February 29th, 2012

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The X Files’ 1x10 promo
Ahhh ‘Eve’, a classic ep.

‘The River’ 1x05 promo
Looks good.

I won’t be reviewing/watching ‘Sanctuary’ anymore. I’m done, not even Tesla can tempt me back.

‘Death Valley’ axed? Oh curses on MTV. That is as cruel as the cliff-hanger of ‘Dracula: The Series’. Poor Klaus, that was cruel.

Dracula: The Series’ quotes:
I will never be defeated.”

“I am already dead. Your son is dead. Get it?...I don’t want to be brought back.”

I may review the 1994-1995 show ‘Earth 2’ at a later date, through the ether of vague memories I can recall liking it.
Scary Books

Retro Review: Star Trek Deep Space Nine 3x12

Past Tense, Part II

The hostage situation is tense as Sanctuary guard Bernardo (Al Rodgigo) wants to go home, hat wearing/Gabriel Bell killing BC is a nut and mean guard Vin (Dick Miller) stirs the pot by calling his gun wielding captors bums which leads to dramatic gun cocking.

In 2024, you need access codes to use the interface. There are no ipads or laptops. There is some bad acting. Kira and O’Brien don hideous ‘fashions’ as they look through time for Dax, Sisko and Bashir. Kira wears a plaster over her nose to hide her ridges. Odo operates the transporter – is there no transporter operator? Kira and O’Brien have a funny encounter with hippies.

The police show up. SFPD Detective Preston (Deborah Van Valkenburgh) negotiates. Webb wants the Federal Employment Act reinstated while Sisko demands the Sanctuary be shut down. Dax crawls into the Sanctuary via the sewer, she needs Brynner’s help so the Sanctuary residents can access the Interface and tell their stories. Somehow three smart people from the 24th century can’t get the 21st century internet to work.

Dax and her flashy suit then have to smuggled out as SWAT are about to retake the Sanctuary and if anything happened to her, even a 21st century doctor could learn she wasn’t human. Dax has a ‘cute’ encounter with Grant (Clint Howard of ‘Evilspeak’). The Sanctuary residents testify on the Interface.

Not so long after SWAT storm the place and shoot people. Various characters die and the Sanctuary distinct is pacified. Everyone is horrified by the death toll and so history is back on course. Outrage over the deaths will lead to social reform and the proper timeline.

This was good and Sisko’s photo is now in the historical database as Gabriel Bell. ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ never did anything close to this, even in the really good season 4.

Best Lines:
I bet they’re watching this in China!”

“You get on my nerves and I don’t like your hat!”

“Do I look dead to you?”