December 24th, 2011

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'CSI:Miami' Quote:
"Impulse control has never been my specialty."

'Little Crackers' Quote:
"That is just the kind of behaviour I'd expect from the daughter of a bus conductor."

I am currently reading 'The Golden Key' by Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson and Kate Elliott.
Scary Books

Criminal Minds 4x02 Review

The Angel Maker

A copycat is carrying on the killings of the Angel Maker, a serial killer nutjob executed a year ago. But is the dead serial killer really dead? Hotch clutches his head and looks constipated. People think the Angel Maker is back from the grave. The team look at the killer's fan club to find the copycat.

There's an empty grave, a botched execution, Angel Maker memorabilia, Angel Maker groupies, coded letters and a clue in the stars. This was good despite Hotch being annoying and how did nobody figure out the stars connection before? Still this is a tale of twisted love, really twisted considering the copycat's origin.

Best Lines:
"It's creepy on so many levels."

"We have to assume she's armed."
"Well so are we."
Scary Books

Bones 3x04 Review

The Secret In The Soil

Brennan and Booth visit Sweets, the idiot character whole stole Zack's place in the show. An organic supermarket chain founder/eco hippy is found dead. His widow (Denise Crosby of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation') wears grandmother clothes and talks like a toddler. Brennan and Booth have to find the killer. Sweets annoys.

There are many suspects and it all gets a bit 'Falcon Crest'. There's organic compost, another body and soap opera drama. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"That's really not normal."

"I wish I could muster up some remorse."

"I may have accidently aimed the chem hose at him."

"The road to hell is paved with disposable food containers my friend."

"He had me fired and then he tells Emma to take out a restraining order."
"The fact that you called her 20 times a day and slept in her driveway. That had nothing to do with it?"
"I guess you've never been in love."
Scary Books

Book Review: A Flame In Byzantium

A Flame In Byzantium by Chelesa Quinn Yarbro

It is 545 AD and Olivia Clemens must flee Rome. The armies of Emperor Justinian led by the noble General Belisarius are fighting the Osrogoths. Olivia places herself under the General's protection and travels to Konstantinoupolis for safety.

But there is no safety to be had for as a Roman and an unmarried woman, she is suspect. The Emperor is jealous of the popularity and honour of Belisarius. Plots, jealously and conspiracy are everywhere.

Olivia is careful to avoid suspicion, but not careful enough. This is a delightful and very good historical horror novel. It is a scary look at the nest of pit vipers that was the Byzantine Empire.