers. Jason escapes from Hot Shot. The entire Jason/Hot Shot plotline was gross. There is a flashback to a witch burning. When will the actual plot arc kick in?

Tommy looks up his trashy mother and soon regrets it. Sookie has a disproportionate pervasive negative effect on all those around her. Debbie Pelt is blatant and manipulative.

Bill learns he and Portia are related, Bill needs to go away. Pam is aggressive and rude one time too many. This was not good.

Best Lines:
“How many retired Kings do you know?”

“Some old hippies levitated a dead bird, so what?”

“I’ll have a Red Bull please.”
“No you won’t, it’s vulgar.”

“Corrupt, unsanctified corpse that walks, behold your true self!”

Meet The New Boss

WTF was the noise over ‘The Story So Far’? Castiel turns into a crypto nazi because the new show runner wants more screen time for Sam. The opening credits are ugly. I’ve been sick of Bobby since season 4, will they kill him off already.

Castiel does bad stuff off screen. Sam’s time in hell was so much worse than Dean’s just because the new show runner says so. Crowley is summoned, somehow. The new big bads are name checked and I don’t care. This BORED.

Death wanders around. Satan shows up to bore, there is bad acting. Sometimes you can’t tell the truth, it’s too terrible. But I’ll say it anyway: this show didn’t just fade with the passing years - it has lost the plot.

Best Lines:
“You do want to conspire don’t you?”
“No. We want you to just stand there and look pretty.”

“There are things much older than souls in purgatory.”

“Why do you think he created purgatory?”