November 23rd, 2011

Scary Books

Book Review: The Book Of Cthulhu edited by Ross E. Lockhart, part 2

Fat Face
A stupid street hooker tries to be nice to a guy, it ends badly. This was dreadful.

Shoggoths In Bloom
A sympathetic look at Shoggoths. Okay.

Black Man With A Horn
A man listens to a former missionary’s account of his time in Malaya. He lives to regret it. Good.

Then Curse The Darkness
An absolutely awful tale set in Africa.

Jeroboam Henry’s Debt
Another absolutely awful tale. This one is about revenge.

A manuscript influences reality or something in this bizarre parody homage.

Calamari Curls
A surly chowder restaurant owner is annoyed when a rival emporium opens in his down-at-heel seaside resort. So steps are taken. This is very good.

Best Line:
“Holy water, prayer and police tape had done all they could do.”

Jihad Over Innsmouth
A man boards a plane and finds an Innsmouth horror is sitting next to him. Trouble ensues. This is very good.

Bad Sushi
A sushi chef tries to find the source of some bad sushi. Not that interesting.

The Dream Of The Fisherman’s Wife
A boy asks a widow for a date. It’s not a good idea. Good.

The Doom That Came To Innsmouth
A grandson of an Innsmouth resident returns to the cursed town to discover his roots. This is creepy, disturbing and very good.

Lost Stars
Sara is a student of Lost Aegypt so when she’s invited to a spirituality meeting with Egyptian overtones she’s interested and then terrified. This was excellent.

Best Line:
“A very early pre-Egyptian culture. One can’t call it a civilization, from the evidence.”

The Oram County Whoosit
Coal miners find something unholy. Good.

The Crawling Sky
In the Old West, a preacher and a dimwit battle something. Okay.

The Fairground Horror
A carnie dwells on things Man Should Not Know. This is an over written Lovecraft copy.

A short, creepy tale of a man who buys the wrong house. This is very good.

Best Line:
He chose to dig no deeper.”

Lord Of The Land
A folk tale is a warning. Okay.

To Live And Die In Arkham
Revenge, Arkham style. Okay.

The Shallows
A bizarre tale of one man’s life amongst Lovecraftian horrors. Weird.

The Man From Porlock
Loggers encounter something unpleasant in the woods. This is creepy and okay.