May 11th, 2012

Scary Books

Book Review: Irenicon

Irenicon by Aidan Harte

This is a bizarre tale in an alternate universe where Christianity was very different. In Italy of 1347, the city of Rasenna defies its conquerors – Concord. But religion and bizarre technology seem set to destroy Rasenna. The reader is introduced to various characters who have unexpected roles to play in the conflict to come.

This is the 1st in a trilogy but reads like book 2. This is readable but at times I had no idea what was going on or who I was reading about. Also the level of technology on display is bizarre for 1347. This is a bizarre oddity.
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Awake (2012) 1x01 + Breaking Bad 1x04 Reviewed


After a car accident, Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs, who looks really different without a bucket of bleach on his head) experiences two duelling realities. In one his son is dead, in the other his wife died. He does not know which is real and which is the dream. He does not care; he does not want to lose either. So he deals with two realities, two shrinks with cheesy self important voices and two different work partners.

In one reality his son is alive and surly and plays tennis and he has a new partner (Wilmer Valderrama of ‘That 70s Show’) because his old partner was mysteriously reassigned. Michael and his new partner hunt a crazy shooter while in the other reality his wife is alive and wants to move. He still works with his old partner as they investigate an adduction.

Michael is confused as odd connections between the two cases crop up. Which world is real? Or is this a ‘Fringe’ type deal? Does he ever actually sleep? What caused the accident? Isaacs goes a bit large ham as his shrinks warn him that the situation is “far from benign” and that “this situation will eventually become unsustainable.”

Michael is not in a good place. This is okay, it is no ‘Lost’ but it is better than ‘Touch’ or ‘Smash’.

Cancer Man

The DEA are looking for crazy 8 and whoever made the 99.1% pure meth. At a BBQ, Walter’s illness becomes public knowledge. Meanwhile Jesse does meth with his druggie friends and has paranoid hallucinations. So he runs home to his parents and little brother.

Skyler gets Walter to see a top doctor. It costs them $5000 just for the appointment and treatment will cost $90,000. Walter gets a crazy paranoid. Walt Jnr annoys, Jesse’s parents throw him out. This was so very boring.