January 16th, 2012

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The dishwasher is fixed.

Read and disliked 'The Demon Hunt', 'Tales of the Knights Templar' and 'The Golden Key'.

'Revenge' 1x11 promo

'Revenge' 1x12 promo

'Revenge' 1x13

I am not liking 'The Fades' and am mourning 'The Cape'. It has Chess a big bad psycho with weird fashion sense who is a split personality of corrupt corporate executive Peter Fleming. Chess is even more corrupt then Peter and wants The Cape dead while Peter just finds The Cape amusing. As for The Cape/Vince, he was a big yawn. I miss this show.
Scary Books

Hawaii Five-0 2x02 Review

Ua Lawe Wale

A paddle board world champion is kidnapped. There are paddle board world championships?!? A no bra wearing blonde with work inappropriate attire is shoe horned into the team by the annoying Governor. Steve eventually bonds with the no bra wearing blonde, the chatty midget annoys and the whole chatty midget's ex-wife plotline has been dropped.

The CIA bimbo liar is still working for the Five-0 team and finally finally takes off at the end of the ep. Kono is fired by Vince Fryer (Tom Sizemore of 'The Relic' who has aged badly). The kidnapping plotline goes in an unexpected direction. This was okay.
To Light The Way To Bed

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 Issue 5 Review

Sla ye r, int err u pt ed

This has bad art. Willow will not stop moaning or stealing. There's a callback to 'The Chain' issue from season 8. Buffy has dreams about the scythe and is told to "unlock the key" and magic must be restored because the plot says so. Buffy's room-mates are a non-event but there is a big game changer ending. This was okay. I am interested to see how this goes.
Scary Books

Homeland 1x01 Review


Carrie is a loud shouty CIA agent who knows something or does she in this bigger budget 'Rubicon' like show. Brody (Damian Lewis) a scout sniper who has been MIA since 2003 is rescued. Carrie is obsessively suspicious of Brody.

Brody is blank, his wife Jessica (Morena Baccarin of 'SG1' and 'V') was banging his best friend, his kids are snots and his BF Mike is a tool. Carrie bugs Brody's house and shouts at her lackey Virgil (David Marciano of 'Due South' who has got old and bald).

Brody is either bottling up his misery or he is the POW who has been turned that Carrie learnt about. Her boss Saul (Mandy Patinkin) is not sure what to think. Brody has horrible flashbacks to his POW days.

Carrie is a marriage wrecker, pops anti-psychotics, is egocentric, has a high opinion of herself, is sexually inappropriate, wears a weird looking bra and is rude. Brody is lying and this is okay, I'll keep watching.

Best Line:
"Just tell me I'm not out here risking Federal prison on behalf of a crazy person."

The Fades Review Part 2

Episode Two
This is not a horror show but some dreadful YOOF tv like 'Skins'. Helen the vicar is dead, the world is ending (again) and Paul dresses like a chav. Paul's stupid, Mark shags a skank while Sarah broods.

Paul is special and he's 17 even if he acts like a 4 year old. Two vile brats are eaten by Fades. Cannibal ghosts, I care not. Mac's dad is an inept cop. Paul moons over vapid popular girl Jay. Paul's vile sister Anna is vile. This dragged and would not end. This was boring, I don't care about Fades or the dead vicar.

Best Lines:
"I know you did that to Mr Newman's car."
"Just a scratch."
"It was a very offensive sentence."

"You talk like Gollum."

Episode Three
Paul's annoying shrink annoys, no-one listens to Mark and Paul is selfish. Anna annoys and Paul is selfish and STUPID some more. Mark's arrested for multiple murders. Paul has a hard time being grateful and is stupid and is run over by a truck because of said stupidity. This was awful.
Scary Books

Book Reviews: The Hellfire Club + The Ritual

Kato Origins Volume Two: The Hellfire Club written by Jai Nitz

The Hellfire Club caters to rich perverts, Kato goes undercover as a Prince of Siam. The art isn't great and the characters, clothes and hairdos don't look very 1940's. There is a murder at the Hellfire Club and Kato wants justice. Rich deviants get theirs and Britt Reid and his Saks 5th Avenue dress sense only cameos. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"The rules of decent society do not apply within these walls."

"Costumed vigilante aside. I still don't believe what I'm seeing."

"Mercy does not forestall all violence and maiming."

"Did we really need to stop the presses?"
"Please did you not enjoy giving that command?"

The Ritual by Adam Nevill
Four men go on a reunion hiking trip in Sweden. They aren't actually friends anymore, are unfit and decide to take a short cut. They get lost in the woods and 'Blair Witch' stuff ensues. For the 1st half this is a wonderfully creepy story but the 2nd half is so bad, it destroys all goodwill. An utter misfire from the author of the wonderful 'Apartment 16'.

Best Line:
"They were currently lost inside a forest that contained an undiscovered 4,000-year-old burial site."

Sherlock 2x03 Reviewed

The Reichenbach Fall

I HATED this. I miss the manipulative clingy man child Sherlock and his abuser/enabler dynamic with John. Moriarty gurns and overacts during his quick trial. There is a nice soundtrack which is about the only positive.

Sherlock annoys people, Moriarty is a terrible actor and Kitty Reilly is an evil reporter. Morarity has omnipotent powers and uses them to make people think Sherlock is a psycho who invented Morarity. Donovan annoys as the police turn on Sherlock with extreme rapidity as Sherlock is utterly discredited.

This was stupid, stupid, stupid & awful, awful, awful. Mycroft annoys, Watson is dumb. This was ridiculous. WTF was the ending? Moriarty wins, Sherlock is a cruel jackass and I felt ANGRY watching this loathesome piece of crap.

Best Lines:
"You and John Watson, just platonic?"

"You repel me."
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