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Movie Reviews: Mannequin On The Move + In The Mist 👎👎

Mannequin On The Move (1991)

This has a magic mannequin and a department store. Williams Ragsdale and Kristy Swanson star in this sequel. The princess who has been a mannequin for a 1000 years has 80s hair. Shirtless muscle men wander around. Hollywood runs around. There is a fashion montage and a deranged nutjob firing off a crossbow in a crowded shopping centre. There is 90s clothes. This movie makes no sense. There is a broadway show, a swordfight and a mannequin that looks nothing like Kristy Swanson. As for Swanson's character – she has zero agency. They use the same theme song as the original movie. This was incredibly grim.

Best Lines:

“You were in the marines?”

“Yes, they were looking for a few good men and so was I.”

In The Mist (1953)

Swedish. Subtitled. No.

Best Lines:

“Hate. Nothing but hate.”

“Peace day.”

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