October 31st, 2011

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'Andromeda' Quote:
"Brandenburg Tor is no more. It's three billion citizens are all dead or dying. Its cities lie in ruins. Its lakes are fouled with blood. Its forests burn with unending fire...A previously unknown enemy invaded Brandenburg Tor...Now Brandenburg Tor is theirs, the despoiled prize of a cowardly and brutal attack."

'Ashes' Quotes:
"It'll be dark soon!"
"Then I suggest...that you run very quickly."

No reviews of 'The Cape' just yet. Will be reviewing 'Husk', 'The Thaw', 'The New Daughter', 'The Amateur Cracksman', 'The Strange Cases of Rudolph Pearson', 'Raffles', 'The Book of Cthulhu','What Judgments Come', 'The Golden Key', 'Daring', 'Hard Spell', 'All Clear', 'Brave New Worlds', 'Cold Magic', 'The Dark Storm', 'The Demon Hunt', 'Working Stiff', 'To Brave The Storm', 'The Mall of Cthulhu', 'The Best Horror of the Year Volume 3', 'Roman Dusk' and 'The Time Ships'.

Am misliking 'House of Fear'

'Immortals' trailer
WTF? Seriously WTF is this crap?!?

'Demons Never Die' trailer
Oh go away and make 'Tormented 2'.

'Yellowbrickroad' trailer
This looks good.

'Jawbreaker' trailer
A 90's 'Heathers' knockoff that predated 'Mean Girls'. Four mean girls rule their school and are lead by "Satan in heels" Courtney. But Courtney is going down: "Smile pretty Courtney." Good film.

'Needle' trailer
This oz horror looks good. A guy inherits a weird box. It's really a "tool for revenge" and people start dying.

Best Lines:
"Never trust anyone."

"You're running out of friends."

'Husk' trailer
Idiots crash their jeep due to crows committing suicide on the windshield. Then they wander around a creepy cornfield having obviously never read any Stephen King. Looks ok.
Scary Books

Chase 1x10 Review

Under The Radar
This opens with Annie chasing another con (who has nothing to do with the plot) and fusing over her cowboy boots while Luke dangles off an helicopter. Then the plot switches to two women who rob and shoot people. Luke is the team's "manly charm" and Annie and co are rude and smug. This seems to be an ep from earlier in the run.

Annie and co are such charming people as they stomp into women's shelters. The whole wig plot point seems forgotten and Ivy and Karen's motives are never fully explained. This was okay.

Ringer 1x05 Reviewed

A Whole New Kind of Bitch
Gemma whines and Juliet whines some more. It is revealed that Siobhan and Henry weren't subtle about their lust. Henry is a tool. Why won't Andrew send the junkie Juliet to boot camp? There's no Victor in this ep. Andrew hasn't noticed Bridget lacks Siobhan's cooking class scar.

Matthew is still in a strip club basement being shot up with junk. Gemma is a tool to Bridget, granted Gemma has some cause to be hurt but she acts like such a loon - you don't care. All I could think of during this ep was: SHUT UP Gemma&Juliet, JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Will this a 2nd season? I hope so, I mean 'Dollhouse' managed two seasons.

Gemma gets vindictive. Bridget wears nice silver shoes. It is also revealed Siobhan busted up Andrew's previous marriage and there is an 'oooohhhhhh' ending. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"We feed on shame."

"Where was your sponsor when you almost broke today?"

"You define yourself by your book?"

"Maybe I can be the friend she wasn't."
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The Secret Circle 1x05 Reviewed

Faye pulls faces and continues her 'we're mad, us' vibe. Cassie's granny finally notices That Something Is Up. There are mutterings about the Circle drawing unwanted attention and Blood Moons. Charles and Dawn plot. Melissa is possessed by a snake demon and it takes ages for her 'friends' to notice.

Diana plays seductress with Adam. Charles and Dawn want crystals to restore their magic. Granny knows too much. One Circle member is doomed due to he idiocy and selfishness of others. This show is already far, far better than the terrible 'The Vampire Diaries'. We get more hints of what the 16 years ago Circle did and what may be coming. This was very good.

Supernatural 6x21 Reviewed

Let It Bleed
H.P. Lovecraft finally shows up in the show and it is only a cameo, shame. Bobby needs to frak off, he is in this season way too much. Dean does not know who Lovecraft is, oh come on, TPTB love making Dean look like a dumbass. Lisa and Ben are kidnapped by Crowley, the King of Hades.

Balthazar and Bobby annoy. Bobby sums up Lovecraft's oeuvre very succinctly. I'd like Gavin Rossdale to guest star on this show. Dean says stuff to Castiel, he really shouldn't have. Some random woman (from the dragon ep) turns out to be important. Ben whines, Dean is an ass and there is much water-treading. Castiel does Dean a favour, oh the humanity. This was okay.
Scary Books

Book Review: The Green Hornet Casefiles, Part 2

The Green Hornet Casefiles edited by Joe Gentile and Win Scott Eckert
From where I left off:

The Insincerest Form of Flattery
Another criminal heavy and his violent sidekick show up in town. The Green Hornet and Kato are not amused. This is okay but the baddie is obvious.

Bad Medicine
A big trial is underway, this is not interesting.

The Grey Line Between
Scanlon and The Green Hornet kinda sorta trigger a race riot by accident. This is patronizing.

Up in Smoke
The Green Hornet and Kato take on smugglers, okay.

The Worst Angels of our Nature
Britt Reid is accused of embezzlement. This is good but once again the baddie is obvious.

Now That Would be Telling
Someone's taking revenge on mobsters, the Green Hornet and Kato must save the day. This is okay.

Summer of Death
The token 'Fight Club' tale, it's rather good.

The Wet and the Wicked
Britt Reid contemplates giving up his Green Hornet alter ego. It does not go to plan. This is very good.

The Carlossi Caper
The Green Hornet and Kato bring down a construction caper, not memorable.

Soldanus, The Sultan of Crime
A new criminal mastermind in town causes even more trouble than the Green Hornet. This is okay and for once the revelation of the baddie is a surprise.

The Dangerous Game
A sniper is on the loose. Only the Green Hornet and Kato can foil him. This is good.

Beauty is as Beauty Does
The Black Beauty is stolen, again. This is okay.

Auld Acquaintance
Britt Reid's nemesis is back. Plus the shadows of the long dead Lone Ranger and Tonto fall on the present. This is okay.

This anthology is enjoyable. If Moonstone publish a 3rd one I'd like to see less of Casey being useless and I'd love a story where Axford finds out Britt Reid is the Green Hornet.